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  1. With the Blogs feature unlocked, I have decided to move my previous efforts from the World Eaters subforum to my own little corner of the B&C. Here I plan to catalogue my force's trials and tribulations as we carve our way through our group's own sub-sector of space. War Zone Lalor is entirely a homebrew setting, with the background having been produced over three separate Crusade campaigns that our group has played over the past couple of years. Background The Great Rift It has been at least twelve, gruelling years since the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Great Rift, ripped the galaxy in half. With it, the Imperium was split in twain, designated the Imperium Sanctus and Imperium Nihilus. The Imperium Nihilus, severed from the light of the Astronomican of Terra, has endured a fate unknown. Even the Imperium Sanctus, under the studious protection of Lord Guilliman, is still beset on all fronts by every enemy imaginable. Previous Engagements in War Zone Lalor The Lalor Sub-sector lies within the Imperium Sanctus, in the Galactic North of the Ultima Sector. With the Realm of Ultramar secured by the Indomitus Crusade, elements of the Imperial liberators have been dispatched to the outlying sub-sectors. War for the Twins Breaking through the unstable warp routes to reach the Lalor sub-sector, the Imperial crusaders established a base of operations in the administrative heart of the region, the Geminid binary system. It was not long before the system became the target of a terrible invasion of heretics and xenos. Initially caught in defensive actions all over the system, the Imperial forces enacted a desperate last-minute gambit: a simultaneous trap for an enemy ambush and a counter-ambush crushed the invaders against all odds. With the enemy falling back in disarray, the forces of the Imperium consolidated their hold on their new garrison. Darkness of Rutil Before the dust could settle on the Geminid War, internal conflict arose within the forces of the Emperor. A wave of malaise and suspicion spread through the populace and soldiery, all the way from the bottom to the top. What should have been a great, celebrated victory was instead met with depression and anxiety through all facets of society. Several Imperial commanders separately noticed a psychic anomaly centred in the neighbouring Rutil system. With suspicion rife between the sub-factions of the Imperium, no one communicated this discovery to each other, as they each believed they alone could be trusted to investigate it. Sending small forces to the Rutil system, the Imperial forces each discovered that the warp surrounding the system was eerily quiet. Navigators, unable to detect warp currents, were driven mad. On the primary world of the system, small forces of Necrons, World Eater heretics, and renegade mining colonists were discovered. In the conflict that followed, it was discovered that some kind of warp-dampening technology employed by the enigmatic Necrons was causing the warp to fall dangerously quiet, while the Heretic Astartes were building massive monuments to reignite the empyrean once more. The conflicting effects were causing the unrest in surrounding systems. Setting aside all suspicion and paranoia, the Imperial forces joined for a joint push against the heretics and xenos, however they were successful only in demolishing the fell monuments of Chaos. The battle with the Necrons merely awoke more of the dangerous xenos, who completed the employment of their strange technology. The Imperials were forced to withdraw. The warp-borne malady was cured, though travel through the system was no longer reliable, and so it was quarantined. A Strange Servant With the strange warp-madness subsiding, Imperial forces recommenced the campaign to liberate the whole sub-sector. Responding to several calls for military aid, an Ultramarines strike force discovered a Rogue Trader lost in the void. Their vessel had been crippled and separated from the hulk it was using to transport vast amounts of material wealth. The hulk was known as The Most Dignified Servant and carried trade goods, relics and materiel. The Imperials decided that this materiel would be a great help to the war effort, and so agreed to assist the Rogue Trader in exchange for their materiel contribution. Locating this vast hulk, the Imperials boarded but immediately noticed that not all was as it was laid out by the strange trader. Relics and trade goods were loaded throughout the hulk, however the vessel was certainly not in full control by the trader. Clearly, very little effort had been taken to ensure that the vessel was sanctified, and it had become overrun by Daemons of Chaos, Death Guard heretics and Necrons. The Imperials found themselves surrounded and cut off in numerous sectors of the vessel, and only through the heroic efforts of the Deathwing were the rest of the Space Marines able to escape to safety. This was not before time, for as the last of the Deathwing withdrew, the Servant lurched into the warp, aiming directly for a nearby warp rift. It speared through the rift, opening a corridor to a previously isolated system. The Asturus System The *Servant's* departure left an opening to the Asturas system, which had been thought lost to the warp after the opening of the Great Rift. Dispatching a force from their base of operations in the Geminid system, the Imperials moved in to the Asturias system to assess the tactical situation. They found that the system's most populous world, the hive moon Janus, to be besieged by heretics and xenos over the whole planetoid. The majority of the world's populace resided in two hive cities, with smaller settlements scattered across the surface. Hive Primus was already in heretic control, flying banners featuring the tri-lobe of Nurgle and the skull rune of Khorne, however the fate of Hive Secundus was unknown. No military movements were detected in Secundus, and no vox traffic was coming from the city. Other settlements and fortified positions were barely holding out, some with only a PDF company or two fighting protracted campaigns against heretics, mutants and greenskins.
  2. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    7.5 cm edge to edge, with 3mm magnets
  3. From the album: Schoon's Titanicus

    7.5 cm edge to edge, with 3mm magnets
  4. Gotta start somewhere. Dantarael Co. master faced off in a 1000 point battle to emerge from Covid isolation and roll some dice. Facing off against 1000 points of Death Guard commanded by a Fell Daemon Prince Aspirus, in the Ruined city of Nemiahdes. This was simply played with scoring on primary objectsives. no secondaries were used. numerous Errors were made. Just happy to get a game in frankly 1st Legion Co master gravis 3 units intercessors bolt rifles x5 plasma inceptors x3 Hell blastersx5 deathwing with assaultcannon Death Guard Demon prince wings supperating plate plaugecaster plauge marines x5 bloat drone plaugebearers x10 plauge burst crawler The Battle for Celestine square The implacable might of Aspirus prepares to lay seige with their deamon allies holding the rear objective. Aspirus gurgles to his plauge terminators threats and promises compelling them to a slobbering fervor T1 - The death guard advance laying down a hail of fire, with plague burst crawler thinning the intercessors ranks The first legion advances... the hellblasters use their Dark age plasma to wipe out 2 terminators T2 - the deathguard move forward to unleash hell not trusting his terminators Aspirus, charges the hell blasters who valiantly try to overwatch... ... but are surreptitiously cut down by the favored of nurgle The deathwing and inceptors arrive, but the poxes of nurgle leave their shots mostly ineffective. Dantarael stands against the demon but cant hold him back, falling to his putrid blade. The demon prince now advances on the intercessors T3 - Aspirus cuts down the remaining intercessors, and his bloat drone and plauge marines remove several marines from the other side of the square. the the Dark angels follow up neither the inceptors or the deathwing shooting can take any wounds from the demon prince. As the ranking officer of the Imperium sergent Barachiel issues orders to charge... Aspirus is banished to the warp... but the Dark Angels must flee the field due to the ascendancy of nurgle. Dark angels concede on turn 4. Breakdown: too many errors to list. First big thanks to my opponent. hard to get weekdays games with two small children, and this was my first game since 2019 at least so i was pretty rusty. 1. didn't remember that the termies were transhuman 2. didn't know that inceptors have to roll for shots twice 3. didn't really use combat doctrines, or take advantage of the sons of the lion or grim resolve rules 4. probably shouldn't have brought so many troops in a patrol list 5. woulda been better to just run up the board to take advantage of the obscuring ruins to claim one of the two central objectives or at least contest. 5. really didn't consider any other strategems 6. would have been good to remeber the hold steady/set to defend rule for bracing against a charge into area terrain. There's a lot to remember in 9th ed. got a long way to go, was glad i took out the demon prince but focused on him to the exclusion of all else and lost as a result. rolled dice had fun, really like the newer primaris models.
  5. Greetings, brothers. I intend two threads to cover the 3rd edition campaign I am doing with my two sons -- this thread, to cover the hobby/WIP/painting aspect, and then I will do a separate thread for battle reports and related "fluff" (i.e. storyline for the batreps). Battle reports most likely won't begin until at least the summer as we have to build up our forces. I expect my oldest son to create an account here at B&C soon so that he can contribute as well. The forces that will be involved in the campaign are: Inquisition (Codex: Witch Hunters, 2003) - run my myself Dark Blades - DA successor chapter (Codex: Dark Angels, 1999 and Codex: Spacemarines 1998) - oldest son, "Primus" (16 yrs old) Deathskulls Orks (Codex: Orks, 1999) - youngest son, "Secundus" (12 yrs old) "The Fallen" (Chaos marine rules from the main rule book) - NPC faction to be used according to special mission house rule, communally painted Chaos cultists ("Adversaries of the Witch Hunter" list from Codex: Witch Hunters) - NPC faction, communally painted Phœladar PDF (Codex: Imperial Guard, 1999) - run by Secundus, but using my DKoK models When we're ready to start posting battle reports, I will share with you the storyline that we have come up with for this campaign. Today, I will begin sharing some of the initial WIP and completions. The Witch Hunter force is led by none other than Lord Inquisitor Soulis, well-known from my blog about his force. I've started the base colours for his Throne of Redemption: While I'm working on this centrepiece for my army, Secundus is preparing a looted Leman Russ Battle Tank using the bottom half of a Russ I found in my bitz box (don's ask why we only had the lower half because I don't know) and various bitz and plasticard: Primus is starting off with a squad of sniper scouts, and a squad of bolter/shotgun/BP&CCW scouts for the Dark Blades: And finally, some cultists/traitors that were recently completed (Secundus did the base coat and wash, I did quick highlights to finish them up): There won't be a full Fallen force, just a few cultists and marines running around in certain missions/maps.
  6. Hey gents and lasses, anyone up for a game of 40k, I live in the hills district, Got Grey Knights 2000+ points, Tyrannids, small new army, Custodes, 1500pts, new army (WIP) can be just casual matched play, campaigns, or whatever.
  7. THE FATE OF GILGAMESH An ETL V-linked campaign http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y50/Masteravoghai/Gilgamesh/image.jpeg What is Gilgamesh? Gilgamesh is a long term painting event, themed around a Chaos attack on an Imperial hive city. We are currently playing the 3rd episode. Episode 1 : The hive city suffered a vicious assault by the Ruinous Powers. As so often happens in this situation, the invaders quickly began to fight amongst themselves to decide whose Patron would rule this newly conquered world. Episode 2 : The Dark Angels manage to deploy to the devastated surface, attracted by rumours of their Fallen brothers present on this planet. The fight was intense, as the Unforgiven found that many of the surviving PDF regiments had also been corrupted by Chaos. Nevertheless, they managed to secure many sectors allowing reinforcements to arrive. Episode 3 : Unexpectedly, the first reinforcements to arrive were the mysterious Eldar. A gathering of Craftworlds and Dark Eldar emerge through a webway portal once buried deep beneath the planet's surface, but now revealed as a result of the brutal surface bombardment. This portal and numerous others, each one long hidden in the haunted depths of the hive city, appears to be of such strategic importance that it has brought both the Eldar and their dark kin together to fight for their common goals. Whilst the forces of Chaos continue to expand like an plague across the various sectors, the Dark Angels managed to secure a foothold in the lower levels of the hive. The Eldar, however, have managed to assume control of the upper Spires. The call for support was finally heard and the Ninth Legion have answered, reforming the ancient alliance of the Angels of Death. The discovery of ancient xenos technology has also drawn the interest of the adepts of Mars... But the deviant tech priests of the Dark Mechanicus are also desperate to obtain these precious artifacts. And this is where we currently are... The ultimate act of episode 3! After a skirmish-sized opposition, we run apocalypse by calling our allies from the B&C forum.... Do you want to take part in this story and help decide of the fate of Gilgamesh? How does it works? Gilgamesh is a painting event that works mostly like the ETL. You have to paint models during a period of time, and if you succeed, you add the value of the models to your team's pool of points. The difference are as follow : - your initial pic must be taken either with the session password, either with the clock of the forum to proove that you play with unpainted models - your base must be done. Wether it's simple painted sand or resin work, it has to be ready for battle. - the most important : you pledge your models on sectors which represent the different sectors of the hive city. Those sectors have limitation that allow/prevent some type of models to be pledge on them. Of course some models can be allowed on several sectors hence giving strategical options to the different factions. On june 1st, the session's password will be revealed Make a post indicating Faction Unit Wargear Must be clearly represented Point value Sector of your choice Pic of the unpainted/undercoated models with the password INVICTUS Example : The post will be implented by your servitor and his chaotic collegue in the battle zone (provided it is a valid pledge). You can follow the battle here : http://gilgamesh3.forumactif.org/f111-zone-de-guerre-episode-3 You can also register here : http://gilgamesh3.forumactif.org and participate to gilgamesh' fate by posting your pledges yourself. This latest solution can also be a possibility for those willing to participate to Gilgamesh with a different faction (for example : you paint Chaos for ETL but you also have eldar waiting to be painted : go register on Gilgamesh)
  8. This may seem something of a diversion from the Horus Heresy narrative wargaming project I'm presently working on; but in truth, rather than being a dire manifestation of Hobby ADHD, it's actually a return to something that's been bubbling away at the back of my head since somewhen late in 2012/early 2013. InquisiNecronMunda. A basic fluff rundown for this is that after reading Fall of Orpheus (IA:12 - which did the wonderful job of putting the almost lovecraftian Terror back into Necrons following the ... controversial rework they got with the second 'Newcron' codex) , I had the idea for exploring a similar event from a vastly different perspective. Instead of witnessing an entire Imperial Sector falling to massed armed force, this narrative would follow a pair of rival inquisitors (one Ordo Xenos, one Ordo Hereticus) as one of them attempted to first piece together the pattern of dark events engulfing the region ... while the other became steadily more and more convinced that the first was some sort of dangerous, dire radical in need of a swift purging. The miniature pictured above (with a guardsman and a truescaled Astartes for scale comparison) is my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (my associate's running the Hereticus). Planned additions to the warband include the usual stock characters (sanctioned psyker; grizzled Imperial Guard veteran; lexmechanic; xenoarchaeologist ... that sort of thing) ... as well as some perhaps less well-worn numbers (Kroot warrior sanctioned xenos; an Eldar guide - either a Ranger or a Warlock; and other dramatis personae that would swiftly raise eyebrows (followed by bolters/handflamers) in more Orthodox circles). But we'll go into those later http://b1.ifrm.com/static/emo/2.png As you can see, the base-miniature for this character is the rather excellent plastic Fantasy Chaos Lord figure, with all the obvious chaos iconography filed off. I seriously liked the roaring ram-daemon shoulderpad, so that stayed; as did some of the armour-detailing. The rationale behind this was that I wanted an Inquisitor in some form of powered armour (or potentially even terminator armour) - but without going for the 'lazy' approach of simply using regular Astartes power armour. The Chaos Lord seemed to have the requisite imposing bulk and baroqueness to suit a well-equipped inquisitor (albeit in a much more 'dark ages'/medieval flavouring than, say, the Renaissance-inflected Inquisitor Tyrus [the visual concept of which I absolutely love]). The head's drawn from the superlatively useful Empire Flagellant kit - I felt it was the most 'dignified' yet 'stern' cranium in the kit, and radiated a sense of both zealous piety, as well as steadfast determination. It's the sort of head which one could easily see silhouetted against blood-red boiling skies such as those we saw on the classic 3rd ed Daemonhunters codex. Possibly because Shouty. And with a definite level of "worried". But also, "powerful". And with a strong sense of aged wisdom conveyed by the beard (remembering one of the classic 'inversions' from the original Inquisitor game being the tendency of *older* Inquisitors to be more radical than young orthodox puritans). Now as for the armament ... that gave me pause for thought. I did initially toy around with the idea of keeping somewhat converted versions of the model's original weaponry. There's a multitude of potential staff-based weapons one could conceive for an Imperial servant; and the left gauntlet poised upon the pommel of a rather massive sword looked pretty intimidating. It would, no doubt, have looked even MORE intimidating if I went with my initial inclination and added a vambrace-mounted plasma-pistol to the top of it. But something just didn't feel quite right. So we kept playing around with the contents of the almighty bits-box ... until some unused arms from Forgeworld's excellent Hector Rex model stumbled into view. I was initially a bit lukewarm about this outfitting - not least because I was still struggling to see how to work in a ranged weapon (because in a game with the occasional rampaging inhuman monstrosity, it's always seemed a bit of an OSH violation for an old man - even one in power armour - to get up close and personal with the gribblies); however after thinking about it some more, and with some chopping to reposition the sword-arm, it just seemed to *click*. There's something delightfully barbaric about the image of a trusted agent of the Emperor clad in somewhat primitive-looking (powered) plate-mail, and armed with a great hacky sword and shield. I did contemplate adding a pistol-sized weapon (or potentially one of the old 2nd edition metal Legion of the Damned bolters I have lying around - we've decided these are perhaps more 'carbine' weapons than the much larger modern Astartes bolters) hung on his belt ... but this would probably have just overcomplicated the miniature. Besides, parrt of the background I'd worked out ofr him was that he's a psyker of some ability - so perhaps mortal-material ranged weapons are unnecessary due to the Inquisitor's demonstrable facility with MIND BULLETS. About the only thing that's still niggling me about him (other than the fact that the sword's broken in two twice now) is the back of the miniature. I felt that he might require some obvious up-techenning in order to more properly bring the miniature into the 41st millennium, in the form of a power-back for his armour ... but nothing seemed to visually work. I tried a 2nd ed metal Legion of the Damned backpack for that baroque skull-look, an older plastic Chaos marine backpack, a Kasrkin's powerpack - and even the backpack from an Eversor Assassin. All of it distorted the silhouette and just looked 'tacked on'. So eventually, he was just left as-is. Fluffwise, I rationalized the lack of an overt power-pack by looking at the back of the Hector Rex model - which, Terminator armour style, appears to have an internal reactor.
  9. Hello all, It has been another stretch of time since my last post back in 2012 for my websites 14th. A few intermittent posts to fellow Sothan friends since, business and professional sailing adventures for a couple of years; but largely, I was as quiet as the deadworld of Sotha. (1 minute silence..) Since the project with FalcesImperator on our joint Scythes Factual History brief in 2009, an astounding amount of love has been shown to the Scythes. You need only visit the very well maintained Scythes of the Emperor Lexcanium page which includes in part my original work with FalcesImperator; long since maintained by folks at Black Library such as L.J Goulding, our current patron and champion for all things Sothan at GW. Since 2012 we have had mention in the more recent Space Marine codex, officially under the Ultramarines (Luke, I am your father...) and even full mention of our origins in The Unremembered Empire novel. I've compiled an Essential Reading Guide for the Scythes' with help from Goulding and others; after I noted 'Shadow of the Beast' (by Goulding) reviewed on Colourblind Painter in August. To be brief, since 2012, the Scythes have appeared in 8 stories from Black Library. Written by L.J Goulding, Dan Abnett, Guy Haley and Richard Williams. Suffice to say, there's some serious Sothan love the last few years. Let alone all the modelling threads for the Scythes such as GrizzlyBear's great precursor to Kraken force. After such a long intro, I'd better be showing something.. well, I've begun completing my long overdue Flight of the Tenax project. http://the-scythes.com/wp-content/gallery/archive-artwork/the_tenax.jpg?i=863529982 She's a tough little warship, the protector of a small civilian convoy. I'm finishing the last pages of a short fiction about their flight from Sotha and establishing the crew in the new (2012-2015) GW timeline for Sothans. I'll be completing a campaign not unlike a Warhammer Quest campaign, using Necromunda and Second edition rules. http://the-scythes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/IMG_0507-300x225.jpg Near mint rulebooks acquired, Check! Should be an interesting ride as the survivors on the Tenax, embattled from more than just the Great Devourer, continue on and make it to the Heart of Cronus, the last Chapter flagship, which in a very humbling addition, includes Forgemaster Sebastion, a nod by LJ Goulding. Text: http://the-scythes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/tenax_ship_colours.png The Tenax, Scythes of the Emperor Fleet, Gladius Class. Hull laid M40,977, Calth shipyards. A respectable service record, notable actions against Orks at Corinth, Tau at Sy'Kell then Dal'Yth, and Eldar of the Verdeworlds. Heavily damaged during latter two Crusades. Placed as picket during Hivefleet Kraken invasion of the Sotharan League. Recovered what survivors remained of abortive Vth and Xth Co. actions aboard hibernating bioships. Last recorded leading the final Odessa refugee breakout. Ordered to rendezvous at Miral with Heart Of Cronus post escort. However failed to report prior to Chapter withdrawal, no contact since. Presumed destroyed M41.993, with all hands along with the loss of 16 Battle Brothers and 14 Neophytes. May His Light preserve their Valor. Full vessel build, components and history available here on my site. (Developed with FFG 40KRPG) Portraits for the Scythes of the Tenax (Both Brothers and Scouts - which can be seen on my site). These will be assigned to each character, linking to a Character Page, charting their career and potential last moments as the Roguelike Campaign progresses. http://the-scythes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Scythes-Portraits-Array1.png A sample of the portraits, rest to be viewed on my site when the Campaign opens.
  10. Cleansing of Ioria Campaign - Phase 3 Sieges and Decisive Battles The final scene in the Crusade to cleanse Ioria commences! Regiments and Inquisitional parties participating in this phase are to proclaim their attendance by providing the Administratum the required details on their forces and its representative as well as listing the unit and associated value. Vows may be performed in the tradition of your regiment or Inquisitor, or follow the registered standard: I, , hereby pledge the forces of [REGIMENT/WARBAND/ORDO] under [COMMANDER/INQUISITOR] to the capture of Ioria in the name of the Emperor. The contribution of [uNIT] at [POINTS] will do their duty no matter the cost. The phase begins immediately, and vows may be made at any time during the phase's run. Phase 3 will end at 2200 GMT/B&C time on Sunday the 2nd of April, make sure your vow is done by then! Participating regiments and Ordos that have already given their background pieces don't need to do so again as this will have been recorded from phase 1. As a reminder the bonus FOC choices for phase 3 are: HQ, Heavy Support and Lords of War. As before a single FOC unit is eligible even down to the components, whether that is an entire Scion Platoon, a single Taurox, a Platoon Command Squad or an Infantry Squad and their dedicated transport Chimera for example. Signal your participation in this grand endeavour with this sig image: Campaign: Cleansing of Ioria Phase 3 - Imperial Guard ID Recruit Regiment Commander WIP Points Completion 1 brettfp 42nd Savlar Chem Dogs Capt. Slip Saveryx WIP 185* Completion 2 Jam Master Flex 82nd Cadian Armoured Group Knight Commander Pask WIP 535* Completion 3 Mactire Midgardian 12th Commissar Thedren Voalt WIP 55* Completion 4 our_baz E Company of the 7th Levallosian Life Guards Colonel Leukas Prins WIP 140* Completion 5 elmo 711th CCAB [Redacted] WIP 40* Completion 6 GKTerminator First Firestorm Sentinels Lord Edric Shade WIP 460* Completion 7 Cap'n Heckus Agamemnos Prime Planetary Defense Force Colonel Bolivar Hesk WIP 85* Completion 8 WarriorFish 144 Arukan Lord Commander Firionel WIP 40* Completion Campaign: Cleansing of Ioria Phase 3 - Inquisition ID Acolyte Ordo Inquisitor WIP Points Completion 1HodConclave of Holy FireInquisitor Larine BladeauWIP150Completion2Jam Master FlexOrdo MalleusInquisitor IlseWIP95*Completion3HondaCOHORT:110011ARTIKUS-110011WIP360Completion4ArkanissOrdo HereticusLord Inquisitor ArkanissWIP382Completion
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