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Arkapeli 1st Dragoons

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All the infantry is completed and ready for battle.

scout sentinel is next.

kind of excited since it give me an opportunity to paint the crewman, who has a more or less inverted color scheme for his camo. Khaki, with green stripes and brown splotches.


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Putting the sentinel together and about to paint the cockpit and primary loadout.


i saw a video that said the weapons are push fit, and just thought I’d confirm that as well.


guns push fit, if they’re a little loose feeling to you a coat of paint in the gun hole and on the nub should be enough to create a snug fit. Magnets not required for easy swaps on weapons.

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Nearly done with the whole box

had some issues with hand and arms lining up on the gunners, but for the most part everything fits together nicely and magnets may not even be necessary depending on how you look at it.


the weapons fit on fairly wobbly but they’re likely not moving once you place them so not a big deal, but the rockets fit more snug than the other mounting does and the gun shields are perfect without magnets


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Have a game on Wednesday., against tzeench demons. 45PL

Since I only have 1 transport atm I won’t be using mechanized.

veteran geurrilas & elite sharp shooters

castellan(plas PS)

platoon command squad (bolter PS, standard, master vox, plas GL)


kasrkin (plas melta vox mechanized)

CST x2 (plas melta autogun)

IS (GL & HB)



Scout Sentinel x2 (ML&saw)

chimera (ML HB)

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