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Squats: A grognard's journey back into 40k

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After a very long absence from 40k (I think my last game was somewhere around 6th edition) the new League of Votann miniatures have prompted me to start collecting again! Chapeau GW, your plans made by shadowy figures smoking in darkened rooms to pull back old timers back into the game have been successful! :biggrin:

So this is just a blog of the collection, but with a twist. I can't entirely shift my grognard ways (one step at a time!) so a friend and I are collecting forces for 2nd edition(!) - I always wanted a Squat force back in the day, and although I had an Epic Squat force that was tremendous fun, this is a chance to do that with the lovely new miniature range. What led me to this is that the new releases line up almost perfectly with the old 40k codex list, so far looking almost like unit for unit, perhaps with a few units re-named again to get a chance to use the new minis. I'm also a tight *expletive* wallet-wise and the free rules for 2nd edition, via the Battle Bible community release, and the much smaller model count for a 1500-2000pt army means we should be able to get up and playing fairly quickly. We will probably expand into a later edition at some point, so may need some hand-holding if we get that far!

In the meantime I'll be adding comments about collecting in the oldhammer edition, if anyone else fancies giving it a go after reading this. 

So without further ado I present the first 'Warrior' unit of the Zultarr Union - a small collection of engineering/mining Voltann that track down and obtain precious minerals, which are often in perilous locations requiring a significant military presence to support them during their acquisition activities. Better/expanded fluff to come at some point!


I've used the Necromunda miniatures to represent a 'mining' unit - they are going to be transported in a termite burrowing unit. Rules-wise they are wearing ceramite-plated flak armour (sealed of course!) - I'll add some comments about the rules at a future point. 

My opponent is collecting Necrons (although the Necron Codex in 2nd edition was very limited, there is a great community-made version which pulls in most of the 3rd edition unit releases so you can more or less play with a modern Necron range). The storyline will be simple - the Votann were after some precious ores, but then disturbing some that didn't want to be disturbed when they delved too deeply!

Any thoughts appreciated, I'm working on a vehicle and character next, and will be getting the regular Votaan miniatures, so hopefully will post again soon :) 

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Transport Termite Unit and Engineer Guildmaster


Firstly, a Termite/Transport burrowing unit. I had a look and found a Forge World miniature which looked lovely, but I saw the price and didn't want to not be able to pay my bills for the month so needed a cheaper option - I found this burrowing unit of the 'Veermyn' faction from Mantic's Warpath range. £20, nicely detailed kit, and probably went together a great deal easier than the FW resin effort would have. Its quite a lot smaller too, which I think suited the little guys and the transport capacity of the vehicle in the rules. 




Initial prospecting units of the Zultarr Union, sub-contracted as part of the Kronus Hegemony, arrived on the red sands of planet designation 'Grugwald's Way', as named after the Votann expedition that discovered the world and its rich mineral deposits. 





Engineer Guildmaster Khulgrom carries out a final inspection of a Termite burrowing unit before it begins its journey under the surface. Initial expeditionary units had discovered the ruins of ancient alien cities, thought to be millions of years old and long since abandoned. Scouting units sent into the ruins to inspect them seemed to have missed their check-in call times, but not allowing such concerns to get in the way of such rich deposits of ore, the attending Votann units continued to delve deeper in into the passages beneath the earth. 


*Artwork courtesy of Yamonstro on Freepik.com


Any C&C very welcome. I'll post some more details on the Character next and some rules references. I'm hoping there will be some individual Votann units release soon as well, so I can start to bulk out the force. 


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