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Salamanders 1k List (Need help filling out the last ~250pts)


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Hi All,


Getting back into 40k and my first 8th/9th ed list build so am seeking some guidance to round out the rest of my list.


I'm currently at 780pts but can drop an aggressor to make some room if needed.


Choices doesn't need to be Primaris based but as the rest of the force is wouldn't hurt.


Was thinking a trio of ATV or two squads of eradicators, maybe even trying to squeeze a vindicator & predator into the list.


I'm not sure what I'll really need to bring the list together.


Currently built as a patrol detachment. 




Adrax Agatone - 145pts




5man Assault intercessors - Sgt TH & Hand Flamer - 120pts

5man Intercessors - All boltrifles - 100pts




Redemptor Dread - Plasma Cannon & HF, Fragstorm Grenades - 175pts

6 x Aggressors - Flamestorm gauntlets - 240





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I would definitely drop an aggressor - the benefit of 6 over 5 is vastly outweighed by blast and transhuman costs


can't go wrong with inceptors. you'd get 4 plasma or 5 bolter (both really good candidates for your +1 to wound strat). 


a solid unit of eradicators always looks good in a salamanders list though - 255 points would get you a 5 man unit with heavy rifles and a multimelta, which will basically melt anything. 270 would get you 2x3 eradicator units, which might be more flexible. 


If you wanted the 6th erad, i'd consider taking a gravis captain with lord of fire WL trait and obsidian acquila - basically swapping the +1 to wound aura for 6+ FNP and some extra points. or drop the hand flamer.

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