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+++ Barracks Event Incoming +++


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I took advantage of a current Victoria Miniatures sale (10% off and 2 free minnies for every $50 USD you spend). I bought a squad of 10 female Tallarns as well as various bitz of kit.


When completed for the Barracks event will give the ranks of the Tallarn 23rd a 12th Tallarn Squad.



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29 minutes ago, commissar_roach said:

Hopefully all my orders come on in before the event starts, I should have enough to do a combat patrol of Praetorian Guard. 


Hopefully so! Fortunately it's open pledging through the event so even if they arrive after the start date you can keep pledging until the final day! Can't wait to see more Praetorians! :biggrin::yes:

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Got the new army box on pre-order. Going to start my Feliod regiment with them before I start modifying some of my older stuff. Also need to check my back-log to see if I have a Hydra, cause I remember getting one, just haven't seen it in a while.

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Did some more thinking on this, and I've got some Lamb's Worlders that have been malingering in the unpainted tent for far too long – time to send the Commissar in to get them ready for parade :)




I'll have to check how many are in there, but I should be good for at least a squad; and perhaps potential for some Naval forces (pictured), too.



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