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Sicarans With Armor of Contempt


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So, I've been wondering how people feel about the viability of some of the sicaran tanks such as the omega, with a 2+ and armor of contempt making them far tougher. I have had some success with Leviathan Dreadnoughts for similar reasons, and with 14" move and a cheaper 1cp 200pt price tag, do you think they're finally worth it? (With the new plastic kits coming out, ofc)
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I think the Sicaran has definite mileage now and the Omega looks like the best of the bunch to me. Sadly I suspect the codex will only have the auto-cannon version and the Omega will remain FW only.


Love to be proved wrong though.

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The regular Sicaran Battle Tank lacks firepower for the points.

The Sicaran is significantly shootier, faster and tougher than a Predator Destructor for only a handful more points (not that the Predator is good, I admit). The problem is that much of its firepower has just been hit hard by AoC and Marines are always going to be a target you have to take into account.

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