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Salamanders 2k


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Trying to use both models I have leftover from other projects and the chapter's strengths as I see them as a close range shooty force to make a viable semi-competitive fun list.


Librarian with sword and storm shield- Drake skin, Fury of Nocturne, Obsidian Aquila, WLT: Imperium's Sword

Lieutenant -barebones with Hero of the Chapter and Lord of Fire Trait

Vulkan He'stan


Intercessor Squad x5 Stalker rifles

Tactical Squad with combi-Melta and melta gun

Tactical squad with Lascannon


Invictor Tactical Warsuit with incindium cannon

Sternguard x5 with combi-meltas

Sternguard x8 with combi-flamers

Terminator Assault Squad x5


Devastator Squad with multi-meltas and cherub

Land Raider Redeemer


Drop Pods x3


The Librarian and terms ride in the raider. The intercessors and lascannon tactical marines sit in the backfield and guard objectives.

Punch is the LT and the flamer sternguard in a drop pod. The other two drop pods have the melt sternguard + tacticals, Vulkan, and the devastators. Theoretically they drop close together so they can use Vulkan's rerolls with the tactical team peeling off to hold an objective. They can also be used not deploying in the pod as objective takers on foot although obviously that would be less than ideal given their weapons..


Who knows what the meta will be since my local area store isn't playing at all and I am lucky to get a game in every 6 months. Mostly a build to the list kind of thing like all my armies. Not too familiar with what spells I should have with my librarian and his relic was kind of seemed like the best idea at the time to support the termies.


Some models I have painted like the devs, intercessors and warsuit, some things built and waiting for paint(like many of my armies) and some I need to build from scratch like the sternguard(I have a BoC box I can build from). The goal is to not actually have to buy anything and use what I have available.

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First the Storm shield on a Librarian is a Legends option, if that is ok with your group you’re fine. Fury of Nocturne is kinda meh, to many things need to work, I would suggest Fire Shield to make your already tough Terminators harder to hit. You’re Librarian isn’t that good in melee, Imperium’s Sword isn’t going to help him that much.


I think the Lieutenant can be given a Combi-Weapon to add with the general firepower. Also note he doesn’t need to warlord trait, the 2CP flamecraft stratagem allows one unit to get maximum flamer hits, and that unit isn’t likely to live through the next turn.


Land Raiders are pretty meh this edition, and your Terminators can be dropped to box your opponent in. To be honest, I look at your list and think: where’s the rest of it?


Until I know more information I really can’t give you more.

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Redeemers are actually pretty good in a Salamander list, but I can see the Where is the rest of it point.


I was struggling to come up with something to give the librarian since he would be hanging with the termies. I'll go back to the drawing board for a bit. This is a back burner project amoungst my other too many armies. Last edition I was running three double fheavy flamer land speeders, the termies, and centurions in the LR plus a couple devastators in drop pods. It did fairly well. Oh yeah I had the character dread that just got nerfed into oblivion.

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