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I did not know this until recently. The new expansion boxes does not come with any cards for map hazard or mission. I found the printed cards useful when playing games against new people.

The box comes only with the board and terrain. Is this correct?

If so does anyone here know the mission or map hazard for the Munitorum set?

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It looks like this is a new product under an old name. The old boxed set had one fewer sprue of Thermoplasmic conduits, but had a Thermoplasmic Incinerator and the cards instead.

Frustrating, but on the other hand, I really needed all those Thermoplasmic conduits for my Zone Mortalis board.

The new killzones book should have all the hazard, mission, and tactics cards from every killzone up to this point.


Notably, the new product descriptions for these boxes does not list the cards as contents, while product descriptions for the old box (which are still available on third party websites even though it's out of stock) do.

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