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2k WE list - competitive play


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This is my WIP of my World Eaters list. I know we are waiting on a codex but this gives me a few units to work on now that I am confident aren't going to change a whole ton. Really want to play with the Khorne, Lord of skulls, although this probably isn't the most competitive item I could be adding to the list. Let me know your thoughts as the rules stand right now. Poor choices? Units that just don't work or don't fit. It's an all comers list.


New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition) [101 PL, 1CP, 2,000pts]

Battalion Detachment 0CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines)




Khârn the Betrayer

Selections: Warlord




Selections: Exalted power axe, Mark of Khorne



Khorne Berzerkers x5

Selections: Chaos Icon



Khorne Berzerker x5

Selections: Chaos Icon



Khorne Berzerker x5

Selections: Chaos Icon



Khorne Berzerker x5

Selections: Chaos Icon





Chaos Terminator Squad - Accursed Weapons, Combi-bolter x5

Selections: Mark of Khorne, Red Butchers



Fast Attack

Chaos Bikers -x5 - x2 Melta Guns, x3 Astartes Chainswords

Selections: Chaos Icon, Mark of Khorne



Heavy Support

Chaos Land Raider

Selections: Havoc launcher




Dedicated Transport

Chaos Rhino

Selections: Havoc launcher




Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment -3CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines)

Khorne Lord of Skulls

Selections: Daemongore cannon, Hades gatling cannon


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Boy have times changed. Looking at


Lord Avacado

Jugger Lord

DP with Wings


3x5 Berserkers

1x10 Berserkers

1x2 Rhinos


8B 2x3

E8B 2X3

Spawn 1x3

Wardog Executioners 1x2

2k points. I am sure the list is going to change again by the time we see launch. This is more of a rough idea on what I need to be working on before releases.

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This is to keep track of my personal list.

Right now it looks like this but changes 4-5 times a day. lol



Daemon Prince with Wings

Lord on Jugger

--It's hard to gear some of these guys. Later I take a spawn that might have to get sacrificed in order to pay for war gear.


4 - 5man Berserker with Icon - staple

1 - 10 man Berserker with Icon

--I've now toyed with the idea of 30-40 berserkers. the mean is somewhere in there. Both MSU and non have their benefits and uses.

Drop Pod

10 Jackhals.

--2 uses, either they shore up some home objectives or I pod them in and have them clear our lower level chaff. Gaurd for example.

1-3 man X8B -deep strike these guys in. I expect them to do some work for me in turns 3 or so.

2 War Dog Brigands with havoc launcher -- I just keep coming back to these guys. The are good at what they do. I need some fire support and they are it.


There you have it. my current competitive list.

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Moving on: I told you I write like a 100 lists a day right?


Let's play with the Khorne Lord of Skulls.



Lord on Jug



2 -10man Jackhals

1 -10man Berserker with icon and 2 Eviscerators

1 -8man Berserker with icon and 1 Eviscerator

1 -5 man Berserker with icon and Evicerator

1 -5 man Berserker with icon

1 - Khorne Lord of Skulls.


Limited units I know - but I felt like I needed or wanted the berserkers in there. Original I had a Helbrute and a Rhino over the extra 8man unit.

Khârn up the center with the Jackhals -kill, maim, burn my friend.

Lord of skulls in the back drawing fire,

Angron in the front drawing fire. there is only so much fire to go around.

5 mans up first with the 10 and 8 behind them. I hope they get shot so I can move faster + Lord on Jug to help with the movement.


concerns: little slow to be honest.

lack of armor to get 2 BTP so my BTP generation might be slow to start and I don't love that.

Khârn has to put the work in. get in there with the jackhals and blend things up


--there is a version with less Jackhals and no Khârn that might me more effective but I like the idea of this one. I would prefer to have a drop pod and a rhino but there just weren't any points. I need the lord on jugs movement. And I am not ready to ditch Khârn just yet. --Maybe I can drop the 8man for a Rhino and a Helbrute. unsure right now.


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I don't know that the KLoS is going to work so lets try a list that looks like this:



Lord Invo - warlord

Lord of Jugg


4x5 man berserker with icon and eviscerator

2x10 Jackhals with icon

2 war dog stalkers / avenger cannon, daemons breath sper and havoc launcher

1 Helbrute with scourge and multi melta

1 Contemptor with twin volkite, missile launcher, chainfist and mark of khorne

2 X8B units

1 8B (4)


This is making some assumptions about 8B and X8B and how good they are or are not. This leaves be with 15 points on wargear or just left over


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Misunderstanding on the war dog stalkers on my part. They need to be brigands

I am toying with the idea of Terminators and Landraiders now.


Lord Invocatus - depends what is core and what isn't - berserkers or 8B or Jackhals? who knows

Khârn -- Still not sold on him but I am trying him out

4x5 Berserkers with icon and eviscerators

2x10 Jackhals -with Khârn up the middle

Land Raider - all the loadout stuff - good for the 8B or Berserkers

1x5 8B - in the LR probably

1x5 Terminators - 1 chainfist - Mark of Khorne --Deep Strike in

2 War Dog Brigands - Avenger cannon / Daemons Breath / Havoc Laucher

3x1 Spawn


That is the current list.

I am learning away from taking so many HQs. There is probably a version without Khârn and 1 less Jackhals. Not sure what would fill that space.

Right now the objective is to set up a wave 1 and wave 2 attacks. Back field support looks strong to me. Objective harassment from spawn and jackhals. 

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I think Terminators are going to fill a strong role. I like the idea of giving them some combi meltas, although that may be a bit pricy. Still, they're going to add some ranged threat range to the army.


I don't know how good Land Raiders and Predators will be, but I think they're worth considering.

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The Land Raider might be trap and I should just take Rhinos but it's a transport I need and has guns. so we'll try it out.

Excited to try out the Terminators. Would love to kit them out more but points.

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1 hour ago, INKS said:

I have 10 points. I could add in two meltas, which I think I am going to do


I think it's worth doing, as then that unit now has some anti tank in there. So it can handle mowing down some chaff at range, can pop a couple elite infantry or damage a vehicle with the meltas and then can handle itself in melee of course.


Really makes them a bit more versatile. That's the way I built mine and for that reason.

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I decided to trick mine all out. 2 meltas, 3 power fists and 1 chainfist.


I figure Berserkers can handle anything accursed weapons would normally hit.


If I had to choose though, meltas. The rest of the army can fill the roles PF/CF provide.

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