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Fandex Supplements for Red Hunters and Exorcists


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Well for now I'm going to go back to these guys...




Thanks again for the comments on my v1 Red Hunters. I think I've got a good development plan now I'm focusing away from the Deathwatch styled strike teams and feel more comfortable with the concept of Crusade rules. Many thanks!



... if they get rid of the 'ritual possession therapy' of the Ordo Malleus links for Banish then that's too far a retcon for my tastes!

#NotMyExorcists :pirate:


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I've now updated my Red Hunters Codex Supplementum in a new thread for here.


I've added some download links but also reproduced the text in the thread as posts as advised previously by Brother Tyler. So if you have any feedback or comments I'd still really appreciated them as I'll want to still try for a final version with different artwork included (as opposed to the 'holding' art included at present.

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