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Cornelivs Maximvs Allied Regiments


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I know I have been mostly unavailable lately, but it was for a good cause since I released my 4th book over the weekend :smile:

I have also been working on stuff that is mostly historical in origin on the painting side, so nothing of particular interest for the forum, but I have been making good progress with reducing the backlog of grey models and while I have slowed down a bit over the past few weekends, I am still way above my objective for average models per month.

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2 hours ago, Jud Cottrell said:

Congrats on finishing your book!


Your organised approach to the hobby makes me feel chaotic!!

Thanks :smile:
I have enough Chaos at work, so I try to have some structure in my approach to how I spend my evenings/weekends.
I like to have my routines and so my organised approach helps with that, by allowing me to spend some time in my hobbies on a regular basis.

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One more weekend and I should go over 700 painted models in 2023 (currently at 695 so relatively close).

Still going through the historical models at the moment, with the latest batch having a colour scheme that would likely not be approved by commander during the ACW (light green and purple as main and secondary colours which make the soldiers look like a buzz lightyear based regiment).

On the building/converting side I should finish spending the last of the einherjar parts this week, before I start spending a few other boxes.
At the moment I am at 380 models converted based on the spare parts of those 5 boxes and I should reach 400 on Thursday, which is when I should be able to consider the last of those boxes empty :biggrin:

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A short update from the front, I have been working on some of my conversion projects, including one that I had started some time ago (2021 apparently).


The heavy weapon had been tested with a seated crew member I had created at the time and that I have painted in the mean time, but I have created a new operator based on the seated legs from the grognards heavy weapons box since I think that was a better fit.


I have also experimented with some new putty for kids that the local supermarket is offering based on the value of purchases (a small package of putty for every 20€ of purchases or something similar) and while my family has not been spending on purpose to get the putty, I certainly got a few of them given everything has went up in price in the stores.
The putty is called Hey Clay and is extremely light and dries in the air like many modelling clay used by children.

Not exactly sure what it is so I decided to try it out on some sandbags for a new machine gun bunker.





It worked decently for the purpose, but I feel like I might have to flatten the putty a bit more before cutting as some bags ended up too cylindrical for my taste, but not bad for a first experiment. The putty doesn't stick to hands or most surfaces which makes sense for something for kids, but it does stick to other bits of putty.


I might continue to use the other bags of the putty for similar decorative items, certainly not something that has to handle any weight as it is very light and might not hold well if under strain. The sandbags above were all done from the same small bag which contains roughly 5g of product according to the package.

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Over the past few days I have been working on another piece of terrain made using garbage, regular air drying clay and that hey clay thing I mentioned on the previous post.






I was able to flatten the sandbags a bit better this time, but the hey clay is still less practical than I would have thought, given it is meant for children. It tends to stick to a rounder format instead of the flat aspect I was looking for and is not so easy to use with the traditional scissor cut sandbags methods, but since I am not sure what better use I would have for it, I will continue to spend it in similar ways (wouldn't want the putty to go to waste).


This terrain piece is similar to 2 other pieces of terrain I had done earlier it is just that the cans used here are larger and taller. The principle is essentially a battlefield fortification where soldiers can take position and the line of sandbags is made to protect soldiers firing in a kneeling position.

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Thanks @duz_ :smile:
At the current rate I have been painting stuff, perhaps next year you should see the final painted version. I have been catching up with the time I spent in Ireland and absent due to regular travels, so hopefully I should reach there relatively fast (I should go over the number of models I painted last year when I finish my current batch, so around half the time for a similar amount when comparing 2022 with 2023).

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I know it has been a few weeks but I have been pretty busy with painting and other stuff.
I managed to paint the wheeled Heavy Weapon that I had shown a few posts ago.




I have also painted the first group of my ACW cavalry for rough rider/death rider equivalents, including 2 cavalry commanders.
I know they are not based correctly for either type, but since I am not playing with them it should make little difference (my HWT are also still in the 60mm bases so those would be correct either :smile: ).





The cavalry commanders (ACW generals):


The plan is to add a banner made of some cloth to the banner bearer spear, although I am still not sure about the format and design, although the format might be in line with the cavalry banner examples that come in the Perry Miniatures box. I will have to do something similar to my ACW infantry standard bearers, although the banner of the infantry will likely be closer in shape and size to the regular GW banners.

Next in my painting queue are some buildings from the 2 ACW boxes I got (they are farmhouses) which will be a part of my terrain for decorating the tables on planning to build once a few more construction work is done on the family farm.


The current painted models for 2023 has reached 811 models, but I am not sure if I will be able to keep the rhythm given the fact that temperatures have been around 40ºC in most days lately, so not ideal conditions for painting.

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A small update today, some battlefield decorations and 2 civilian buildings (ACW farm house from Perry Miniatures).





















In case you are interested in some scale comparison, here is an earlier post with some photos where an Anvil model was used, which should be a good reference for a seated guard soldier:


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I have been pretty busy with my zero bits challenge and I have recently started with some crew members for the ships which could be used for some sort of boarding action combat.

While working on the crew members I decided some of the bits would be excellent to represent a character from my books, an Inquisitor by the name of Bisaltes (more info inside the spoiler).



Inquisitor Bisaltes is a powerful man, a warrior who has survived many battles, defeated many enemies and lost many friends.

Over the years his ability to survive when others fall has earned him a strange reputation that causes a mix of fear and respect among all those who have to interact with Bisaltes.

Many battle hardened warriors have felt chills down their spines in the presence of the Inquisitor, as if the typical cold and emotionless expression of the Inquisitor was able to drain the heat from the room.

In one of his greatest battles Bisaltes lost his left arm and damaged his left eye, as a result of the explosion of a grenade, which led him to replace the damaged eye and the lost limb, something that added more to his grim demeanour, especially the bright prosthetic eye, spreading fear among all those who interact with him.


Since Bisaltes lost his left arm and sustained damage to his left eye, I have decided to use a head with a lens/prosthetic eye and also chose an arm that is robotic/metallic prosthetic.

You can see him below along with some crew members (he is the one with the hood):



More pictures under the spoiler:







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A quick update from the front, today I reached an important milestone, I have finished painting the last batch of miniatures purchased in 2020, which is a massive thing since 2020 was the year I bought the most stuff (for various reasons like taking advantage of the time before customs between UK and the EU, budget and so on).
Looking forward to closing 2021 next :smile:

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Lately I have been working on some experiments to finish some of the scratch built terrain that I had started building a couple of years ago.


Some of you might remember some cardboard barriers with a sprue corner as the support that I have shown around here before:


With some glue, sand and a bit of paint they currently look like this:



I am extremely happy with the result and although it is a relatively simple concept, I think it will work really well as part of a larger board filled with terrain (whenever I finally get to build the diorama style display boards that is).

I still have a few more bits of cardboard in this shape from some repurposed ice cream boxes, so I should be able to make a few more barriers using this method soon.

I might actually pledge building/painting a few of these as part of the hobby event, who knows.


From July 2021 to September 2023 to get this sorted, it could certainly be worse, but overall I think working remotely and getting the chance to stop moving around from city to city has helped me to get enough time to progress on this kind of things, lets just see if the momentum continues :smile:

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