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Unit of the Week: Tyranid Prime v2 Synaptic Link


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++Tyranid Prime++




We have a new unit of the week! Having already discussed all  codex and Forge World datasheets, we're working our way back throgh some of them. This week it's the Tyranid Prime. Previously discussed under the same topic as the Tyranid Warriors, the Prime is sufficiently distinct enough to deserve its' own topic.


What are you thoughts, and how best would you use them?

  • To compliment a list, or to build a list around? Will the beta rules affect your list(s)?
  • What size unit? Will you be running multiple units?
  • What Hive Fleet Traits, Adaptative Physiologies and Stratagems do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices?
  • Are you buffing this unit? If so, how?
  • Uses in Matched, Narrative and Open Play

Over to you.


Tyranids Unit of the Week Index

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I've not actually used one in game yet, however they would probably be good supporting a couple of warrior units. I do think you need to buff multiple units, or at least one large unit to get the most from this - he's the same points as just taking another 3 warriors, which gives you more wounds and table coverage.


I think a classic deathspitter is great, so keep him out of harms way. On my model I went with the LW+BS option so he can act as a melee roadblock if needed - the LW allows him to remain in place until the end of the phase if he's killed in melee, stopping my opponent from making any consolidation shennanigans. 

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I've not had much experience with my nids, but the Warrior Prime does a decent job and is a good budget HQ option. Obviously works best in a list with some Warriors in, but mostly works as you'd expect. A better Warrior with a nice aura to help. You may as well spend a little to get the most from the stats, but much like Warriors there are many options that you can pick and not go far wrong with. Other than spinefists? :P

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I'm not a fan.


It has the same equipment access as regular warriors (minus the big cannons), which means it doesn't function as a combat character due to only having access to 1 damage melee weapons, and its shooting is no better than a regular warrior.

The only thing its aura does is buff nearby warriors with +1 to hit. No reason to take it with anything other than warriors.

Warriors in my view are best used with quad scything talons as cheap 17ppm objective holders. Which means the tyranid prime giving them +1 to hit doesn't help them with their job, and is just taking up points that could be spent on 4 more regular warriors.


If you insist on upgrading warriors with guns, then you may as well take this guy if you have 2+ big units of them. But having spent a while playing lists with shooty warriors, their shooting is not impressive enough for how much it costs.


You get far better HQs by paying a bit more for a neurothrope or broodlord.

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only delving back in to 40k and no games in a long time but on paper i dont really see much of a purpose to these other than allowing you to field a previously converted model. im planning a warrior unit to be support and objective sitting purely. i dont see any situation where id not be better off with other hqs or more normal warriors. could be cheap for detachment filling  but i dont see it paying off especially with the limits on weaponry. give access to bigger guns and weapons and wed be talking but seem like a wasted opportunity. think these mid option in nids lists need more competitive options. if it even had an option of pysic powers...

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  • 3 months later...

Time to bring the Tyranid Prime up again!


With the latest supplement to Codex Tyranids, the Prime gained the Synaptic Link Ability Unchecked Ferocity, where the chosen unit gains the ability to auto wound in melee on a to hit roll of a 6. 


How do we feel about this upgrade? What units are best to use it on, is it worth bringing a prime for, or will you even be using it at all?


Personally, I think this is a bit of an odd one. Our best melee units are either high Strength with low attacks, so more likely to wound anyway, and less likely to roll a 6, or proc extra abilities on a 6 to wound, like rending claws, so personally I don't see it being useful on stealers. Hormagaunts, for sure, as they have a measly S3, but lots of attacks.


I see this being a lot more useful in a future book if Genestealers/rending claws to to native AP-3, akin to the GSC Purestrains.

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Pretty much has it. Good on anything with a large volume of low quality attacks as its nearly like the old rending. Uses on a full squad of hormagaunts... increase their ap with a strat too... and a grunty meatsheild can suddenly take down anytjing. Not worth on anyhing that needs 6s to wound mind toxinsacks or such too. Good for 15 points. But not great in every army. Much like the prime who still feels like its missing something...
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