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Salamanders Legion Transfer Sheet - explanation required


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Hello everyone!


I just got one of the Salamanders Legion Transfer Sheets in my hands and it looks like I need some explanation what all the icons, badges and markings actually mean. I want to avoid using them in a wrong way.


For example at the moment I am painting a Leviathan Dreadnought (almost done) and I'm unsure which icons make sense. Is there any source where all the badges are explained a bit? Would be quite helpful. :thanks: 

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Pretty sure this is right.


1: Legion Icons


2: Squad markings (I think)


3: Veteran Squad markings


4: Promethean Cult Initiation markings


5: Original Company Markings dating back to early Great Crusade Terran Legion.


I think the forward facing dragon heads are something to do with the Cult if I remember right and is used on areas of armour in addition to the Legion Icon, so on a chest plate or leg. The diamond shape  are definitely promethean cult. 




There is a little bit in the Liber Astartes but I think most of the icons were from colour plates in the original Black Books and never really explained that deeply.

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There are a couple of topics listed in the Resources index that will be helpful, but each only addresses a portion of the decals.


Salamanders Cuneiform Code Cracked - + SALAMANDERS + - The Bolter and Chainsword

gallery_26_548_154053.jpg (700×987) (bolterandchainsword.com) < Actually, this one is an image from the first of the 3rd edition Index Astartes articles

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