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  1. Greetings! Long time lurker of this part of the forum. I have my lair in the Dark Angel-section, but I've been working on various projects unrelated to them. Since I'm not interested to keep making new threads for every new faction I delve into, I'll concentrate them all in this place. Expect projects on Dark Angels, Consecrators, Goliaths (Necromunda), Guardsmen (KT) and some Imperial Knights (for fun). More projects depend on how bad my self control is. Since it's the start of a new thread, some pictures of the current collection are in order. I'll post them up when I get the chance to make some pictures. I'm a mediocore painter and a terrible photographer, so please don't be too harsh First up, the lads who started it all. I haven't painted Dark Angels for years. My side project of the Consecrators grew out to become my main project, dwarfing my current force of the Green Lads. They're still in my collection as extra's, but they're more or less finished, since I have no intention to paint more Dark Angels. My very first model! All of the Greenwing. And my Deathwing More to come!
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/12/27/rise-to-the-top-of-house-goliath-with-necromundas-mightiest-self-made-man/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=necromunda&utm_content=ajax-gorgoth-and-cawdor-ash-wastes
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/11/14/rumble-across-necromundas-ash-wastes-with-the-chronos-pattern-ironcrawler/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=necromunda&utm_content=ironcrawler14112022
  4. WarCom Article. Leopard-print jetbikes is an aesthetic I can get behind.
  5. You might have seen some of my other threads on B&C, but to create some lore and backstory to draw them all together, here's the details of my Inquisitorial warband that I've started putting together. Right now, everything's been converted and mostly basecoated, and I'll expect to start painting them later this month. --- Inquisitor Lady Helena Darrock is an Amalathian in the service of the Ordo Hereticus. Whilst much of her investigative work is conducted under all manner of assumed identities (and wearing garb befitting them), she goes to battle in a suit of artificer power armour. A keen huntress, the right shoulder pad of Darrock's armour bears a trophy from one such expedition between investigations. The suit also incorporates a power fist and a sanctified brazier to ward away the darkness, both spiritual and literal. Darrock is accompanied by owl and wolf familiars, both psybernetically enhanced, amplifying her already potent psychic abilities. Darrock was dispatched to the Idris system to investigate rumours of an iconoclast cult. Initial contact with forces of the Archenemy were intermittent and minor, belying the vast conspiracy present in the subsector. In actuality, a number of planetary governors, PDF commanders, senior magi and the like had become tainted, consorting with the Ruinous Powers and working to achieve massive daemonic manifestations across the subsector - arguably a case better suited to colleagues in the Ordo Malleus. Realising the risk posed, and that her warband would only be able to delay but not prevent the incursions, Darrock summoned nearby Imperial forces. Her request for aid was first answered by the nearby Cantabrigian Preceptory of the Order of the Iron Veil, a mere week's warp jump away. Whilst fanatical in their devotion to Him On Terra, the Adepta Sororitas forces were overwhelmed by the sheer number of chaos cultists and (as the initial phases of the campaign wore on) minor daemons of Khorne. Pleas for assistance were sent out again and again, many astropaths burning themselves out in the desperate effort to penetrate the roiling currents of the warp, they having been swept into a great tumult by cultist activity. The full might of the Imperium arrived in the form of the Black Templars, and the awesome God-Machines of the Legio Defensor. INQUISITOR Lady Helena Darrock "Ignis Judicum" Power fist Psyber owl Psyber wolf ACOLYTES Explicator Nathaniel Horne Flamer Chainsword Explicator Silas Deacon Flamer Chainsword Explicator Giles Dalton-Platt Heavy flamer Heirophant Barzano Brazier of holy flame Auto pistol Interrogator Anna Ignatius Condemnor crossbow Power sword Auto pistol High Interrogator Godrik van Denst Brazier of holy flame Power sword Auto pistol CRUSADER Ser Hektur von Glisson Power sword Storm shield SQUAT ENGINEERS Petr Thengisson Mining laser Auto pistol Todd Holdenstock Harpoon gun Auto pistol
  6. WarCom Article. Another fine addition to the Necromunda range - I really dig the eagle on her boots, as well as the general French Revolution-era nobility aesthetic that's going on. She'd make a fantastic Rogue Trader.
  7. Hi everyone I've decided to post up some pictures of the two Necromunda gangs I have been working on; Cawdor and Orlocks. I've been playing Necromunda a long time - since it was first released back in 1995. Back then I had all of the gangs at one time or another, but Escher were my gang of choice, and I built up more of a platoon of them than a gang! When 2nd edition Necromunda released I got both the Goliath and Orlocks gangs and enjoyed playing them both. When the latest edition of Necromunda released I waited patiently for the house gangs to come out to see which one would grab me, and as soon as Cawdor were released I knew they'd be mine. I love the rag-tag look of them and the way GW re-imagined them compared to previous editions; I'd never been a fan of them before, and only ever bought the basic boxed gang back in 1st ed. I got Orlocks mainly as a secondary gang and because none of my friends really liked them. I've grown very fond of them since I started building them, even though they're probably not as visually striking as some of the other gangs. Anyway, on to some pictures. This was the test piece I did to try out the paint scheme, a simple ganger without much conversion work or FW pieces (just in case it had been a horrible mistake): The main colours for the gang are red and bone cloth. I didn't want this looking too uniform, so this chap has a chunk of the cloth in a different colour. That will be a theme across the gang, where patches of the cloth will be different colours, vaguely close to the main red and bone scheme; e.g. orange, purple and dark brown for missing bits of red cloth and light brown, grey or white for missing bits of bone cloth. I imagine this representing the gang members cobbling together whatever they can find to repair their clothing when it is torn, burned or too full of bullet holes. Another thing to tie the gang together is rats - every member of the gang will have them on their bases. I painted this one quite a while ago now (at least a year ago), but I've recently started working on the rest of the starting gang (only the first few colours so far, and those are missing the final highlights). The leader and two champions: 3 more gangers: Another two gangers: And two juves: Not huge progress on them yet, but given the speed I paint it's a lot for me! There's a lot of conversion work gone into them, some of it quite subtle and some of it quite involved. Building the ganger (specialist) with the long rifle and the ganger with the blunderbuss in a firing position was quite a lot of work. I have pictures of most of them before they were undercoated that I may post later in the thread if anyone is interested. I have several more Cawdor built too, including a second weapon option for my leader (boltgun and scratch built chainaxe), that are waiting patiently to be painted. Plus I eagerly wait to see what House of Faith brings for them, as well as the recently leaked Redemptionist rumours that may offer some more conversion fodder. Unless the Redemptionists will be part of the Cawdor gang; perhaps they will be the Cawdor prospects and alternate champions, perhaps with an option to field them as a separate gang, similar to Slave Ogryns. Anyway, I'll leave it there for now and maybe post up something similar for my Orlocks in the next couple of days. I've also converted an Ambot for each gang which I'll post pictures of soon. C&C welcome naturally - I'm hoping this thread will give me some inspiration to get paint on them as I am notoriously bad at finishing off projects!!
  8. Hey guys, just getting into Necromunda after having the latest rulebook and gangs of the underhive book for months! I was instantly drawn to Delaque after seeing the models and bought the box, dice and cards as soon as they came out. This thread will be a sort of journey and work in progress of my gang as I play games and paint and model them. I don't have individual names and a background story yet but I've settled on the gang name being The Spectre Syndicate. So far I've built my leader, champions and some gangers and just finished their bases last night. I just completely went with rule of cool over optimal weapon load outs as we intend to play for the fun and narrative! Colour scheme wise I'm planning to go for incubi darkness robes and cold colour metals and blue steels etc. Anyway here is where I am so far: Leader - Flechette pistol, Power Stave Champion - Grav gun, web gauntlet, pistol (las or auto) Champion - Long rifle, auto pistol Ganger Specialist - Long rifle, 2 x stub guns Ganger 1 - Shotgun Ganger 2 - Autogun Ganger 3 - Autogun Ganger 4 - 2 x laspistols
  9. Here's a little tutorial on how I did my Necromunda bases. The idea I had in my head for the bases was that the gang is exploring an industrial area that had previously been flooded and rust got everywhere. Supplies The handy Vallejo Mecha washes in Black, Rust Texture, Dark Rust, Light Rust, and Oiled Earth. A light color to paint the base in, and in my case it's the Vostroyan vehicle color I mixed up from a few P3 colors. Black paint to do the paint chipping with. A bit of sponge and some locking tweezers or hemostat to hold it with. You don't really need something that locks, but it makes it so much easier on the hand. A primed Necromunda base Not pictured: a hair dryer to greatly speed up the drying time of the washes which gets this done faster but also helps to keep tide marks from forming. Also not pictured: Matte varnish or a matte mixing medium 1) Paint the base! Since this will be heavily weathered the coverage doesn't have to be perfect, especially in the lower recesses. 2) Chipping Hold the sponge in the tweezers, dip it into some paint straight from the jar, and similar to drybrushing you will dab off most of it on a paper towel until it barely leaves any marks. I will usually test it on a fingernail at that point to see if it's good or if I need to add or remove more paint from the sponge. When it comes to any weathering, you need to think logically about where it would happen on the vehicle, figure base etc, but it's most important with paint chipping. I've see a lot of paint chipping out there on anything from scale tanks and other AFVs to sci-fi and fantasy models, and when there's a ton of chipping in a place that it wouldn't normally be it instantly breaks the illusion for me. On these bases specifically, the edges of the highest raised sections are where you want to focus, with corners being a prime target for a little heavier action with the sponge. If you happen to overdo it in a particular area, you can use a fine tipped brush or another piece of sponge with the base color to take some of the chips away. 3) Depths I mix Rust Texture and Oiled Earth about 2:1 to loosen up the Rust Texture a bit and get it to spread easier and then paint it into the lowest recesses where all the dirt and grime would accumulate the most. If you get a little outside the lines, don't worry about it too much. 4) Rust Phase 1 Now I take the Light Rust and thin it down a bit and begin to use my two-brush method with these washes; a smaller brush loaded with the wash and a larger brush that's clean and slightly damp. These Mecha washes are more forgiving than any other acrylic washes I've ever used, meaning you have a couple of seconds of working time after you lay down the wash with the first brush and then you quickly swap to the clean one to move it around where you want or to clean up any mistakes. With these 'Munda bases, there's 3 layers of height to them and I mostly concentrate on the second layer, painting the wash into the corners and along edges where it would accumulate. For the top layer, I apply some wash across the area and then immediately wipe my thumb across it to remove most of the wash but leaving some streaks behind creating an effect that I haven't been able to duplicate with a brush. For the low spots that almost look like ladder rungs, I do the same thing but use the damp brush to remove small sections of the wash. Any depressions or holes, like these that appear to have bolts or something in them, get some love too. 5) Rust Phase 2 Now I switch to the Dark Rust and mostly just repeat what I did in the previous step, again, concentrating on corners and along edges. 6) Rust Phase 3) Now I mix Dark Rust and Oiled Earth 1:1 and add some matte varnish (or mixing medium - something to break the surface tension) so it doesn't stick to the walls and corners and begin using the tip of the brush to place little blotches of wash in various areas with the intention of creating darker spots and some harder edges almost like tide marks. 7) Rust Phase 4 Now I mix Dark Rust with the Black Wash 3:1 and some matte varnish and repeat the previous step of using the tip of the brush to add little points of visual interest. When I was done with that, I added a little more black to what was left of the wash mix and hit a few corners and edges harder than I had previously to add more contrast. And you're done! Clean up the outside of the base with black or whatever color you might paint the base sides with and you're ready to mount a figure on top.
  10. Yesterday we started our first Dominion Campaign. Our group has four players, myself and another player who are Necromunda veterans, one player who's played a bit of Necromunda in the past and one completely new player. For our first campaign as a group we decided to do a very basic Dominion Campaign, just to get used to the basic mechanics and advancing gangs. It would also serve as a test for people to get used to founding a gang for a campaign and the kind of decisions they should be making (skills, gear vs warm bodies etc). I thought it'd be fun just to do some basic documentation of how the campaign goes, as well as the fortunes and trials of the gangs involved. We're not going to burden ourselves with background for this campaign, just gang and fighter names, so this might be a bit dry, concentrating mainly on the advancements and technical aspects rather than the story. The only change we're making is to base campaign phases on a round robin, rather than a time period, as one of our players sometimes works weekends and can't guarantee that he will be available every week. So for each week of a normal Dominion campaign, we'll be playing 3 games each, once against each opponent. That way everybody gets the same number of games and hopefully stays around a similar power level. Once this campaign is over and everyone feels comfortable with the campaign mechanics, we'll dive into a much bigger campaign, complete with a full storyline, gang background, settlement background, custom scenarios, the full campaign rules (including the extra rules in the Book of Peril) and more. Of course, I'll make sure I post pictures of the gangs and terrain as we progress, hopefully including some in-game shots and brief reports. This campaign will go hand in hand with us building and painting our Necromunda collections, so there should be picture progress of the gangs evolving as well. The gangs taking part are: Lodge of the Pure Blood (Genestealer Cult) A supremacist religious group from Hive Secundus who seek to purify the gene pool of Necromunda, by coercian or force. Hella's Belles (House Escher) A gang of thrill-seeking Escher trying to carve out a piece of the Underhive to call their own and have some fun in the process. Crusade of Expiation (House Cawdor) A group of outcast Cawdor zealots attempting to atone for past sins with blood and fire. Architects of Planck (House Van Saar) A gang of rad-obsessed techs looking to expand the territory of House Van Saar. They'll be fighting over a section of the Underhive containing the following territories: Sludge Sea. Collapsed Dome. Refuse Drift. Bone Shrine. Needle Ways. Synth Still. Smelting Works. Mine Workings. Tunnels. Toll Crossing. Tech Bazaar. Generatorium. I'll update this list as territories change hands. But for now, it's all up for grabs. Full gang lists coming later today. Hopefully there's something useful/interesting in this for people to enjoy :).
  11. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/08/29/two-outlaws-one-kill-fist-no-mercy-new-goliath-hired-guns-come-to-necromunda/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=necromunda&utm_content=reveal---necro
  12. Ladies and Gentleman, Scummers of all ages, I would like to present the first B&C Sumpheap Scrap event. The task is simple, build and paint one (or more, if your up for it) piece of Necromunda scenery between March 1st and April 1st using any old bits of junk you have around the house. When the events ended all entries will be put up for public humiliation in a poll so one of us can take home the title of 'Best Shed Builder' and the rest of us can cry. That leaves you just under 2 weeks to source as much kitty litter and pringles tubes before we officially start. Rules are simple, no GW scenery, this is a challenge, a Sumpheap Scrap challenge!! Anything else from plastic I girders to fully working PC fans is fair game though. If anyone rises to the challenge, prepare your washing up liquid bottles and double sided sticky tape and get ready, oh and banners will be available nearer to the time. Signature banners: 300x100px 33x100px
  13. G'day fellow hobbyists, 2PlusEasy here. I'm a long time viewer of the Bolter & Chainsword and was a former contributor back in antiquity. Bolter & Chainsword has always been a great and inspiring hobby community. After a break from GW systems, I figured I'd start start fresh with a new hobby blog to get me back in touch with what got me into the hobby in the first place. A bit of an introduction about me and my history in the hobby: Now, I'll elaborate why I got out of 40k so that its out of the way: Why I'm getting back into Necromunda and other "niche" aspects of the 40k hobby, and what I like about it: What I don't like about Necromunda: So, now that's all out of the way, we can get to the meat of this topic: The Hobby! My local gaming group in Australia's tropical north use the the Terror-Australis Hive as its current setting. I intend to work within that setting. This is my (intended) hobby schedule for 2022 - 2023: Finish my Delaque Gang to a tabletop ready standard (completed) Continue work on my Slaaneshi Chaos Helot Cults Gang to a higher then tabletop standard (in progress.) Commence my Squats Gang who counts-as Orlocks (in progress) Commence my rival Ork Gang (counts-as Goliaths) to my Squats Commence my Outcast / Chaos Helot Cult gang based off the Corvus Cabal (not an original idea but it works really well) Commence my Cawdor Gang themed around Witchhunters, repentants and Crusaders (again, not an original idea but different enough from Cawdor's established identity as a house of poor, faithful souls) Anyways, thanks for stopping by. You're an inspiring community and I hope to contribute to it. Here's a picture of my semi-completed Delaque Gang for your perusal:
  14. Got my first test mini for my Van Saar gang painted up: Now that he is done I can get working on the other nine. List is generally something like this: 4x gangers with Lasguns 2x gangers with Pistols (Plas and Las) 2x gangers with Plasmaguns 1x ganger with Rad Cannon 1x ganger with Las-shotgun Any of the pistolers/plasmagunners could double as leaders; and the Rad Cannon and shotgun were included because they are just so cool. I am also magnetizing the shield so any of the special weapons can use it. I have a converted Admech/cawdor gang next in the schute, as well as several xenos bounty-hunters I am collecting from a few different miniatures lines. The first one I painted up right before the Van Saar ganger: He is a Skywing Infiltrator from Reaper minis. Love his little gloves and jetpack Hope you like my start!
  15. A (surprising) new Narrative Expansion for Necromunda set after the Great Rift's emergence!
  16. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/09/20/unleash-the-psychic-might-of-the-delaque-and-bless-your-corpse-grinder-cults-with-free-necromunda-rules/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=necromunda&utm_content=necromunda-apocrypha-series
  17. WarCom Article. Another set of upgrades for the Ash Wastes expansion, this time for Escher. Really dig the vibe with the gas mask heads and backpacks; they'd work great for Savlar Chem Dog conversions!
  18. "Visit Sludge City? I'd rather go swimming in the Sump. At least the nasty critters down there will give you a fighting chance." Following on from the Turf War campaign created by B&C member Doghouse back in 2017, we are pleased to announce the commencement of a brand new painting campaign - Turf War II: The Battle for Sludge City. Running from the 13th April, 2019 until the 13th July, 2019, the campaign is open to all B&C members! +++ The Process +++ The process for participating in the campaign is a little different to other painting competitions on the Bolter & Chainsword, so take a moment to have a look at the process: Pick a miniature, faction and a territory. Declare a boast in this thread. Include a 'before' picture of your unpainted miniature. Paint the miniature. Post finished miniature in this thread. Rinse and repeat. (optional!) For the sake of the organisers sanity, please use the template below when making a boast. I, <insert name>, boast that I shall paint a <insert Miniature> for the influence of <insert Faction> in the <insert Territory> by the end of 13th July, 2019. There is no limit to how many times that a member can boast, you can even make multiple boasts within a single post - just don't bite off more than you can chew, as the Underhive is an unforgiving place! Any members that fail to complete any of their boasts within the time limit of the campaign will forfeit those influence points boasted to the Narco Lord faction in the campaign. The Dirty-Double-Cross rule: While players can't openly declare for the Narco Lord faction initially, they can choose to change their boast to support the Narco Lord faction when posting their completed miniature. This rule represents the bribes, threats and insidious influence of Narco Lord in Sludge City! +++ Miniature Eligibility +++ Miniatures must be either unassembled, assembled, or assembled and primed to be eligible for entry. Any miniature that has published rules in the following list is eligible for entry in the Turf War Campaign: Necromunda Underhive Rulebook. Gangs of the Underhive. Gang War 1, 2, 3 & 4. Genestealer Cult PDF. Chaos Cult PDF. Aside from the base gangs it includes all of the named characters, hired guns, hangers-on and brutes. Conversions are more than welcome and very much encouraged, especially to represent miniatures that have rules but haven't been released yet. Furthermore, for all those venerable gangers out there, we have decided to include the following: Any miniature released for use with previous editions of Necromunda. We'd love to see the models of yesteryear make an appearance as well - if you've got old metal minis gathering dust somewhere, strip 'em back and get boasting! +++ The Factions +++ Included in your boast will be the faction that you are representing with the declaration - successfully completing your boast will lead that faction to gaining an influence point in the territory listed in your declaration. There is no restriction on which faction you can declare for - you could boast a Escher Ganger for House Delaque for example - representing that house paying for your service in cold, hard credits. Each miniature boast can only support one faction, but you can declare further boasts for different factions - if you painted ten miniatures you could potentially support all of the available factions. Note: Players can't openly declare for the Narco Lord when initially boasting - but they can support him via the Dirty-Double-Cross rule. (See: The Process) Narco Lord Daryth Armagio The origins of the notorious Narco Lord Daryth Armagio have been purposefully buried beneath a pile of lies, corpses and spent bullet casings. Wild rumours swirl about the man, with some claiming that he fled justice in the Spire, using the wealth brought with him to carve a empire in the Underhive. Other more foolhardy souls claim that he was spawn of a union between a drunken Sump skiff-captain and a pox-ridden harbourside whore, and that he clawed his way into power with the aid of nothing more firm grip and a razor sharp filleting knife. Whatever the truth of the matter, Armagio has ruled over Sludge City for the better part of twenty years. While his rule was once considered untouchable, the legacy of his violent temper and growing paranoia have meant that his control is slipping and he now faces potential leadership challenges around every corner. House Goliath + House Goliath + The gang members of House Goliath have long frequented Sludge City, brawling and boozing in the city's drinking holes when not taking up contract work from the Narco Lord to enforce his will against any and all that might subvert it. Although the house might perceive its actions as subtle, most know that this presence in the city also allows the Goliath gangs the chance to keep a close watch on their hated rivals from House Escher who seek to gain greater control over the abundant resources of the chem pits. House Esher + House Escher + Representatives of House Escher have had many dealings with the Narco Lord over the decades as the Chem Pits located in Sludge City are an importance source for many of the chemical precursors required by the house for the production of their unique toxins. Efforts to seize control of the pits have failed before, often due to inference from their mortal enemies, House Goliath. But now, with cracks appearing in Armagio's rulership, the ladies of House Escher can smell an opportunity to cut out the middle man, quite literally as it happens. House Orlock + House Orlock + House Orlock maintains an agreement with the Narco Lord to both maintain control of the Toll Crossing that guards the entrance to Sludge City and to provide caravan guards to the many land trains that transport drugs, guns, ammunition and provisions both in and out of the city. While this agreement has proven profitable to both the parties involved, Armagio's slow descent into the depths of paranoia have led to accusations of banditry and credit skimming being leveled at members of the House of Iron. With shows of such disrespect, relations have soured and the gang leaders of House Orlock are stating to discuss whether they'd be better off without the treacherous Narco Lord altogether. House Van Saar + House Van Saar + While House Van Saar has had few dealing with the Narco Lord and inhabitants of Sludge City, they have shown both an increasing interest and presence in the old ruins outside the city walls. Dreaming of lost caches of archeotech and utilizing local Ratskins scout to act as guides, numerous Van Saar gangs have been seen travelling to and descending into the sprawling catacombs of rusted tunnels and crushed bulkheads. Reports of strange lights and the staccato bark of gunfire in the area have been increasing in frequency of late, leading many to question what may have been found in the ruins, with Armagio the most curious most of all.... House Cawdor + House Cawdor + House Cawdor has sent a large group of its faithful to Sludge City following rumours of discoveries made in the old ruins near the city. The house has it on good authority that the same ruins that are now crawling with the faithless servants of House Van Saar are, in fact, the remnants of a cathedral of the Imperial ecclesiarchy, long abandoned during the upwards expansion of Hive Primus. While the servants of House Cawdor care little for the power struggles of Sludge City, they will let none stand who oppose their mission in seeking relics of faith. House Delaque + House Delaque + While seen by very few, the agents of the House Delaque are actively watching the events in Sludge City from every dark corner and shadowy doorway. The members of the house have shown a particular interest in the Narco Lord over the years, leading many to ponder what sort of connection Armagio has with the Delaque. Given the enigma that is the Narco Lord's past, it is hard to determine if Armagio counts the Delaque as friend or foe. Genestealer Cults + Genestealer Cults + Much of that which would not be tolerated uphive is often overlooked in the Underhive. Individuals with strange and unsettling deformities often pass without notice when so many bear the mark of mutation. Thus do generations of Genestealer Cults work in secret, spreading the taint of their Xenos corruption among the population of the Underhive. A breeding ground like Sludge City is a target too tempting for the cult to ignore, populous enough to be fertile with hosts and yet isolated and distant to hide from those that would recognize the spreading infection... Chaos Cultists + Chaos Cultists + When bloodshed, desperation, disease and excess are everyday occurrences and the light of the Imperial Cult is little more than flickering candle in the all-enveloping darkness of the Underhive, it is little wonder that many listen to the temptations whispered by beguiling voices. The promises vary, the motivations differ, yet all are drawn together in damnation should they stray to darker paths. Sludge City is a maelstrom of churning emotion, an irresistible lure to those with a connection to the warp... Redemptionist Crusade + Redemptionist Crusade + Many are the heretics! Many are sinners! Many are their temptations! All shall confess their guilt! All shall be made to repent! All shall be purified in the flames of holy promethium! The Redemptionist Crusade looks upon Sludge City as an irredeemable cesspit of sin that must be cleansed with fire and chainblade. Only when all is reduced to cinder and ash, can the penitent man, the truly holy man, blessed in the Emperor's sight, raise it up and make it whole again. Outlaws + Outlaws + There are some that still remember a time before the coming of the Narco Lord, a time when Sludge City was still an independent township. The law of the gun held sway and murder was commonplace, but so too was there was a form of frontier justice - harsh and unforgiving, yet fair in its own crude way. No man was forced to bend the knee in order to lick the ash dust from an overlord's boots, no man made to offer up his hard-earned credits in tribute. There are still those hard-bitten Outlaws that would see a return to the old days, a time without a preening bastard at the top of the slag heap looking down his nose. Outlaws that know a noose can be made to fit any neck... +++ The Territories +++ ​The territories represent the different sections of Sludge City that are being contested and are listed as follows: The Settlement The Toll Crossing The Chem Pits The Drinking Hole The Old Ruins Before the onset of the campaign, Sludge City was firmly under the control of Narco Lord Daryth Armagio, however, shifting alliances and the harsh rule the Narco Lord have led to unrest and instability to such a degree that all interested factions have seen the opportunity to seize control! As the campaign begins, the Narco Lord retains a strong grip on the main settlement of Sludge City, but has had to sacrifice control of the outer territories. As members complete boasts, the influence points gained shall be recorded on the territory cards with periodic updates. At the cessation date of the campaign, the faction with the most influence points in a territory will have won control of said territory. For a faction to take complete control of Sludge City they must control both the Settlement territory AND two of the other four territories. Failure of any faction to satisfy these conditions will result in Narco Lord Daryth Armagio retaining his tenuous grip on power. +++ Support the Campaign +++ For those that wish to support the campaign (whether you're participating or not) can use the following banner in their signatures: +++ Thanks and Acknowledgements +++ Thanks to B&C member Doghouse who devised the original concept of Turf War, the idea on which this campaign is based. Thanks to the YakTribe for allowing Turf War II to be advertised on their Necromunda community forum.
  19. Good evening frater who delve this far down the forum. I very rarely finish a project as I get bored quickly painting. And I love necromunda due to its crazy way you can build your board however you want basically. Anyway I’ve picked up 2 boxes of zm tiles and I bought 1 tile off my buddy today so I can have a 3x3 board. This is the start of me assembling it. A few friends from my gaming group and I are learning the ropes and starting a campaign soon and I thought I’d get cracking with the terrain today. So I sprayed the tiles according to forge worlds Mark Bedford and wow I’m pleased with the results. You prime black then grey then silver then white all after the other while each coat is still wet. I was very dubious at first but they look excellent and it’s going to be a shame when I dirty them up with shades and washes. Anyway here’s some picks of the tiles. I expect this will be a as and when plog because I’m not always in the mood to paint and detest it. I plan on running either a Cawdor gang or Genestealer Cult when I eventually play. all 8 tiles I have with better lighting
  20. Given that my next couple of projects are going to be Necromunda related, I thought it would be nice to engage over here in the Underhive sub-forum for a change. Some of my previous efforts are somewhere in the showcase thread. Like my original metal Orlocks, my Van Saar and the (also linked in my Sig) Carnevale gang. My latest effort is a Slave Ogryn gang. They're yet to have a Gang Name, so suggestions welcome (puns preferred ;) ) Overboss HER-018 and his Underbosses; ARD-1149 and ROW-520: The Lobo-slaves; CAT-347, REE-961, and NEM-683: Hope you like them. C&C welcome. - - - - - Next up will be a new plastic Orlock gang. I have the base gang box, plus the Master/Wrecker box to play with. I'm really looking forward to them, I have such plans...
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