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Van Saar, Cawdor, and Xenos Necromunda Projects

Smoke Frog

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Got my first test mini for my Van Saar gang painted up:



Now that he is done I can get working on the other nine. List is generally something like this:

4x gangers with Lasguns

2x gangers with Pistols (Plas and Las)

2x gangers with Plasmaguns

1x ganger with Rad Cannon

1x ganger with Las-shotgun

Any of the pistolers/plasmagunners could double as leaders; and the Rad Cannon and shotgun were included because they are just so cool. I am also magnetizing the shield so any of the special weapons can use it.

I have a converted Admech/cawdor gang next in the schute, as well as several xenos bounty-hunters I am collecting from a few different miniatures lines. The first one I painted up right before the Van Saar ganger:


He is a Skywing Infiltrator from Reaper minis. Love his little gloves and jetpack :biggrin.:


Hope you like my start!

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Thank you for your kind words!

That van saar in those bright colors isn’t my thing, I always imagined Necromunda dark and gritty, though I absolutely see the 80’ neon punk influence. That said, I think he looks awesome! Keep it up, I am excited to see the others!

They are definitely brighter than I intended. When I started these models I made the conscious decision to not use any washes on the armor parts of the model, and worked up the color with some broad highlights. In the end I like how they turned out, though the are not the most gritty Van Saar with those bubblegum pink shoulder wires :biggrin.:


The rest of the unit still has a decent amount of work to do, but all the basecoats are finished and they are "playable" if I wanted to get in a game. I will be pausing on them to work on my Cawdor gang a bit, pictures to follow soon.

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Thanks! Always more work to be done.

Went ahead and photographed the WIP status of my Cawdor gang, who are just past the basecoat-and-ugly-wash-stage:


Each of the models has some form of kitbash with Adeptus Mechanicus parts leftover from my Ryza force.



Had fun incorporating extra Admech weapons too, as well as using extra bodies from my Maelstrom's Edge lost infantry.


The admech gang leader and two of his bodyguards/juves:


Ganger with the crossbow:



When you can't afford shoes because you spent all your paycheck on a robot arm:


They all need a lot of cleanup, to include base rim, fabric folds, and highlights. Also I need to work on the skin portions. They are just a bone color washed wtih green, but I want to work on that color a bit more too.

Lots of fun creating this gang and painting them so far with their mismash of oranges :biggrin.:

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Been a while since I made anything for the underhive... but I had an opportunity today and finished painting up my force of palanite enforcers!


Currently here is the list:

1x Subjugator Captain w/ shock stave and shield

1x Enforcer Captain w/ shock stave and pistol

1x Subjugator w/ either Concussive gun or Grenade-launcher ram

2x Enforcers w/ Concussive Carbines

2x Enforcers w/ Boltguns

2x Enforcers w/ Shotguns

2x Rookies w/ pistols

1x Cyber-mastiff

The captains:


I don't have a name for the gang, but I painted them to match my Deathwatch force so I could use them all in stargrave if I wanted too.

The Subjugator captain's shield is magnetized:


Incidentally this is the first mini I have painted with blonde hair! In retrospect I wish I had given him a mustache and a black "Mr. T" mohawk :rolleyes:

Both subjugators:


I will need to see how I want to model the next few subjugators. If I can figure out a way I will allow them to swap between shock staves and their grenade launcher guns.

Some more enforcers and a subjugator with concussive weapons:


Rookies with their pistols... along with the police dog!


I am not sure if the dog is actually allowed in Necromunda or not, but he is in Stargrave! He is a 3D print I bought from a seller in Russia that shipped just days before the invasion of Ukraine kicked off... doubt I will ever be able to buy from that seller ever again.


The dog is tiny, kinda wish I had selected the 32mm scale instead of 28mm!

Two more Enforcers, equipped with their boltguns:


And the last two Enforcers equipped with shotguns:


Here is all the Enforcer troopers with their carbine-ish weapons:


Hope you like how they turned out! I like how they look as a group, and look forward to painting the rest of the subjugators and the last Enforcer, who will be the sniper.

There are a lot of extra weapons leftover in the kit, if I can get ahold of a few more Enforcer bodies I will make a few more regular troopers and pistol-wielding rookies.

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I agree; the moment I saw the Cawdor release I wanted to use up all the leftover Admech bits I had lying around.


Sadly that gang is on hold. In my last move I dropped the box and 3/4 of the gang’s weapons and arms fell off. I haven’t had the heart to go back and fix it yet

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I agree; the moment I saw the Cawdor release I wanted to use up all the leftover Admech bits I had lying around.


Sadly that gang is on hold. In my last move I dropped the box and 3/4 of the gang’s weapons and arms fell off. I haven’t had the heart to go back and fix it yet

Aaargh! Every hobbyist's nightmare. Sorry to hear that :(

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Stayed up late working on space marines last night, but at the last minute decided to finish my enforcer sniper too!


Her cloak is just milliput, while her head is from statuesque miniatures (same heads I have been using for a few of my marines).


She has her helmet on her hip just in case too.

I enjoyed painting her up! She was not intended to be a red-head, but after I put on the undercoat I really liked how it looked. 



She will be a great addition to the gang!


It's pretty insane lining these models up next to space marine primaris now, you really get a feel for how huge these super soldiers are. Here she is next to one of my new eliminators.



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Thanks all!


Had a round of inspiration to get some more Necromunda done last week. Here are seven more subjugators to add to the force:


I was able to make use of the extra weapons/heads in the box by using a few human blood-bowl bodies my brother had leftover.



Out of this latest batch, these next two are magnetized so I can swap between the grenade launcher or shock stave.



Here are the full nine subjugators, seven from last week and two more from when I originally painted the whole batch.



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I purchased a few extra necromunda enforcer bodies and an expansion from forgeworld to add a few more palanites to the gang!


The extra enforcer bodies helped me make two more bolter enforcers and another one with a pistol:


Using the extra female head from the forgeworld kit, I have decided to name this enforcer "Bubbles":


I was super happy with the forgeworld Scrutinator Primus Servalan kit and cyber mastiff:




New cyber mastiff is WAAAAAY bigger than my previous cyber pup!


The head-size for the three lady-enforcers are quite a bit different, but its unlikely they will ever be next to each other during an actual game. 


I am happy with how the gang has turned out! Got only a few more I am planning to do for these guys until I call them done.


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You've posted some great updates over the past few months, thank you for sharing!

Your Enforcer gang is coming together very nicely and is definitely inspiring me to get some Necromunda models back on my hobby table sooner rather than later...

What are your plans for your Van Saar and Cawdor?

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That Cawdor gang is now rather 'armless which just won't do in Necromunda... :teehee:

More seriously, looking forward to your future updates and hopefully you'll get to reassemble your pious fanatics soon!

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