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Word Bearers to the Front - Making my first 2.0 List straight from the book 2500 Points

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First off I have not played in 3-5 years give or take a random "Hey lets try this game out".  I have made a bunch of list from the 1.0 Heresy game and use to have fun crafting list...If you see something that could be better let me know or your own train of thought on how to you would build a list.

Now like everyone else I picked up a box...or two for the new Starter set for Horus Heresy 2.0.  I also got one of the Kratos Heavy Assault Tanks and let me tell you...super easy to magnetize compared to the years of old...

*Insert back in my day joke here*

I took a poll for my local gaming group where we are going to be playing and put all the Legions up made some jokes etc etc etc, of those voted for only Thousand Sons and Word Bearers were not picked by anyone.  Also it seems I am being "forced" into a leadership roll for the growing of the community in general.  What better then to take the Legion that started the entire Heresy and plunged the entire Imperium into Chaos, Darkness, Suspicion and unlawfulness.  The funny part is if the Emperor had an actual sit down conversation with his weapon...Son and was able to convince him he was not a god, all powerful yes but not a God.  Big G or little g either way this may have turned out differently but he had his other weapo...SON...destroy that one city that shall not be named and the rest is of course...History

First List: 2500 points of pure traitors using most of the new box and a few bits from other...sources...

HQ: Total - 385

Legion Praetor - Going to use the Praetor in the box with the Axe and turn it into a hammer using the Warpsmith model and give this guy a Thunder Hammer and a Disintegrator Pistol (which just sounds neato)

Legion Centurion - Upgraded to a Chaplain: Using one of the Praetors from the starter set and using a Reiver head for the Chaplain-ness, Crozius Arcanum of course master crafted for free.

Legion Centurion - Upgraded to a Librarian: Using the Chaos Sorcerer model I think would be a good use for that model, giving him a Force Stave and pay that upgrade for the Psychic hood incase I run across any other practitioners of forbidden arts.

Elite: Total - 865

Legion Veteran Squad - 8 Man Mark VI armor (so I can upgrade with an Apothecary and HQ choice and put in a rhino)...

wait what do you mean they can hold 12 now...what...

Legion Veteran Squad - 10 Man Squad in Mark VI armor painted in the quick paint scheme I have learned via the YouTubes...Give them a few power sword, some Lightning Claws on one or two (using the chaos arms for that) and then a few combi-weapons...Magna...did you notice the difference threw me off too...guess a rhino here too

Legion Terminator Cataphractii Squad - 5 Man squad for now (I have 15 more after this squad) give them a Reaper Autocannon, two more Magna Combi-Weapons, a set of Lightning Claws on the sarge (what is that 5 attacks with shred)

Legion Apothecarion Detachment - YOU CAN TAKE 8 OF THESE GUYS TO MAKE A SQUAD NOW...HOLY SMOKES...I guess it makes sense if it is a 0-1 option...uhhh three of these please for now

Legion Techmarine Covenant - HOLY :cuss THE SAMETHING HERE...I was going to use that Warpsmith model from the HQ choices and put him in the back with the Kratos Tank.  It is kind of sad that the Servo-Harness was not a 30k choice...with a boarding shield, thunder hammer and cyber-familiar I might throw him in a front line squad 

Troops: Total - 840

Legion Tactical Squad - Basic 10 Man Squad give the ol' sarge a plasma pistol and a TAINTED BLADE...I guess it really is just a 20 point upgrade (10 for the power weapon then 10 to upgrade that), give him Artificer armor give the squad all chainswords for that classic one-two combo and put them in a Rhino with a multi-melta...throw on a dozer blade...I feel like terrain is a bigger thing now then 10 years ago...

Legion Tactical Squad - Copy and paste 

Legion Tactical Squad - Copy and paste 

Heavy Support: Total - 410

Legion Kratos Squadron - I mean its only one for right now but I like that we can take up to two for a squadron of these things...will be cool to see at the bigger games...Volkite all around for all the guns....except the pintle mounted Multi-Melta...throw on some other upgrades like a FLARE SHIELD ...AWESOME....

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10 hours ago, xxxjtmxxx said:

What do you have against tanks? i dont see anything after the few magna combis.  

Now that you said that I am missing a lot of anti-tank… I have the combi stuff and terminators for punching tanks and the kratos…I need a dedicated squad though…


melta gun squad in drop pod?

las cannons back row?

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