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125pts Kill Team Elites Battle Report


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So, as part of the Iron Gauntlet Challenges I committed to playing a game between 17th Dec and 17th Feb. I chose Kill Team obvs, using the 2 teams I'd built and painted during an earlier Challenge.

125pt Kill Teams as follows:

Emperor's Blade (Salamanders) Adeptus Astartes


Brother Sgt Rufus - 20pts

(Special datasheet inc. Combat Specialist)

Sister Superior Phoebe - 17pts

(Special datasheet)

*see my Kill Team thread for the sheets.

Brother Andronicus (Sniper Specialist) - 16pts

Intercessor Gunner, Bolt Rifle, Aux Grenade Launcher

Brother Herodian - 15pts

Intercessor, Bolt Rifle

Sister Julia - 12pts

Tactical Marine

Sister Lydia - 16pts

Company Veteran, Flamer

Sister Dorcas (Heavy Specialist) - 16pts

Tactical Marine Gunner, Heavy Bolter

Marcus, Chapter Serf (Leader Specialist) - 13pts

Scout Sgt, Sniper Rifle, Camo Cloak


Black Hammers (Renegade Chapter) Heretic Astartes


Berzerker Champion (Combat Specialist) - 20pts

Plasma Pistol, Power Axe

Terminator Champion - 35pts

Mark of Slaanesh, Combi-plasma,

Lightning Claw

Chaos Space Marine Gunner (Sniper Specialist) - 16pts

Mark of Slaanesh, Plasma Gun

Chaos Space Marine Gunner - 16pts

Mark of Slaanesh, Heavy Bolter

Chaos Space Marine - 12pts


Chaos Cultist Champion (Leader Specialist) - 5pts


Chaos Cultist Gunner (Demolitions Specialist) - 8pts


Chaos Cultist Gunner - 5pts

Heavy Stubber

Chaos Cultist - 4pts


Chaos Cultist - 4pts


Mission was a standard Matched Play Sweep and Clear on the board below:


Emperor's Blade won Strategic Advantage 6-5 and chose the top right corner. Deployment followed as shown in the next pic, HA set aside a CP for the Termi to Teleport Strike.


Next post I'll get into the first turn!

Thanks for looking!

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Turn 1

Initiative: EB win Initiative (a whopping 12 to the BH paltry 4!)


EB: Rufus and Phoebe move forward to hide just behind the shuttle thruster ready to charge next turn. Rest all Ready.

BH: Plasma Sniper and Cultist move along board edge and behind the pipe control section, to get better LoS. Flamer moves up to hold obj4. Berzerker goes for a charge against the Flamer-wielding Company Vet Sister, gets a 10! Out of range for the Flamer to overwatch so he's in!


Nothing huge. The CSM Plasma Sniper takes out the Tac Marine Sister sitting on obj3, then takes a Flesh Wound in return from the Scout Sgt Leader's sniper rifle (he got a 6 for a Mortal Wound, then despite using a CP reroll for the Injury Roll, failed to get the kill!)

Fight: Berzerker Champ gets 4 attacks from being Combat Specialist. Rolls 2 6's for Death to the False Emperor, giving him another 2 attacks which also hit! All 6 hits wound and the Flamer Vet makes 2 5+ saves. Zerker only gets a 3 on the Injury Roll, so burns a CP reroll to get a 6, she's out of the game!


Nothing happening here yet!

NB. Realised at this point, I'd forgotten to Teleport Strike the Termi!!! Will have to wait for Turn 2!

Turn 2

Initiative: BH steal the initiative!


BH: Mostly Ready-ing. Zerker Champ, buoyed by his awesome start, decides to go for it and charges Rufus and Phoebe before they can come after him! Gets a 4 for charge roll, but rerolls thanks to Renegade Chapter Subfaction, gets in with a 10!

The brother and sister overwatch, she does better, getting a hit that wounds! Even with a CP reroll, he gets a 1 on his Save! Will he be taken out? No, even with also using a CP reroll, the best Phoebe can manage is a 3 for a Flesh Wound! Zerker slams into combat!

Termi also remembers where he's supposed to be and strikes in near the bottom right stairs just out of 5" from the Intercessor at the back. Cultist moves up to hold obj4, leaving the Flamer Cultist free to advance up to the upper level of the middle terrain to threaten the loyalist Heavy Bolter.


EB: All Ready to try and shoot down the interlopers!


Chaos Heavy Bolter puts 1W on the Intercessor with Grenade Launcher. The Readied EB in the corner (2 Intercessors, Heavy Bolter and Scout Sniper!) all target the Termi, but get nothing at all!!! In response he overcharges his Combi-plasma and wipes out the Intercessor! Despite an impressive 5 hits, the Flamer Cultist only puts a Flesh Wound on the EB Heavy Bolter.


(Sorry, I didn't notice that one came out a bit blurry!)


Berzerker Champ gets 4 attacks again, puts 2 and 2 on Rufus and Phoebe. Hits on Phoebe trigger another DttFE, but she gets lucky and ends up with a Flesh Wound. Also puts a wound on Rufus, but he has 2 so ok! Rufus is now mad and hits back with his hammer! Only one strike connects but with a d3 damage roll of 5 for 3 wounds, it's all he needs! The Zerker Champ is smashed into the ground!


Still nothing happening here yet!

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Turn 3

Initiative: BH get initiative again, it's not looking good for the EB!


BH: Pretty much all Ready.

EB: The EB decide it's time for decisive action! Rufus charges the CSM on obj1, while Phoebe makes a massive 10" charge to hit the Cultist on obj4!


The Termi goes after the Scout Sgt Leader with his Combi-plasma, but even after using a CP reroll on the Injury Roll only manages a Flesh Wound (a 2 into a 1!). The Heavy Bolter Sister wipes the Cultist Flamer for having the temerity to shoot at her! Finally, the Scout Sniper shoots back at the Termi… and somehow gets a 6 to wound, putting a reg Wound and a Mortal Wound on the beast! Unbelievably, the Termi rolls a 1 for his Save and doesn't have another reroll this Phase! Could the plucky Scout kill the Heresy era Veteran? Sadly, no, he takes a Flesh Wound. (I can't remember where but the EB had used their CP reroll already this Phase!)


Rufus quickly destroys the CSM on obj1, but Phoebe flubs all her hit rolls, obviously affected by her previous Flesh Wound. The Cultist hits and wounds, but Phoebe makes her Armour Save!


Both teams pass Break Tests (BH needed 9 or under... and got a 9!) Surprisingly, no one is Shaken except for the Heavy Bolter Sister, who will now play very little part in the final turn!


Turn 4

Initiative: EB take initiative back again, with another 12!


Not much. The Intercessor Gunner moves forward slightly to hold obj2, while one of the Cultists moves to take obj3. The CSM Plasma Gunner charges in to assist the Cultist against Phoebe to hopefully hold (or at least contest) obj4.


Rufus on obj1 is shot by both the Heavy Bolter and Heavy Stubber, who have failed to do anything all game… they get a wound through, but with a CP reroll Rufus makes his save and will hold obj1! The Termi, annoyed that the little guy got a shot through his TDA, finally wipes him out with plasma fire. The Intercessor Gunner manages to put a Flesh Wound on the Cultist on obj3.


Phoebe lands a second Flesh Wound on the Plasma Gunner, and they fail to take her down!


Both teams pass their Break Tests. The Cultist on obj3 needs to stay unshaken (he fails but I realised after a CP could be used to auto pass).



And its all over!

Victory points as follows:

EB hold obj 1 and 2 and killed 3 for a total of 9VP

BH hold obj3 and killed 4 for a total of 7VP

Obj4 contested.

A win for the Emperor's Blade!

I thought the EB were in trouble early on, but Rufus killing the Zerker Champ in turn 2 gave them a bit of breathing room to then focus on the objectives in turn 3, which the BH probably forgot about slightly. I did miss out the Termi for a drop turn 1, but in balance to that I also completely forgot the Salamanders subfaction rerolls until after the game had ended! I'm also slightly annoyed with myself that I forgot and ran the Chaos Heavy Bolter as it was, even after I told myself 'the Autocannon is the same points and so much better, just run it as that!'. If I had remembered this, it might have had so much more impact in the game!

It was a shame to play on my own, but it was still a fun game with some exciting moments, and I was determined to finish my last Challenge for the Iron Gauntlet!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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