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Salamanders combat patrol


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Hi all, I'm completely new to the game so I am trying to get a grasp on everything going on with warhammer. After reading some information here on B+C I gather that people suggest new players to start in the 500 to 700 points range. I have the dark imperium box set and I am looking to get the most out of the units in that box set without having to spend large amounts of money to fill out my roster. So here goes.


Salamanders combat patrol 480 points


HQ: Primaris lieutenant w/ the burning blade relic and the imperium's sword warlord trait  80 points

(A little unsure if warlord traits and relics are assigned to units in combat patrols)


Troops: Intercessors   100 points


Fast attack: Inceptors 120 points


Elite: Redemptor dreadnought w/ icarus rocket pod 180 points

(I'm not sure whether the macro plasma incinerator or the heavy onslaught gatling cannon would be the better choice for a main gun.)


Not having a whole lot of experience with the game I tried to keep my list a little under the 500 points cap. I do in the future intend to upgrade from bolter inceptors to plasma inceptors. As far as this list goes I intend to use the lieutenant to provide a counter charge threat. The intercessors will be my objective grabbing unit. I plan on using the fire power from the dreadnought and the mobility of the inceptors to threaten my opponent's key units. Let me know what you think and how I could improve this list. Thanks in advance.

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