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Ishtarian Army List Help


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So, I also couldn't find a good place to figure out Imperial Guard lists. 

Here is what is available, and I want to figure out good lists that would work with what I have as well as strategies I should look into. {All have Infantry Squads Vox or will}

6 'Cadian' Squads (2 Meltagun; 2 Sniper; 2 flamer; 2 Grenade Launcher; 2 flamer; 2 Grenade Launcher;)
1 Krieg Squad (1 Plasma Gunner, 1 Plasma Pistol/Powersword)
1 'Catachan' Squad (2 Flamers)
2 Infantry Squad (1 Grenade Launcher; 1 Flamer)

4 Platoon Command Squads (Bolt Pistol/Powerfist, Flagbearer, Medic, Plasma, Mastervox; Powersword, Flagebearer, Sniper, Plasma, Mastervox; Powersword/PowerFist, Flagbearer, plasma, Meltagun, Mastervox; Flamer, 3 Close Combat Vets, Plasma Pistol/Powersword; )

1 Heavy Weapon Squad (Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, Mortar)

1 Scion Command Squad ( Medic, Grenade Launcher, Meltagun)

1 Scion Squad (Grenade Launcher, Flamer)

3 Regimental Preachers

1 Regimental Castellan
1 Regimental Enginseer

1 Regimental Psyker Primaris

1 Regimental Commissar

1 Artillery Attache
1 Naval Attache
1 Oygrn Bodyguard

1 Astropath

1 Banehammer
1 Taurox

1 Chimera

1 Leman Russ Executioner w/ Plasma Sponsons


(Possible Harker Stand in and possible Sly Marbo Stand in)



3 Grenade Launchers

2 Flamers

2 Snipers

Colonel Schaffer

Sergeant Ripper Jackson

2 Heavy Stubbers


Pictures of squads are incoming; most are in states of needing repaint and color coding. Some work still needs to be done as well on the modeling side for Vox Casters (maybe)


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I haven't played in ages so I can't really comment on too much "meta" stuff. 


But from looking through the new codex:

  1. Astropath is a good addition with a WC7 action to get a command point, lets you use your WT on something other than getting CP back if you want. 
  2. Harker's ability only works on catachan jungle fighters so it's not that great as the sergeant doesn't even get a chainsword. They cost more than an infantry squad and the only option is two flamers, I'd avoid these personally.
  3. Best use of the priests seems to be shielding a unit from damage with a 6+ invuln and immunity to maledictions. 
  4. Infantry squads with two special weapons can be run as cadian shock troops giving exploding 6s on las weapons. 
  5. If possible I'd suggest running scions as kasrkin as they're cheaper and have more synergy with strats and orders (but they do come in squads of 10 only). 
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Thank you. Also I do plan on running them as Mech Inf Guard, meaning mounted in my three transports. 

I am thinking of a split of a regular squad in the Taurox with a Preacher, A Pair of squads and a small Command Squad in the Banehammer, and a fully outloaded with Attaches command squad in the Chimera to sun up the field with maybe the Heavy Weapons Squad sitting in the backfield. 

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20 hours ago, TechCaptain said:

Thank you. Also I do plan on running them as Mech Inf Guard, meaning mounted in my three transports. 

I am thinking of a split of a regular squad in the Taurox with a Preacher, A Pair of squads and a small Command Squad in the Banehammer, and a fully outloaded with Attaches command squad in the Chimera to sun up the field with maybe the Heavy Weapons Squad sitting in the backfield. 

No problem. I'm not sure it's worth it to put a command squad in a banehammer as it doesn't have mobile command vehicle and because they're not on the board the banner can't be used. Also fyi, only one unit can shoot from the banehammer. Squad in the chimera is good because of command vehicle (it only lets you issue one order but that's all they have) and regimental tactics can be used, unlike when you disembark. Master of ordance and Officer of the Fleet need line of sight though to use their buffs so be careful. 

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I really need to read through that codex whenever I get it. But I see your point on the Banehammer, I was more thinking just keeping a Command Squad near whenever the rest disembark to make sure I have enough commanders spread around. And the Leman Russ I was thinking playing as a Tank Commander to give orders to the other vehicles. At this point this is me spit-balling until I have the Codex. 

Also with this mix is there a suggested second Regimental Trait I should go for? The Mechanized infantry seemed like a good one mainly due to the presence of the three transports so I can maximize that. 

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So this is a rough done 2000 pt list to test. I would like some discussion and ideas of how and why it could work or not. For those that like Pictures they are in the spoilers. I will add more pictures as I take before or after pictures. 


Ishtarian Subsector Brigade Configuration One

Doctrine: Mechanized Infantry and something else or Born Soldiers

Starting CP 
    - Warlord Trait: 
    - Relic: 
    - Officer Cadre (Warlord Trait:) 
    - Imperial Commander’s Armory: 
    - Battlefield Request: 
3x HQ - (320pts)
1x Platoon Command Squad (75pts)




    - Warlord Trait:
    - Relic: 
1x Platoon Command Squad (235pts)



    - Warlord Trait: 
    - 1x Ogryn Bodyguard, Brute Shield, Bullgryn plate



    - Master of Ordnance 




    - Officer of the Feet




    - 1x Astropath




1x Colonel Straken (50pts)




    - Warlord


8x Troops -  (540pts)
5x  Cadian Shock Troops (325pts)
    - 3x Grenade Launcher x2


WIP need to replace Snipers with Grenade Launchers





    - 1x Meltaguns x2



    - 1x Flamer x2



1x Krieg Death Korps (85 pts)



   -Plasma Gun

   -Plasma Pistol

   -Power Sword
2x Infantry Squads (130pts)
   -1x Flamer



   -1x Grenade Launcher




4x Elites - (175pts)
1x Commissar




1x Regimental Enginseer (40pts)



2x Regimental Preachers (90pts)




1x Fast Attack - (45pts)
1x Armored Sentinel (45pts)


2x Heavy Support - (210pts)
1x Leman Russ Executioner Plasma Sponson, Heavy Bolter (155pts)



1x Heavy Weapons Squad (55 pts) 




     - 1x Autocannon
     -1x Heavy Bolter
     -1x Mortar


2x Transports - (170pts)
1x Chimera (85pts)
   -Armored Tracks, Heavy Stubber (10pts)



1x Taurox  (75pts)



1x Super Heavy -(475pts)
1x Banehammer (440pts)
  - Knight of Piety (35pts)





Banehammer Before.jpg

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I’ve been looking at what you have on your list for a few days. Forgive me for stalking j/k and I am  by no means a list building expert or feel like I’m good at this game. However you have to ask yourself, “what is your end goal? What is your win condition and are you doing an all comers list or a schew list?” Models look great btw.


The way I approach list building is what models will support that goal, what units can buy me time to support that goal. I don’t know about you, but what models look the coolest; but that’s a personal preference.


Now to the meat and potatoes of your request. I know you want to have that banehammer; it’s a cool model, please don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for tanks and A bigger sucker for Armor. 

while mechanized will help you with your 2nd list, mechanized isn’t enough to keep with the amount if transports in army. Most of the time the units disembarking will be disembarking after their transports have been destroyed or damaged enough to just be a paper weight.


im assuming the Engineseer will stay with the  banehammer for repairs. That’s great but you’re essentially paying points for that engineseer baby sitting a hard to manuvre around terrai . It’s those points could have gone somewhere else. I say this because guard is just about redundancy in my opinion. You want to throw as much dice as your opponent will they start failing. 

How you equip your forces really depends on your place sty and how it flows. I recommend tryin this out with a friend to eat a feel on what’s lacking.  For me I love playing with Armoured Vehicles, but I’m currently learning ground infantry via testing Armoured companies. Last tip I can give you is, “ You’re going loose to tanks and armor, you’re going to loose men, but remember this, “how can your opponent eliminate your forces if they are taken off the board.

Your make or break success with guard is how efficiently you can manage your expectations.

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So, for the first part, I am looking to build a general all comers list that I can then tailor later for scaling or if a specific threat environment appears. Mainly I am looking to theme my army as a general Brigade or combat force deployed from the Ishtar Subsector. 

Cadians are standing in for Cogger Hive Guard at the moment. Cogger Hive Guard being massed warfare with fairly basic equipment. Their actual look is a bit different but is meant to be representative. Catachans stand in for my Sanguinium Bloodhounds, and the Redeemed represent various other smaller Regiments from around the Sector. Tanks are piloted by Lunar Venatorii Cavalry Regiment personnel. Anyways back to the meat. 

The Enginseer will indeed be mainly with the Banehammer, but honestly, I planned on clustering all the vehicles so he could work on any of them. I just don't expect many to have the survivability to last beyond a turn at a time. Also, it is mainly a nod to the major power of my Subsector which is Forgeworld Mjorn. I am not married to the idea so he can be replaced, probably could fit another entire squad on the field replacing him and some options. 

I played foot guard as a stationary force back in 7th edition but the only things I have played in 9th is a mostly mobile Imperial Knights and a slow move forward Admech Armies. I don't know what my style will be now I finally have vehicles. I am looking on advice on flows and general ideas to start off with as I develop this into an army I can take on game days locally. 

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