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7th Company, Graven Star Chapter - Torbenos' Bearers of the Word

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Ironically I took the plunge on a real big order of 30k miniatures just before this new edition was announced and in some ways it strangely took the wind out of my sails. But I've come around on it since then as more friends are getting engaged in the hobby and we shall see if I manage it as well. Earlier I'd done some experiments with a plasma gun support squad made from a MK III sprue I had lying around. 

But today a friend and I did some hobby time and I put together what I imagine to be an officer of the Legion. A Chaplain perhaps, or more likely Diabolist who has learned to harness aether to the terrible purpose of war. His face hidden behind a silvered mask in the visage of a snarling daemon he wades into battle wielding a dread hammer marked with sigils of slaughter and death. Does one dare wonder what follows where he treads?


Hopefully more shall follow.




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I like that it’s dark. I feel a little more yellow/orange on the shield could make it pop - maybe just bigger and bolder with the decal or equivalent design. It might also benefit from more contrast with the base - but I realise lighter base colour on ZM could be tricky. I am in this pickle with my Dark Angels.

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Thank you for the kind words everyone, next is likely to be a plasma support squad which were my test miniatures I should see done.


EnsignJoker: It's not a skull at all actually, just the face part of a Bloodletter where I drilled out the eyes.

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The first squad of my Graven Star Boarding Element is finished. 


Tactical Support Squad Udis
Acting as the follow-up blow after the initial waves of Breacher Squads made their way onto the vessel it was the plasma equipped support squads that lent the needed firepower to battle other power armoured adversaries. Such temperamental technology always attracted astartes of a more risk taking disposition, this proved a desierable trait once the arcane tehcnology of the hellfire munitations were introduced to their arsenal in preperation for the True War.






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Great work! Loving everything on here so far, especially the dark red and black scheme. Just to add to the above comments though, you may find that transfers will be key to helping you add some contrast to large panels of solid, dark colours. 

A great reference for this is the Forge World art - which I’ve included in this post for you. Where they have used this big chapter symbol right in the middle, it really draws your eye and breaks up the rest of the shield which would otherwise be quite plain. Then you have the more subtle patterns around it too that contrasts. 

I used to be really scared of using transfers, but now I love them and tend to go quite heavy with them. It looks great on Word Bearers in particular, but applies to any models with large areas of one colour. 
I can see you’ve done that a bit on the shield already, however, I think it could go further. I have got into a habit of cutting mine up and repositioning/combining them to create larger and more intricate patterns. As well as layering them over one another. 

Finally, battle damage is a great way to add spot colour and break up large surfaces on armour. 

I have a couple of good examples of this on a Sicaran and a Praetor I made back when Calth came out. Haven’t posted them here, because it’s your project log, but if you’re interested I just quickly popped them in a gallery in case it’s helpful, should be able to find it on my profile, I think.


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Inspired by the wonderful work of Noctus Cornix in his Dawn Cometh Word Bearer thread I found an old plague marine I had from the 8th edition starter things and cut him up to make a bulky marine to perhaps become my first Praetor, going with the boarding specialist theme of the Graven Star. He's not done yet, still need to try and cover up some more of my knife work with bits and bobs, and obviously the shield needs defacing, but I adore the idea of Ultramarine trophies.


Here's the WIP after tonight's cutting and fiddling.






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Breach-Master Sortan
Ia Breacher Squad
7th Company of the Graven Star Chapter


Sortan recorded here during the late stages of the Shadow Crusade wears Mark III "Iron Armour" battle plate, reinforced with a groin plate and integral power unit with extended life support for void and boarding operations. For reasons unknown in this recording having forgone this and the protection of his helmet in battle with the XIIIth upon the vessel of Artemis' Arrow

As is customary among the XVIIth Sortan's battle plate bears decorations in the form of colchisian runes and sacred battle passages, painted upon the flayed hide of their enemies as a mark of their now revealed dark passions. The marking upon his right pauldron is thought to mark some manner of religious denomination within the chapter, having been recorded upon the battle plate of other legionaries in the 7th company, seemingly irrespective of rank and battlefield role.

Armed with a Gladius-pattern power sword and Praetorian-pattern boarding shield, both displaying XIIIth Legion markings. Assumed to have been taken from Sergeant Augstori Vitari whose helmet has been identified among the trophies kept upon the shield. Beyond this Sortan is armed with a Mark XIX Lucifer Pattern Melta Bomb for breaching and destruction useage upon enemy vessels.








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Some further work on Ia Squad, bringing their numbers up to just below halfway. With both the octed vexilla and duo meltagun specialists in their numbers. I went a bit ahead of myself on the shields and forgot to apply transfers before doing my wash, so will need to wait a bit before I amend that error.


Group shots are difficult.



Ia Squad.jpg

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