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Salamanders drop list


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Out of all the marine chapters, the Salamanders seem the best at close range shooting, something that drop pods facilitate. I have a bunch of first born marines, a bunch of drop pods from previous editions and 30k. I havent been using my salamanders for several years, so maybe a fun shock type list will work well. Also gives me a break from painting necrons and Tau and DAK.


Salamanders Battalion 2k


Chaplain in Terminator armor warlord with Forgemaster trait, combi-melta, The Salamanders Mantle



Infiltrator squad

Intercessor Squad 6 guys-(I have the models painted and done, why not use them)

Tactical squad 5 man- combimelta and melta gun

Tactical Squad 5 man- combi melta and melta gun


Sternguard x6 with combi-flamers

Sternguard x5 with combi-meltas

Terminator Assault Squad x5 with shields and thunder hammers( got the 30k awesome looking ones)


Deathstorm Drop pod with the cannons- Little used model, I have 3. They arent bad in the new rules. With the smaller deployment zones it makes people bunch up quite a bit more. You can use them as objective takers in the first round or just drop them right in front of enemy lines. You should always be able to hit at least 2 units. Frees up your other pods to do other things as well. Now they no longer hit all units in range, just enemy units which is a nice bonus. Should be fun. 

In a nut shell Gun version is 6 18" assault cannon shots. Missile version is 2 18" krak missile. They shoot every eligible enemy unit in range. In overwatch double the shots. If you assault them with the new rules and dont kill them, they still keep shooting. 


Devastator squad 4 multi-meltas

Devastator Squad 4 grav cannons


4 Drop pods


Basic idea is Turn 1 have the scouts on and objective with the intercessors on a home objective. Their job is solely to do actions. Infiltrators go out and set up near or on an objective.




Have the Death Storm drop in between the enemy line and an objective to force them around it and shoot up whoever at the bottom. I havent decided if the cannon version or the missile version is better. I am not seeing a lot of vehicles yet outside of niche lists in my meta but we are just getting restarted. Probably somewhere central with good LOS. It has a 36" sphere of fire.


The tacticals both in a drop pod land somewhere where they can try and storm an objective if not land directly on it. 


The LT rides with the flamer sternguard and they drop and use strats to do a lot of flamer damage. Possibly in support of the tacticals. 


Vulkan rides with the melta sternguard with his veteran back up and nuke something. Devs land hopefully in supporting range of one or both characters and also nuke a couple things. 


The terminators and chaplain land T2 and try and go take on the biggest threat left on the board.


Thats the basic concept. Now in keeping with the theme, what should I change? Alternatively I was going to have a 2 man veteran with shields and a scout squad with camo and shotguns instead of the infiltrators and the extra man in the intercessors and a guy in the flamer sternguard. I think the added obsec squad will serve me better than scouts though.


Also under debate it whether to bring instead of the sternguard with combi flamers, a unit of 3 vets with Thunder hammers and shields and thunderhammer storm shield on the sergeant. Plus drop the Chaplain and bring a chief librarian. Have The melta devs and HQ/vets drop together, drop a pod and bump up the melta sternguard with the LT.

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Ha, been over a year and a half and no answers but I am still on page one. With the new points changes I am working on a drop pod force and am considering a successor chapter of Ultras or Sallies. This is mostly a painting project as I am painting quartered Howling Griffens or as my wife so eloquently calls them, the ketchup and mustard guys. I can easily alternate back and forth between the two parent doctrines. This force is also all Firstborn marines. If I go with Sallies I will simply stick with sally traits as I see them as pretty useful over all.


Captain-Chapter Master Relic Blade, Anvil of Strength, The Salamander's Mantle, combi-melta


5 tacticals with multi-melta,  powerfist and combi plasma on sgt.

5 Tacticals with multi-melta, power fist and combi melta on sgt


Ironclad 2 hunter killers(they are free!) assault launchers, hammer, IC combat weapon with heavy flamer, meltagun

5 Sternguard (havent built these yet) combi-flamer or melta

5 Sternguard will build these as combi-melta

10 Terminators standard loadout + 2 Cyclone missile launchers



2 Assault Squads x6 guys with eviscerator and power fist + grav pistol on sgts

+1 dude in a squad with a flamer( I had excess points)

Dev squad with 4 lascannons + 5 ablative wounds

Dev squad with 4 multi-meltas

Dev squad with 4 grav cannons


3 drop pods

1 dreadnought drop pod


I have to look up what I have to start on the board. Easily the assault squads and the lascannon dev squad will be there. The rest fit on the four drop pods pods. Hopefully I would get first turn but I should be able to hide three squads. Most likely I will have the grav devs and a tac squad in a pod, a multi-melta and a tac squad in a pod, and the two sternguard in a pod but I can mix and match. I know a thunderhammer is more efficient for a captain but the model I have has a big sword. I might convert it.


I am kind of turning most of my first born marines into Howling Griffens so this wont be my only list involving them. I have a mechanized list as well fielding rhinos, razorbacks and vindicators, while my primaris go to my Star Phantoms and Death Specters, mostly to the DS since I am tired of painting white and my PS are mostly complete at this point. I think my mech force will go to the Ultras though since i think the doctrine there works better. 

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The lack of responses doesn't have anything to do with you or your list. It has more to do with the overall lack of activity in this sub-forum.


Since you're going to also use this army as a Howling Griffons force, and since a Salamanders Mantle is just a re-named Ghostweave Cloak and nothing is really specific to the Salamanders Chapter, I recommend that you post the list in the Adeptus Astartes forum where there is a lot more activity and you're likely to get more useful feedback.

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