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  1. Greetings! Long time lurker of this part of the forum. I have my lair in the Dark Angel-section, but I've been working on various projects unrelated to them. Since I'm not interested to keep making new threads for every new faction I delve into, I'll concentrate them all in this place. Expect projects on Dark Angels, Consecrators, Goliaths (Necromunda), Guardsmen (KT) and some Imperial Knights (for fun). More projects depend on how bad my self control is. Since it's the start of a new thread, some pictures of the current collection are in order. I'll post them up when I get the chance to make some pictures. I'm a mediocore painter and a terrible photographer, so please don't be too harsh First up, the lads who started it all. I haven't painted Dark Angels for years. My side project of the Consecrators grew out to become my main project, dwarfing my current force of the Green Lads. They're still in my collection as extra's, but they're more or less finished, since I have no intention to paint more Dark Angels. My very first model! All of the Greenwing. And my Deathwing More to come!
  2. Howdy Guys and Girls! Edit - Summer 2018: This is my all-around thread for my work. Fun mix of everything, from 30k to Specialist Games! Currently focusing mostly on Necromunda, Kill Team and Adeptus Titanicus! Edit: Added an Index for the finished content: NECROMUNDA: House Escher: The Raven Queens House Cawdor: Sons of Heylel House Helmawr: Palanite Enforcers Genestealer Cult: New-Trysst Mine Freedomfighters Cults of Chaos: Gellerpox Infected Bounty Hunters: Belladonna, Noble Bounty Huntress THE 13th BLACK CRUSADE: Black Legion: Abaddon the Despoiler Chaos Terminators Chaos Havocs Chaos Obliterators THE HORUS HERESY: Adeptus Titanicus: The Legio Titanica - the God-Engines of the Imperium of Mankind Legio Gryphonicus; the War Griffons: Iron Regent, Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Legio Solaria; the Imperial Hunters: Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Legio Mortis; the Death's Heads: Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Battle Titan, Lucius-Alpha pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern The Knightly Houses - Banners of proud Scions House Vyronii; Scions of Damaetus III/II: Cerastus Banner 'Demeter' House Coldshroud; Scions of the Gryphone Octad: Support Banner 'Teabeanie': Questoris Knight Gallant Questoris Knight Errant Questoris Knight Paladin Scenery: Civitas District Warzone Gamma Civitas District Warzone Ultima Age of Darkness: Death Guard: Nurgle: Mortarion, Daemonprimarch of Nurgle Typhus Lord of Contagion Plaguecaster Plague Surgeon Biologus Putrifier Noxious Blightbringer Tallyman Twisted Lord, Gellerpox Infected Leader Plague Marines Foetid Bloat-Drone Foul Blightspawn Vox-Shamblers Sludge Grubs Eyestinger Swarms Cursemites Glitchlings Dreadnought with twin linked heavy bolter Plague Thallax Cohort Pre-Heresy: Mortarion the Reaper Calas Typhon Moritat Prime Tariq Vralgor Siegemaster Durak Rask Deathshroud Terminators Legion Terminator squad Grave Warden Terminators Destroyer squad Contemptor Dreadnought Castraferrum Dreadnought Medusa Siege Tank Vindicator Siege Tank Hunter Alpha AA Tank Land Raider Achilles Alpha Land Raider Phobos Fellblade Super Heavy Tank Primaris Lightning Strike Fighter Salamanders: 1st Captain Artellus Numeon Firedrake Terminators Pyroclasts Contemptor Dreadnought Deredeo Dreadnought Alpha Legion: Hekatos Delphat, Chief Librarian Sons of Horus: Arkathas Ythedon, Consul-Delegatus of the 1st Company, Commander of the Ikon Raven Guard: Shade Lord Arkhas Fal, former Legion Master Word Bearers: Lorgar Kor Phaeron Erebus Kurtha Sedd Zardu Layak Tactical Squad Tactical Support Squad Breacher Siege Squad Ashen Circle Gal Vorbak Anakatis Kul Blade-Slaves Contemptor Dreadnought Mhara Gal Dreadnought, former Contemptor Anaziel, Mahra Gal Dreadnought, former Castra-Ferrum Ushknub, Davinite Lodge Priest Traitor Militia Grenadiers World Eaters: Angron, the Red Angel Thousand Sons: Consul-Praevian Ardashir Agents of the Imperium: Navigator Clad Eversor Nihilator Daemons of Chaos: Khorne: Valkia the Bloody, Daemonprincess of Khorne An'ggrath the Unbound, Guardian of the Skullthrone, Greater Bloodthirster of the first rank U'zhul, the Skulltaker The Bloodreaver, Herald of Khorne Bloodletters Bloodcrushers Skullcannon Greater Brass Scorpion Slaanesh: Zarakynel, Daemonqueen of Slaanesh Nurgle: Epidemius, Herald of Nurgle Plaguebearers Tzeentch The Changeling The Loyal Mechanicum: The Legio Astorum: Liktor Rex, Lucius pattern Warhound Scout-Titan The Dark Mechanicum: The Archmandriture: Archmagos Draykavac The Legio Fureans: Princeps Thorash Ganesa The Knight House Makabius: Dame Vespasia, Knight Paladin The Macrotechnia: Legio Titanicus Tech-priest Enginseer Majoris c&c are welcome =) xoxo Atia
  3. WarCom Article. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  4. New PDF and article in Warhammer Community with a new scenario, newrules and more for Necromunda. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/11/21/apocrypha-necromunda-take-the-fight-to-the-sprawling-cargo-vaults-of-the-nexus/ Nexus of Violence https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/rvrmGb00tu9IfqRC.pdf
  5. Ladies and Gentleman, Scummers of all ages, I would like to present the first B&C Sumpheap Scrap event. The task is simple, build and paint one (or more, if your up for it) piece of Necromunda scenery between March 1st and April 1st using any old bits of junk you have around the house. When the events ended all entries will be put up for public humiliation in a poll so one of us can take home the title of 'Best Shed Builder' and the rest of us can cry. That leaves you just under 2 weeks to source as much kitty litter and pringles tubes before we officially start. Rules are simple, no GW scenery, this is a challenge, a Sumpheap Scrap challenge!! Anything else from plastic I girders to fully working PC fans is fair game though. If anyone rises to the challenge, prepare your washing up liquid bottles and double sided sticky tape and get ready, oh and banners will be available nearer to the time. Signature banners: 300x100px 33x100px
  6. Well, it has been a long time since I've been here. I can't remember exactly the last time when I was regularly participating here - probably not since at least 2017 at the height of all the Heresy stuff. I've remained fairly active in wargaming over the last couple years although entirely outside of the Games Workshop stable. I created a grimdark, low-fantasy medieval warband for use in other wargames and have had a great amount of fun filling out their own lore and theme, and ever since doing that I found creating my own universe so much fun I stayed there for a while. I've been tempted back into sci-fi by various things - Dune 2021 was a big encouragement, as was rediscovering old favourites like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, the Culture series by Iain M. Banks, the Altered Carbon series by Richard Morgan, and last but not least, the art drawn by Craig Mullins (shown below) whose concept art and sketches have been an influence since I was a kid. A few days ago I had the idea to pull some of the sci-fi themes floating around in my head into a cohesive project which could fit into a multitude of universes - intentionally light on the fluff side of things, but unique enough that it's still fun to make. So, last night, after discussing Necromunda with some friends, inspiration struck and I made a mercenary/outlaw type who looks like he's been spending too much time in the Ash Wastes of some far distant backwater planet. Perfectly suitable for Necromunda, Kill Team, or even 40k (if I ever pick it up again - 9th edition seems a bit of a shopping trolley ruleswise). And from what I hear, the Ash Waste Nomads are hotly rumoured to be the next release for Necromunda, so it seems the perfect time to go and visit the hive world to end all hive worlds! Here are some examples of Craig's artwork, which specifically motivated me to get kitbashing for this project. http://i.imgur.com/z32jlG6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tZCULNk.jpg And here's the man himself - the first of many rangers of the Ash Wastes: http://i.imgur.com/fliqETZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DZ7qq4I.jpg http://i.imgur.com/0PQ71qJ.jpg That rifle took about an hour to assemble - here's a pic taken before I straightened out some of the parts: http://i.imgur.com/UgShBy6.jpg Thanks for reading! Nice to be active on the B&C again and hopefully I'll remain keen enough on this project to see it through to something approaching completion.
  7. Hi all, First proper post So I was wondering what people thought about using these models to represent sisters and scions at a tournament. Would you play against them? I’ve tried to keep it WYSIWYG and be as simple as possible, and didn’t start the army thinking I’d want to try competitive or even really play the game, All feedback welcome and appreciated http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/album/17303-inquisition-army/ Haven’t quite worked out the adding pictures yet but have linked the gallery and each image has a description of what I would count it as using either the sister or scions datasheets
  8. Hi all, I recently, well it’s taken a year, returned to the hobby and built an army using the new (to me) Necromunda range. I’ve linked gallery and will put up a proper post with army description at some point, I just wanted to share my allbeit limited and amateur work http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/album/17303-inquisition-army/
  9. G'day fellow hobbyists, 2PlusEasy here. I'm a long time viewer of the Bolter & Chainsword and was a former contributor back in antiquity. Bolter & Chainsword has always been a great and inspiring hobby community. After a break from GW systems, I figured I'd start start fresh with a new hobby blog to get me back in touch with what got me into the hobby in the first place. A bit of an introduction about me and my history in the hobby: Now, I'll elaborate why I got out of 40k so that its out of the way: Why I'm getting back into Necromunda and other "niche" aspects of the 40k hobby, and what I like about it: What I don't like about Necromunda: So, now that's all out of the way, we can get to the meat of this topic: The Hobby! My local gaming group in Australia's tropical north use the the Terror-Australis Hive as its current setting. I intend to work within that setting. This is my (intended) hobby schedule for 2022 - 2023: Finish my Delaque Gang to a tabletop ready standard (completed) Continue work on my Slaaneshi Chaos Helot Cults Gang to a higher then tabletop standard (in progress.) Commence my Squats Gang who counts-as Orlocks (in progress) Commence my rival Ork Gang (counts-as Goliaths) to my Squats Commence my Outcast / Chaos Helot Cult gang based off the Corvus Cabal (not an original idea but it works really well) Commence my Cawdor Gang themed around Witchhunters, repentants and Crusaders (again, not an original idea but different enough from Cawdor's established identity as a house of poor, faithful souls) Anyways, thanks for stopping by. You're an inspiring community and I hope to contribute to it. Here's a picture of my semi-completed Delaque Gang for your perusal:
  10. From the album: Inquisition Army

    Scions with plasma and plasma pistol
  11. From the album: Inquisition Army

    Tempestor prime and command squad with meltas
  12. From the album: Inquisition Army

    Retributors with Multi Meltas and combi flamer
  13. From the album: Inquisition Army

    Retributors with Heavy Bolters and combi plasma
  14. From the album: Inquisition Army

    Dominions with meltas and combi melta
  15. From the album: Inquisition Army

    Battle Sister squad with Boltguns
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