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Merodach’s Wyldsteppe Ravagers


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Following on from my custom vehicle, I found myself inspired to create more. In deeply unoriginal vein, the Ash Wastes made me think of the Mad Max franchise, but in true GW fashion I wanted to ensure I had my own, theoretically-protectable IP… 

Merodach’s Wyldsteppe Ravagers are a gang created using the Outcast Gangs rules from Book of the Outcast but also the new vehicle rules from Book of the Outlands. There will be models, but first here is a list of what I am hoping to put together:


Merodach’s Wildsteppe Ravagers 

(Affiliation: House Escher)


Merodach the Koriophage (Leader)

Brawler archetype; counts-as chainaxe and [need to decide on other weapon]


Dagan the Akontist (Champion)

Survivor archetype. Counts-as chainglaive.


Anunit the Ktenorhete (Champion)

Wyrd archetype; shock whip and fighting knife.


Petrach the Phyrr-Cat (Exotic Beast) 


Five gang fighters:

2 Thumalepts - Neriglissar and Balathu

one with counts-as chainsword and [need to decide on other weapon]; one with count-as 2-handed axe.


3 Pediadromes - Monireh, Beltis and Yltani

Each with axe and [need to decide on other weapon]



The Kataphalque [Large Custom Vehicle]

Transport bed; ram; smoke vents; front long las; rear, left and right harpoon launcher.


The Sirrush (Furious Snake) Medium Custom Vehicle.

Ram; nitro burners; front auto guns.


2 Scum racers (crew) - Nephi and Seph-Seph.

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So, the base models I will be using for the figures are Untamed Beasts (from Warcry), but kitbashed with spare bits to bring them into the Necromunda setting.

Another key influence for me on this gang is the Chem Fiends from Fallout New Vegas; the horned helmets fit with this theme and it was an obvious choice then to make the gang Escher-affiliated, to reflect their interest in drug-fuelled rampaging!

In addition, this means that the animal model from the Untamed Beasts box (a kind of hybrid lion/ram/sabretooth) can be used as a counts-as Phyrr Cat. This again pointed to House Escher, as did the counts-as shock whip wielded by the Champion.

 I intend to kitbash both the vehicles too, from a collection of bits I have recently grabbed and some kits bought deliberately for their parts. I only recently heard the word “Cataphalque” and immediately it struck me as a badass name for a transport and raiding vehicle… something about carrying those who are already “dead” in their pursuit of dealing further death and carnage on their luckless prey; it also speaks to gladiatorial tropes and the culture of a skirmish warband.

So yeah, I am kinda excited about this project. It is good to have something to focus on, that I can get my teeth into, as it were…

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On 10/13/2022 at 9:37 AM, Dosjetka said:

I'm intrigued by the premise of your project and am looking forward to seeing some pictures. :smile:

Thanks Dos’


I have been a bit focused on the vehicles so far, but here are a couple of WIPs for Merodach and for one of the Pediadromes- some base skin tones blocked in only, but showing how the sci-fi weaponry and the fantasy torsos can be made to fit together reasonably well:









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