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Cyber-/ Fenrisian Wolves for objectives?

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Hello wolfy brothers,


I've been playing some more games and I'm kind of struggling to find a balance between capturing/holding objectives and dealing damage. Have you used cyberwolves or Fenrisian Wolves for this task? Do they work well?

I don't have those models yet, especially since the official ones look so derpy (was thinking about getting some wolves from Mierce Miniatures though...)

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Cyberwolves are pretty handy. They are very cheap and can hold Objectives, move quickly and also score Secondaries like "Engage on All Fronts". They are fragile of course so avoid serious combat with them if at all possible. They are not worth saving slots for if you want dedicated Fast Attack units. But if you have any FA slots left and a few spare points they are a great use.


Fenrisian Wolves are not so good. They cost more than twice as many points and are much harder to hide as they have a larger footprint.

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cyberwolves are must have


-holding safe objectives out of LOS so other units can fight

-advancing and charging to eat overwatch

-zoning out enemy deep strikers

-standing in front to eat smites

-sacrificing to earn engage points

-bait on an objective to initiate trades

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I use GW goblin wolf riders (wolf only)

Found them on ebay long ago real cheap. Had to make the tail from greenstuff though.

There is an armor plate on the head...cyber/armored wolf

Most people don't care...just have something close and the correct base size (40mm round)


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