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Stallenberg 502nd...

Slave to Darkness

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Well I think it's time I started a thread for my Guard army now I actually have some stuff painted, kinda...

Rather than bore you with words straight away I'll share some WIP stuff before I ramble... So I may as well just get on with it then I guess.


L-R. Senior Officer, Lord Commissar, Commissar and Junior Officer.
The Commissar is based on the old bit of artwork used for WD145,

I just need to get some fine wire so I can make the Rosary/Crux he is waving about.


Command squad. Roger (the drummer) is technically the Vox caster, he passes on orders via Blastbeats and harmonica, but as he is quite annoying someone has stolen his drumsticks so now he passes on info by smacking his binoculars against the drum instead. Before anyone says anything he does not have his whatchamacallit hanging out, thats the handle of an unfortunately placed shovel. Rest of the squad is pretty obvious.


Veteran squad, Flamers and Heavy Flamer, the last few lasguns will be replaced by shotguns when I find a few more.


Veteran Squad, Grenade launchers.

When on campaign it is often hard to come across food, so some Guardsmen have a habit of grabbing food where and when they can, its hard to see as it still needs painting but this chap has a Pheasant from the Bretonnian peasants kit.


Infantry Squad.


Top row is the Ratlings, bottom row Sniper squad (minus one more chap I need to build).


Heavy weapons team. The bottom stand will be a hastily built scrap emplacement, so most of that will be covered with assorted crap with a gun barrel poking out the front.


Made this guy out of a broken cultist and other assorted bits I had floating about.


Russ Tanks and another Junior Officer I made out of spare bits.

Ok so thats all the stuff I have built. I decided upon using German heads because I wanted to mix Cadians and Krieg minis in the same army, representing the same regiment/homeworld but fighting in different theatres. But I find the Cadian heads comically oversized and a lil bit too 'Starship Troopers' for my taste and will make their heads look massive compared to the Krieg minis, and German heads will keep the aesthetic going between the two ranges.

For cheaper Greatcoat minis I have used some of the Grognards bodys from Wargames Atlantic, and I have used their Halflings for my Ratling conversions with a few of their WW1 German bits thrown in.

Future plans for the army will involve a box of the WGA Grognards for a small Scion force modelled up as Commissar training squads like what we had back in 1st ed, and eventually when WGA get round to making Halfling cavalry I might grab a box and make Hobbit sized Death Riders on ponies.

Also quick question for any of the Historical buffs, been looking at the Nebelwerfer thinking 'yep thats a serious looking bit of kit, need some of that in me Guard' but kind of at a loss as to what I can use it as. What would you guys say is the nearest thing in the Guard codex? I was thinking about using them as missile launcher teams but I dont think a single heavy weapon team has the shot output as a 'werfer'... Also not too familiar with the FW range so I wouldnt know if they have something thats similar... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Good to see you getting started :tu: As for the Nebelwerfer I think it'll look a bit too much for infantry mounted platforms, and the Guard codex doesn't offer much else. Perhaps as a stand in for an Earthshaker platform? I'm not sure if Guard still get the smaller pieces they seem to have gone to 30k Marines but I'm a bit out of date on FW specifics now.

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Nice force, nice to see some conversions :)


If it is the multi barreled version of the nebelwerfer it could count as a FW Quad Laucher/thudd gun:

Real one





If it is the single barreled version, perhaps the heavy mortar would be the best match? Not sure about their recent rules, but the old ones seemed to match roughly the behaviour you would want with the Nebelwerfer.

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Would second the potential of the heavy mortar - a la the one usually mounted on a Chimera chassis as a Griffin; and, of course, the heavy quad launcher.

Another possibility would be the Wyvern and its stormshard mortars ... although the difficulty there is that there's only a vehicular mounted system available, with no dismounts. One way around that would be to model the launcher as on a trailer, pulled behind a suitable tractor vehicle, have the combination as the chimera based platform. 

Also, the senior officer you did with the greatsword brreastplate and what looks like the scarred cadian command head with the peaked cap , is quality. 

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@Ryltar - Good spot on the bits, I didnt even know where the torso came from lol. Im liking the idea of having the gun towed around, gives me an excuse to pick up one of the Krieg transport thingymajigs whose name escapes me atm... 


@Jud - High praise coming from you considering your the reason I started adding Krieg to my army. :) 

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Been having a bit of a dig about in me bits boxes and I have found most of a Tamiya Pak 40  still on a sprue I got from a charity shop years ago.. 


Even though the scale is out I was thinking of swapping the gun and shield for some kind of rocket system to proxy as a Thudd Gun. Think it would work? Atm I only have spare chaos Havoc launchers, one may be a little bit too short but if I slap two together it may be long enough... I dunno, lot of time wasted I could have spent sleeping if it looks bad... 

I also have a partially assembled Sd.kfz 222 Leichter Panzerspahwagen that could pass as a Taurox with a little work on the top and some doors that actually look the right scale, again a lot of work but I really hate the Taurox mini, and the wheel conversion kits dont really make it look any better, even when polished a turd is still a turd... 

Basically should I bother or will it turn out crap? God I love depression, makes me doubt every 'good' idea I have... 

On a more positive note due to Covid my aunt told me last night she isnt gonna bother shopping for my xmas gifts but Ill be getting a wedge of cash instead, so Ill be slapping in a large Wargames Atlantic order for Grognards, WW1 Germans and Halflings. I have also decided to do Soviet Ratlings instead of Germans, just to mix things up a little so I dont get burnout. But that also means Ill need the old Halfling Hot pot catapults to use as mortar teams... 

Sorry for the random post of rambling crap, just needed to get my thoughts out of my head and see if anyone else thinks it might work... 

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To be honest, the best way to check if it works is trying it out in practice, but if the havoc launchers don't work, I am sure there is something you can do with some household stuff that might be lying around.

I am sure you can make something nice with the vehicle, german vehicles do have a very practical look and with some small changes it should look "heroic" enough.
Given how you handled the halflings conversion, I am sure you can do great things with your ideas :)

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Been having a think about the whole hoo haa over the current Krieg situation, and whilst I am not exactly happy with it I shall not complain as I can now take units from the rest of the Guard dex. Now I have a reason to built an Ogryn trench clearance team, large 'tatermasher' style grenades made from artillery shells on sticks, shotgun style Ripperguns with bayonets because you cant clear a trench without a bit of face stabby stab and of course the classic combat shovel. Having a few of those running down a trench at me after I have been shelled non stop for a few days is not a nice thought. 


Also I get to use my Krieg themed Ratlings with my Krieg without taking extra detachments. Admittedly I am more interested in the conversion ideas I have for new units than I am actually making a strong list on the table... Rule of Cool comes first. 


Would sculpting gasmasks on servo skulls be going too far???





Just ordered another Sprue of Halflings and a sprue of Russian Winter guys from Bolt Action. Gonna have myself another squad of Ratlings but with a Soviet vibe this time.. Also got a russian weapon sprue because rifles with bayonets :wub: 

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Well my stuff has turned up but I have unfortunately found myself without a Fiance over the weekend so I may not be on here as much, this on top of my depression has really :cussed me and my hearts just not in it at the moment... I shall see y'all soon though in the trenches with my power shovel so until then take care and may your brushes stay pointy and your dice roll high.. 

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Well my stuff has turned up but I have unfortunately found myself without a Fiance over the weekend so I may not be on here as much, this on top of my depression has really :censored: me and my hearts just not in it at the moment... I shall see y'all soon though in the trenches with my power shovel so until then take care and may your brushes stay pointy and your dice roll high.. 

Man, don't drop your hands. Work is the best therapy here. Sitting still digging in your minds depth will just bury you. Find yourself an activity(ies) that would take all your energy and time, so you'll have no opportunity for useless wounds-scratching and blaming yourself and the rest of the world. Very important thing of the work is visible results. So the hobby may be a salvation. A man needs business, you know. I lived through a devorce like that. 


A loudspeaker roraring something like Manowar - Dawn of Battle, Sabaton - Prima Victoria, Judas Priest - Halls of Valhalla, Motörhead - Overkill and so on also helps a lot. 

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Thanks guys that means a lot, ngl I burst out into tears reading that. Funny how strangers are more like family than my actual family, love you guys... 

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Well my stuff has turned up but I have unfortunately found myself without a Fiance over the weekend so I may not be on here as much, this on top of my depression has really :cuss me and my hearts just not in it at the moment... I shall see y'all soon though in the trenches with my power shovel so until then take care and may your brushes stay pointy and your dice roll high..

I recently was unceremoniously informed due to nursing school stress my girlfriend couldn't handle a relationship on top of her other responsibilities and that I didn't deserve to be neglected like she had been doing due to her crippling work and class load, she felt guilty and couldn't handle it and broke things off unfortunately because it was easiest for her, but still a hard decision given how I know she felt about me and I know she cared, but it's still absolutely heartbreaking. I let her free as graciously as I could given the circumstances because she didn't need any more emotional overload. I haven't seen or heard from her since, we had a really good thing going too before school started so I've been something of a wreck the last few weeks myself. It was the only good relationship I've ever had too, which makes things all the harder to bear. Perhaps though she did me a favor in the long run if she can't handle stress and maintain a relationship, who knows. The thought doesn't make it easier to deal with.


So man, this news really is something can empathize with. And I survived a high conflict divorce in 2017, so I'm not unfamiliar with this kind of trauma and I can at least say you are lucky to have had it end now rather than in ten years and two kids later like me after being done dirty. It's absolutely zero solace to you right now, but she may have done you a favor by departing now than when things are more catastrophically consequential later and you were more invested.


I totally understand your lack of want to in any kind of context at this point, I'm still on the edge of the worst of grief myself, and if you ever want to unload feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to respond promptly.

This kind of thing never gets easier I am finding, and there will always be some wondering of what ifs, and sense of grief, and barring some profound betrayal to make letting go easier, there is still probably going to be some underlying hope of reconciliation and reunification, all you can do is try to push that to the back of your mind and focus on moving forward as if that isn't ever going to happen. Becsuse it may likely never will. The sharpness of pain fades a bit over time but it may always persist to some degree.

Do the best you can, don't isolate more than necessary to get your head clear, and just keep to your normal routine as much as possible to ground yourself. Grind on buddy, it's the best thing you can do.


And don't do anything stupid.

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Be sure to find time for things you enjoy, even if you don't right now. Otherwise you'll never be sure when you're ready to enjoy them again. A little bit of snipping out models here, some gluing there - it won't achieve much for your armies but will for you. A busy mind is one that does not wander and remember - accepting defeat is blasphemy against the Emperor and the only true losing condition! Forwards is the only direction we tolerate in the barracks; anything that tries to prevent this is an enemy to be destroyed :wink:

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Doesnt help I found out my Dad has Covid last night and the lazer is finally dying on my Xbox 360 as well. Still, when you hit the Sump the only way you can go from there is Uphive. 

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Seems like the universe is just piling on now. The xbox laser going out feels a bit cruel on top of everything else.


I hope things start looking up for you soon. It's never good to see a fellow guardsman so down. I will second what others have said already - a good hobby with visible results is pretty helpful for these trying times.


In the meantime, my Ventrillians have taken up the rallying cry - they're now honour bound to avenge your Xbox (or was it some kind of imperial super weapon?) by slaying the warpspawn who are responsible for this heinous act of espionage and treachery. Today we fight for the glory of the Stallenberg 502nd!

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Its literally just hit me Im single as well lol...

On a more positive note I have built 2 of the Soviet Ratlings, I have called them Vasili Squatslav and Ivan McMolotov.


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Ivan McMolotov, Vasili Squatslav, Artyom, Nikoli the Bastard, Steve.

The leftover Winter Soviets I might use as a squad of 'Not Valhallans' based on some of the chaps from Love Death and Robots (I have also been playing a lot of Metro recently as well so Im vibing with the Russian aesthetic). I have the minis so I may as well try and squeeze them into my guard army somewhere...

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