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SELWG 2021 Show - London


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Hi all,


Our club is having it's annual show. Lots of participation/demo games for various genres. It also has a good number of traders there selling warhammer (new and 2nd hand) as well as other genres. There is also a large bring and buy stand where you can sell your unwanted items and normally pick up a good selection of warhammer bits too.


40k is very prevalent at the club (with all levels of players from those who attend tournaments, to casual players, to complete novices), and we'd love to welcome new members if you are in SE London and want to drop in to say hello, see if it's for you.





Confirmed Traders


ABC Brushes

Battle Foam

Battlezone Miniatures


Brigade Models

Cerberus Studios

Clive’s Diecasts and Plastic Kits

Colonel Bills

Conquest Games

Crooked Dice

Cuirassier Books

Dave Lanchester Books

DMB Games

Elite Wargames and Models

Geek Villain

Great Escape Games

Ground Zero Games

Harps Corp Ltd

Helion Publishing

Infinity Engine

Instant Armies

Ironclad Miniatures

Iron Gate Scenery

Last Man Last Bullet

M&C Model Painting

Magnetic Displays


Northumberland Painting Service

1.72 Models

Parkfield Miniatures

Paul Harrison

Paul Meekins Books

Plastic Soldier Company

Products for Wargamers

Rogues Gaming

Sammy Scenics

Scarab Miniatures

Sgts Mess

Sheppey Models

SHQ Miniatures

Stonewall Miniatures


The Last Valley

The Pit Gaming Shop

The Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop

Tiny Wargames

Troll Trader

Too Fat Lardies

Wargames Foundry

Warlord Games


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