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Polythemus 9th batreps: Calixis campaign 3/3

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 Gotta start somewhere. 

Dantarael Co. master faced off in a 1000 point battle to emerge from Covid  isolation and roll some dice. Facing off against 1000 points of  Death Guard commanded by a Fell Daemon Prince Aspirus, in the Ruined city of Nemiahdes.

This was simply played with scoring on primary objectsives. no secondaries were used. numerous Errors were made. Just happy to get a game in frankly

1st Legion

Co master gravis 

3 units intercessors bolt rifles x5

plasma inceptors x3

Hell blastersx5

deathwing with assaultcannon


Death Guard

Demon prince wings supperating plate


plauge marines x5

bloat drone

plaugebearers x10

plauge burst crawler



2E93453D-A470-4333-ACCC-FBCE81D2A62B.jpe The Battle for Celestine square


237FD538-C27C-4C99-A2DF-C5913C63BFB6.jpe The implacable might of Aspirus prepares to lay seige with their deamon allies holding the rear objective.


BF6BDBBE-C128-4DDF-A7E7-3CDB70DF757D.jpe Aspirus gurgles to his plauge terminators threats and promises compelling them to a slobbering fervor

E2ABE39D-D9BB-4398-B708-511C8DBA1A2B.jpe T1 - The death guard advance laying down a hail of fire, with plague burst crawler thinning the intercessors ranks
6B851225-8129-4A43-868F-F6025F97AAE9.jpe The first legion advances...

A788E07C-DF4A-41EB-AE07-27532F273EEC.jpe the hellblasters use their Dark age plasma to wipe out 2 terminators
F7130446-BDCE-4E92-AF85-653306AA2981.jpe T2 - the deathguard move forward to unleash hell
7BA5163A-F0E2-42CB-B04B-AF4912C769FE.jpe not trusting his terminators Aspirus, charges the hell blasters who valiantly try to overwatch...
304765B5-3EBC-4955-A0CB-9149E2569CA3.jpe ... but are surreptitiously cut down by the favored of nurgle
7EBD9B94-D6AA-442A-9E80-C00EB406415A.jpe The deathwing and inceptors arrive, but the poxes of nurgle leave their shots mostly ineffective.
8E0930D0-A1DA-458C-8238-AC286B3BD4CE.jpe Dantarael stands against the demon but cant hold him back, falling to his putrid blade. The demon prince now advances on the intercessors

AFE027B1-3088-4305-8C6B-92A6FA7B73E0.jpe  T3 - Aspirus cuts down the remaining intercessors, and his bloat drone and plauge marines remove several marines from the other side of the square. the the Dark angels follow up neither the inceptors or the deathwing shooting can take any wounds from the demon prince. As the ranking officer of the Imperium sergent Barachiel issues orders to charge...

905D239E-6837-48DA-88B8-C17C35ACCB56.jpe Aspirus is banished to the warp... but the Dark Angels must flee the field due to the ascendancy of nurgle. Dark angels concede on turn 4.

too many errors to list. First big thanks to my opponent. hard to get weekdays games with two small children, and this was my first game since 2019 at least so i was pretty rusty.

1. didn't remember that the termies were transhuman
2. didn't know that inceptors have to roll for shots twice
3. didn't really use combat doctrines, or take advantage of the sons of the lion or grim resolve rules
4. probably shouldn't have brought so many troops in a patrol list
5. woulda been better to just run up the board to take advantage of the obscuring ruins to claim one of the two central objectives or at least contest.
5. really didn't consider any other strategems
6. would have been good to remeber the hold steady/set to defend rule for bracing against a charge into area terrain.

There's a lot to remember in 9th ed. got a long way to go, was glad i took out the demon prince but focused on him to the exclusion of all else and lost as a result. rolled dice had fun, really like the newer primaris models.















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Glad you're back Brother!

These last couple of years have been tricky to say the least, especially with mini humans around, so well done on picking up the dice again :tu:

I'm sure you will hone your skills and do the Lion proud in the future.

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Posted (edited)




Got some new stuff here the Calixis Campaign! Lemme know what you think.


Within the Calixis sector terrible plagues have been deployed, pox walkers have been seen shambling rotten byway and decay and death clot the air. At the vanguard of the Plague fleet, now known to be led by Aspirus Phlegmon demon prince of nugle, and The 15th plague company of the Death Guard Led by Lord of Cotangion Janus Virilax, doom of Synthes Secundus,  the Calixis Sector faces its doom. The plaugue company has already obtained a foothold in the Malfian sub sector, and seeks to strengthen their hold before pressing further. imperial navy projections suggest they are making for the capital world of scintilla, but have sought to take the hive world of Malfi as their beach head. 


Sector regent and Scintilla Govenor Marius Hax has been unable to get further response from the astropathic choir. Inital message was sent to psychic relay at fenksworld but warp storms have prevented further communication.

The Dark angels, self appointed wardens of the Imperial truth in the Imperium Nihlus, have sought to respond to this vile threat. Co. Master Antares Dantarael has answered the call with the 4th Company inorder to defend the relieve the system. There is grave concern that this region of space may also play host to the other xenos threats and Master Dantarael also wishes to learn more about the intelligence surrounding acheotech rumored to be in the system. 

The defense of the hive world and sector by the dark angels is of highest priority… the death Guard seek more vengeance upon the corpse emperor and to honor great nurgle by claiming the sector in his honor!


he defense of the hive world and sector by the dark angels is of highest priority… the death Guard seek more vengeance upon the corpse emperor and to honor great nurgle by claiming the sector in his honor!

The first clashes occur within the Andrantis Nebulae, the forces of the Dark Angels attempt to purge the rot of the Death Guard who have set their sights on Baraspine attempting to take the administratum. Far from the leadership of Master Dantarael on Scintilla and the Plauguecaster Teratagox, the smaller forces must contend for dominance...
Points 500
Mision encircle
4 objectives
D. Angels
intercessors x10
inceptors x5
Death Guard
Plague marines x7 plasmagun plas pist. power fist
Plague marines x7 plasmagun plas pist. power fist
slay the warlord
The relief force of Dark Angels attempt to take the city with only Intercessor Sergent Pergamon Leading the defense. Across from him the dread force of the Death Guard Lead by the Plague champion Lodden Turz. The citizens in this city sector have already succumbed to become poxwalkers.




Sergent Pergamon's demi squad is caught in the sights of the enemy APC.


The the death guard advance...
T1 DA - the following turn the Dark Angels rush forward Sgt. Pergamon heads to the objective near the statue, while the other demi squad tries to hold out against the death guard flank. banners are raised high as the sons of the Lion know no fear.


 the death guard continue to grind forward the rust of eons of battle echoes across the empty streets. they fire on Sgt. Pergamon but the plasma explodes killing the gunner. Sgt. Turz smiles as his brother joins Grandfather Nurgle in his garden.



The plauge marines continue to lay down withering fire...


Contrails brazing Sgt Serio and his Inceptors spring their trap from low orbit, but the death guard survive the plasma bath, the Turz prepares his vengeance. Unsure of whether to charge Pergamon holds the line, to protect the inceptors.


On the opposite flank the demi squad take shelter in the ruins and conitnues to hold banners aloft.

The death guard pour forth enraged and silent as the beat upon pergamon and his squad. Turz knows he must take the warlord or it will be his hide. he sings his power fist but the emperor protects and somhow only one intercessor falls.






"Let Nurgle's blessing bring joy to your worthless life!"
The unsuported demi company know the they must sell their lives in the Lion's name, and the death
guard make them pay... One brother lives...


The pergamon enacts a tactical break out to fall back, and allow Serio's plasma to burn away the Filth of mortarion...




The inceptors take up position to encircle the death guard, pergamon fires on the poxwalkers.


"For the Emperor!...aaaaaargh"


"Charge plasma, and burn these bast*rds back to the Eye..."


.... see part 2...
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Posted (edited)
part 2
Nurgles will is strong but with tactical doctrine only 6s will do..






the Death Guard now control the flank and hold 3/4 of the the objectives.
T4 - Death Guard attempt to hold out




The inceptors again encircle the foe...




"Grant them the emperor's Mercy brothers!"
T5 - again the death Guard hold the flank objective and the the rhino holds one to the rear, but they are running out of assets.
T5 DA - Serio know victory means the elimination of  rhino as the only means to achieve victory...


"Take Aim brothers.."
Befouled bodies hemorhaging effluent the rhino crew falls




The fell powers of the Death guard are stricken from the hive of Baraspine but the mortal legions of  Nurgle hold sway in many other corners of the galaxy. where will they strike next?


This was a pretty close game finishing with a final score 64 to 51 or thereabouts. Neither of us could score the encircle secondary because the board we were playing on was two big for the 500 point armies, and required being in both deployment zones at the the same time. This campaign is a bit different in limiting list build ing a strats in the following key ways. There are detachments that you take of 500 points each which contain a set list. They cost increasing numbers of resource. This game only had level one detachments which is a patrol detachment. Level 2 is also a patrol detachment.  Lvl 3 is either vanguard/outrider/spearhead/flyer. Hq must be brought and bought separately. The other limitation was the number of strats. All brb strats are free, but you can then only bring 3 strats to start and all others must be bought using resources based on there command point cost. The strats I brought were weapons of the dark age marked for command, and one other one which I forget. I only used WOTDA. 
I can show the entire rules for the campaign which is just me and a friend of mine. It uses a home brew of rules but borrows heavily from forbidden stars from fantasy flight. If my opponent had brought something with more shooting like a blight hauler, I might of had more trouble. This game most went according to plan. The inceptors were really good, which was a bummer for my opponent, since he had minimal tools to handle them and since their weapons are blast and his plague marine have 7 in squad meaning, 30 shots against them. Ouch. 
I probably should have picked a different set of strats, I think transhuman would be a good one to pick up and maybe meltabombs, fun game though. Looking forward to bigger clashes and to getting more of my primaris stuff painted up.
thanks for reading.


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Posted (edited)

After many delays and last minute changes another chapter has been written in the campaign for the Calyxis sector. when last we left there had been a great victory by the dark angels, resulting in the death guard being driven from the hiveworld of baraspine. with the disquiet growing amongst mortarions sons orders were issued… the final order: the Death guard are instructed to advance on the governors palace at Scintilla. the palace is garrisoned by Co. Master Dantarael and his two detachments. Meanwhile the Death guard advance with a similarly strong force but without a member of their command structure. the capture of this location is critical for the war effort.





Hammer and anvil, Priority targets, Pall of dread


Dark angels

Co. Master power sword

intercessors 10

infiltrators 6

inceptors 5 plasma

Repulsor executioner with HLD


Death Guard

blightlord terminators 5

blightlord terminators 5

Plague surgeon

plague marines 7

plague marines 7

poxwalkers 12




two objectives centrally one in either deployment zone


Pox walkers hold the home objective


infiltrators in the red cathedral


The intercessor demi co. hold home obj.


view from above


D drew hold the center and ask the oppenent which central object to hold, so infiltraors run to the center, other forces advance



Repulsor Ex and intercess + gravis master advance, infiltrators run for center


Engage the traitors!


repulsor HLD misses with both shots, al elses is saved by the terminators.



nurgle advances, with the terminators pressuring the center, some shots are exchanged, the death guard elects the primed squad termie squad sergent to be his warlord


Die imperial dogs!


no further casualties

more to follow


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Posted (edited)




Infiltrators advance to the center of the table.


Fire from all quarters destroys the rhino achieving a secondary objective


Inceptors arrive, bathing the blightlord terminators in plasma felling two


‘“Take cover!”


The death guard advance, killing one inceptor.


The death guard issue charges stampeding into the intercessors with plague marines and infiltrators are charged by the blight lords. Master Dantarael heroically intervenes, meaning that he takes all the attacks from plague marines but with him and the squad only two plague marines are killed and the power fist remains, Dantarael falls to 3 wounds remaining. It was unclear to me which would have been the better weapon choice.


“Brace for impact boys”.


“Next time give us a challenge you died like dogs!”

Needless to say terminators mop up.


Dark angel

Fewer pictures on this one, the plasma-ceptors and the repulsor finish off the painted terminators. Splitting fire the poxwalkers also fall, meanwhile… 


To try and survive the onslaught the marines pop transhuman but can’t  take out six wounds worth of plaugue  marines, and in return…


Master Dantarael succumbs to unconsciousness, beaten into submission by sgt Gruel. meanwhile the plaugue marines finish off the remaining intercessors in the following phase. 


Glory to Nurgle! Embrace the Lord of plaugues!

Death guard surge ahead in points and now dominate the board



Having cleared the poxwalkers on the previous turn, the inceptors leap forward to claim the backfield objective from the death guard. They unleash a punishing salvo on the death guard but the plaugue marines survive and hungrily lick their plague knives 



Even with the aid of the repulsor the fortitude of the death guard is emphatic.


Terminators can’t be moved and hold the center objective, one plasma-ceptor is removed by plague marines.





In the final gambit the inceptors


Final score

70-60 death guard victory


Destruction of dark angels (intercessor and inceptors)



Just not able to keep all the rules in my head early on. Error made regarding order of placing infiltrators. never used ‘‘em before and thought they were placed at end of deploy phase… appearently not.

Partially forgot tactical doctrines rules, 

Forgot some other rules regarding warlord trait

Totally forgot grim resolve /son of lion rules


Probably should have kept inceptors close to reroll aura of warlord from turn 1, ultimately they were my most effective unit.


Questionable choice to heroically intervene with master, then used power fist instead of sword, didn’t realize heroic intervention gains extra attack. Not sure what wepon would have been better with T5 plaugue marines. if using sword and heroic intervention, it should be (5base+2sword+1HI) =8 attacks on 2+ likely  6.5 hits, 3.5 wounds. = two dead plague marines . if using fist 6attacks on 3+, for 4hits and 3 wounds, likely 3 dead plague marines. i dont remember if they were getting disgusting resilence.

Didn’t purchase relic per campaign rules


Tried out using tempest of war which was tough on me, first 2/3 drawn were tough to achieve, facing off against the plague termites and with minimally effective executioner tank, was hard to control center which the terminators dominated. Executioner tank was minimally effective had few good targets to shoot at with HLD OFTEN MISSING, and most other weapons being poorly effective against the high toughness marines.


Overall need to get more rules written down to make them easier to remember.

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