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Another Crusade Begins...?!?!


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So I looked up my last thread, and ironically almost a year ago to the day I started yet another Black Templars army.

I had so many requests to do commissions/work at the time that I decided to sell the army since the offers were too good to pass up.

Since then, I started a decent Wolves army (which is fun, and I like painting it) but I guess I wanted to really make a painful decision to go back to my 40K roots.... So I just picked up a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that is primarily Black Templars. 

I don't know if I'm crazy or not for doing this, but here is the start of the Patrol box, and the new Phobos (Infiltrators) from the new Kill team box set (so they have new cool bits.)

Maybe this is a bad idea. I forgot how long it takes me to do these models. The first 3-4 stages of zenithal highlighting, and shadowing is done. I'm working on getting through this squad as they are not as inspiring as the other kits (much more 'crusadey' looking kits. ) Though the new Kill team bits keep these guys a bit more interesting.

I hope I have it in me to continue the army. 

BT Project.jpg

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On 10/3/2022 at 8:49 PM, BLACK BLΠFLY said:

Glad to see you back Prot. Can you do a zenithal with a rattle can ?

You can, but it will be more crude than what Prot is doing. A rattle can just doesn't have the control of an airbrush. If you're just doing a general zenithal base coat, then a rattle can is fine. If you want something more refined then it's not impossible with a rattle can, it just means you're going to have to do a lot more work cleaning up overspray afterwards than you'd need to do with an airbrush.

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On 10/3/2022 at 2:49 PM, BLACK BLΠFLY said:


Glad to see you back Prot. Can you do a zenithal with a rattle can ?

Thanks everyone!


And as mentioned BBF, you certainly can. I actually think that it's still very effective when using a zenithal shot of paint from overhead, and then using contrast or army painter's speed paints over top. 


When I painted my first new Helbrecht, that's actually what I did for his cape. (I did airbrush the zenithal to be fair, but the premise is the same). Then I used a mix of colours using the ol' colour wheel to get a blue/green hue of paint instead of just a flat black. I think it worked out well...


Prot - Helbrecht front Black.JPG

Prot - Helbrecht rear 1.JPG


So all this cape is basically a zenithal downward spray, and then I combined some orange/blue/green contrast paints with medium until I got the shade I wanted and then just painted it over top. (And then just hit the cape with some detail effects for wear and tear.)

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