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Brazen Lilies (Crusade & WIP)


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catching bullets for the emperor and getting martyred is an accomplishment on its own! Nice work, it looks like the army is getting along quite nicely.

This is true and the Sisters crusade agenda Seed of the Imperium is fantastic from both a fluff and gameplay perspective. It rewards you for playing sisters as fanatical zealots who will take on any fight because the emperor has their back. That agenda is the reason this unit has managed level up in spite of their typically ruinous exploits

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The Crusade escalated to 1000pts this week and I managed to get a game in against my friends updated Orks after work today. I added a Castigator, 3 Arcos, and a Missionary to my roster which I put into battle today.

The Castigator did well, mostly on the strength of the fact my friend felt it was ignorable compared to other units in my army. Being ignored allowed it to survive and do a fair bit of damage compared with the sheer speed Argent Shroud vehicles have which can let them kite flanks. It killed a rocket buggy, a number of Snaggas, and took a Big Mech down to a single wound.

The Arcos fared similar in that my friend didn't rate them as dangerous as other units I had. The didn't get a chance to do much as in one combat the Cannoness murdered everyone before the Arcos could swing. They killed some Snaggas and that's it. I think my friend under rates them as they are dirt cheap, have core keyword, and can punch well above their weight if they are ignored.


The Missionary has earned a repost of his previous picture. He was my favorite in this game for no real good reason. He has earned the nickname 'Fats' from my opponent. Of the three prayers he chanted he only failed once in contrast to the Dogmatas failure rate of 4 in 6. His servoskull put a wound on a dakka jet, he killed Snaggas in shooting and melee and he completed two actions for 20vp. I have awarded him MVP for a level-up and he earned a free warlord trait from the mission. He will be given the Orator warlord trait. He rolled the ability to know another hymn. (He knows the D3 mortals and the psychic malediction removal now).


An honorable mention to the flamer squad. In their first fully painted outing they finished off a squad of Kommandos before I used them as a speed bump to slow down the Ork Warboss.


These ladies continue to carry the team on their wide shoulders. They took a charge from Squigriders, killed one in overwatch, survived, nearly killed a second rider between melee and pistol shooting in combat, then went on to finish off the Big Mek netting 15vps.

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Got a full 2K game in today vs the new TSons book. That dex is absolutely terrifying. I won the game but mostly because it was only the second or third game my opponent had played with his new army and it's a very complex codex. The rules, psychic powers, and strats stack in very scary ways.


My list:


Morven Vahl

Cannoness: power sword, rod of command, plasma pistol

Missionary: anti-psyker prayer


10 Sisters: combi-flamer, x2 flamers

5 Sisters: multimelta

5 Sisters: multimelta


10 Sacresants: halberds, spear, inferno

6 Arcos: endurant

3 Paragon: multimeltas




5 Seraphim: x4 hand flamers

5 Dominion: combimelta, X3 melta


5 Retributors: x4 heavy bolters

Penitent Engine

Castigator: cannon, stormbolter


Immolator: multimeltas



I will say that Sisters are one of the few armies out there with the tools to play against TSons. Our army doctrine to deny any power on a 5+ is huge and in a typical sisters list we have as many denies as a TSons have casts. My biggest disappointment continues to be the Dogmata who never manages to get off her prayers in a way that matters or is reliable. I'm really thinking a Dialogus and Preacher might be preferable.


Against the TSons my Warsuits and Heavy Bolter Retributors punched way above their weight. The Retributors (with Vahls full rerolls) easily killed 11 Rubrics and 2.5 Scarab Terminators in three turns which is way more than their points. The Paragons killed two Contemptors, three Rubrics, an Exalted Sorcerer, and sixish Tzangors. I would say hands down heavy bolters are our biggest weapon vs TSons.

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Remember you can use “Fiery oratory” for 1CP to auto pass a litany for those moments where it realy matters or if you want to see your dogmata shine properly. Her ability to hand out obsec can be very usefull under the right circulstances. I have found both the dogmata and the dialogus usefull in different ways, I guess it just depends what you are looking for in your list.
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Remember you can use “Fiery oratory” for 1CP to auto pass a litany for those moments where it realy matters or if you want to see your dogmata shine properly. Her ability to hand out obsec can be very usefull under the right circulstances. I have found both the dogmata and the dialogus usefull in different ways, I guess it just depends what you are looking for in your list.

I do forget about the autocast strat but I also rarely view the prayer buffs as must haves in a situation rather than nice bonuses that I seem cursed never to get. The Obsec buff is the best thing about the Dogmata but generally that buff is needed for a single turn and in the right place and I always seem to have her in the wrong place or the wrong time. I think the unit is a rockstar for what it can do, but in my army the model is cursed to never perform. She's close to 10 failures in 12 attempts for me where my Missionary is closer to 1 fail in six attempts (which is far better than the averages would tell).


For now I'm benching the Dogmata and bringing in a Dialogus to see if I get more good out of altering miracle dice. I think my Dogmata needs to be banished to the Repentia for a few games to learn the price of failure.

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Too bad the campaign is ending, but you never know, they might start a new one and you could try a completely new style of sisters to push your painting. Ending the campaign has a beauty of it's own since it got you to the point where you are now. I always find myself pushing a new army until I reach at least a 1000 points painted and keep somewhat of a pace until I reach 2000 (my most played army size) so I can always pickup the army and play it. Then add units whenever I feel like it. Then I also set a goal to paint at least 2000 points a year to my tabletop standard (with differs per army), divided over all my armies, this keeps them growing indefinitely, and occasionally I completely upgrade an existing army adding weathering, more high;ights or something like that. Hopefully you can find some kind of rhythm to keep going.

You can also use events to add new stuff. Currently I'm preparing for a narrative two day crusade event, painting up 1000 points of T'au before the 31st of Oktober. The Bolter and chainsword site also runs painting events every once in awhile. I hope to keep seeing brazen Lillies popping up every now and then!

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Joker, I will get a group photo done when I finish the remaining Sacresants and Paragon.










A handful of models wrapped up. The Arcos and Penitent Engine are newly done. The Sacresants and Paragon were continuing work on squads that had already been started.

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Looking nice. I really like tha arcos. For some reason I just can't paint them very well and yours look amazing. It's like :oh, so that's how they are supposed to look."

I like them as a pallet cleanser for when I get sick of painting golden trim and bling details on the regular sister models. The Arcos should look dirty so I can take a break doing a quick and dirty painting job on one before I go back to a harder model.

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Very happy to finish this one off finally. I really like the model but there is a touch of dread in knowing I have another one of these to do plus a sisters rhino a Castigator and an Exorcist.

One Paragon and two Sacresants left before I can take a family photo as it were and take stock of progress to date.

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That is five Sacresants completed. I know Joker requested a family photo once I finished all my partial squads so I am now one Paragon Warsuits away from posting those photos. That short goal should help me power through. I love the Paragon and Sacresant models but they are daunting to paint with their amounts of repetitive trim.

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