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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Like many I am just boarding the hersey train. After much soul searching I couldn't move myself away from the Sons of Vulkan and have decided to start a 30K army in addition to my 40K one I have. I picked up the BaC box at Xmas, and after picking up other goodies from the web I am ready to start my 30K journey. Planning on creating 2 tac squads, vet sqaud w/Heavy flamers, plus termies and dread and kit bash the praetor a touch to make him less generic. Then finally I will covert the chaplain to represent Nomus Rhy'tan. I have just finished converting a Librarian clam pack to a Sallies Libby w/jump pack. With bits I had lying around and some freebies I got from spellcrow. Got a half baked idea on comapny fluff and markings but i'll pad that out another day. I've also been testing out possible paint schemes which you can see below (sorry lighting wasn't great). Both are FW nocturne green base, then FW vulkan green highlights. The left head had a Biel-tan green wash while the right an athonian camoshade. Both then had further highlights with vulkan green and straken green. This second photo just show the above heads after a cassandra yellow wash. I'm flip-flopping on the colours at the minute. The left hand one with the Biel-Tan green wash is my favourite today. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks for looking, apologies about the brain dump of a first post.
  2. WarCom Article. Salamanders getting quite possibly one of the best upgrade sets is cathartic.
  3. Hello all, After finishing painting my space wolves to about 2500 points, i got very dissapointed with the FW released for the Vlka Fenryka, so i decided that 2500 points would suffice and switch to a different legion. The other day i splurged a lot of cash on Salamander stuff, and hope to get that in soon (easter), and until then i will be working on some stuff i have already here. My goal is that by 25th of march, i have finished the following: 2x10 Tactical Marines 1x5 Cataphractii 1x5 Tactical Support 1 Rhino 1 Legion Baneblade 6 Objective markers 2 Tarantula Sentry guns And now that my motivation is high, i made good progress on my first squad, which turned out to take a lot longer then expected because its Mark III. I still have to build and paint the Sergeant and a tactical marine to complete this squad, and then they can be mounted in a rhino with Multi Melta. Feel free to leave some comments or tips on both gameplay and painting, all is welcome For now, here is my first squad.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/gyyrDvA.jpg A bunch of us have got heavily into 30k ever since Calth came out. We were all hobbyists before, mostly 40k/WFB, but branching out into Flames of War and Bolt Action. Calth has absolutely taken over our entire hobby lives. 30k or death! So we'll be posting about that mainly! My old 40k marines were all upscaled a bit (using a modified version of Veteran Sergeant's technique that I saw on HeresyOnline way back), so I definitely wanted to carry that on to 30k. I refined my version a bit, made them a bit chunkier, and convinced some (not all) of the lads to go in the same direction.... in no particular order we have... My Iron Warriors http://i.imgur.com/cUNtt5K.jpg http://i.imgur.com/McCFeI5.jpg I'm not the best painter of the bunch, but given the volume I've put out (I've got around 3.5k painted since Calth) I'm very happy with them. I've gone for a fluffy, infantry heavy army, though having just read The Ironfire ROW, I'm going to be adding some artillery soon. T's Imperial Fists http://i.imgur.com/VQePsAZ.jpg This photo doesn't really do them justice. Ty is a slow, but excellent painter. These guys are currently WIP, and the bases have come on a bit since this was taken. We decided to unify the basing scheme, to tie all the forces together. He's currently working on 10 terminators. X's Word Bearers http://i.imgur.com/WlNf6qG.jpg Xander has an eye for detail. These guys are stunning. He's going for a fluffy, deep-into-heresy look for his lads. His Ashen Circle are something to behold! L's Alpha Legion http://i.imgur.com/BJEBPCN.jpg Luke hasn't scaled his guys up, and I think it really works with his AL, the sneaky bastards that they are. His blended armour is really lovely. I'll try to get him to upload some close ups. R's Salamanders http://i.imgur.com/QiXVZMV.jpg http://i.imgur.com/lJf6kBs.jpg Rob used to be a terrible painter. I don't know what happened. Maybe he drank some radioactive paint? He's the master of the airbrush, and the painter that I'm in business with. He's also our resident power gamer, and his zooming Storm Eagle precipitated the purchase of many fliers and Deredeos... Q's Night Lords http://i.imgur.com/gZceqvL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aFDoQ5u.jpg For what he lacks in volume, he makes up for in quality. Fighting in the kitchen of our war-torn utopian Palace/Cathedral, his Night Lords are, to a man, stunningly painted. His next project is a trio of contemptors and a spartan, all suitably covered in skulls and chains.
  5. Welcome to my WIP log for my Horus Heresy Salamanders army, the Ashen Brigade. Pictures of my work begin on page 2, but there's lots of helpful advice on the first page! The white text below is the post that started it all! I hope you enjoy looking through the thread, it's been a joy putting together this force, and I have no intentions of halting progress anytime soon. Please leave your comments, constructive criticism, and banter. I look forward to having you join me in the Age of Darkness! Oh! And remember..... Vulkan Lives. Hey All! Still relatively new to the B&C, but like everyone on here, I'm super excited about the Horus Heresy box set. After much consulting with my brother, Son of Carnelian, I've decided to make them Salamanders. I couldn't be more pumped about getting into 30k, but as I read more about my legion and their traditions, I'm already running into a few dilemmas. Each Salamander puts a lot of work into their own armor, and each individual model deserves a lot of attention and specialization. However, I'm worried that just getting the Horus Hersey box won't afford me a lot of opportunities to customize and detail each model like I would love to do. I don't have the money to place a FW order to get lots of unique goodies, as much as I would love to do that. So, any suggestions on easy(inexpensive) suggestions for ways to kitbash and customize to make each guy look unique? I want to make my foray into 30k to be as good-looking as possible. Also, what should I do to model scales??? Edit(s): Updating thread title, added introduction (6/13/17)
  6. Shattered Legions By Shadrak Meduson So I started this shattered legion project around the start of March 2020, I was mainly just getting parts and kits ready before that. Now I'm about 2k into the army fully painted, and going for another 2k. So here's my work so far, not all but most. I also have a Terrax Pattern Assault Drill in Iron Hands colours, and a Raven Guard Fire Raptor. But I have still to take some proper photos of them, same goes for my characters. Medusan Immortals http://i.imgur.com/su5o8bW.jpg Salamander CC Veterans http://i.imgur.com/KsDlKO2.jpg Mor Deythan Strike Squad http://i.imgur.com/09oMySG.jpg Iron Hands Tactical Squad http://i.imgur.com/Ev62Tsl.jpg
  7. Wut? Welp, this arrived today, so I guess it's time I got round to making this thread: You're mad, IHF doesn't do models - what have you done with them? I'll concede the first point, this is dumb even for me. Since B@C's release I'd planned on getting in on the plastic heresy action, and with rumours of vanishing stock, I finally got the push I needed to actually go and buy it. I'm not going to pretend that this is the start of a crazy-fast painting spree that will end in a full army after a couple of months - I'm bad at finishing projects, painting fast or painting large numbers of models at once - plus I love obsessively converting every model & painting totally unnecessary freehand details, none of which is conducive to successfully collecting an army. Instead: baby steps - stupidly ambitious plans, but sub-divided in to teeny, tiny baby steps. What's a 'Brannsar'? Clan Brannsar is my homebrew Clan for the Iron Hands Legion (very WIP Liber Astartes thread: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/316214-clan-brannsar-of-the-xth-legion/ ) - Brannsar is Norwegian for 'burn' because I am absolutely awful at coming up with names for stuff. There's a dark corner of my brain which whispers about plans to expand this into Shattered Legions Sallies, Raven Guard & Imperial Fists, plus Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum, Imperialis Militia, Titan Legio & Knights but that's crazy talk. Show me an army list, I have to see an army list The way I'll be constructing this army is slightly unusual - for me, fluff is everything so how I'll proceed is to plan multiple 'detachments' (each based around a small formation within the Clan) which can be combined to form a functional (albeit likely noncompetitive) army list representing a portion of the Clan's 4th Order. If that's a little tricky, here's an example of a 'detachment': Zone mortalis / siege assault infantry Phalanx: here a Phalanx constitutes a third of a full company, so it might contain: 1x 10 Cataphractii Termies, 2x 10 Breachers, 3x Graviton Rapiers, 1x Contemptor (possibly in addition to enough Anvilus / Kharybdis Assault Claws to carry them all) The first detachment I'll be working on is the titular Seeker-Killer Cohort Ultor - a mechanized anti-infantry division mainly equipped with MkIV plate due to its mobility & enhanced sensor suite, for which B@C will form the core. The end goal for Ultor's organisation is as follows: HQ: Praevian Consul Centurion + 3 Vorax Battle Automata Elites: Techmarine Troops: 10 Tacticals with Rhino 10 Tacticals with Rhino 10 Support marines with Rhino (these will probably double for a heavy support squad too) Fast Attack: 10 Seekers with Rhino Heavy Support: 3 Predator Executioners Land Raider Phobos (MkIIb) Victory is Vengeance Anyhow, back to the baby steps - I'm gonna start off Ultor by first making a ViV Extermination warband based off the formation's constituents, so the first models to be attempted will be: * Praevian Consul * Techmarine * 5 Tacticals * 5 Seekers * 2 Vorax This might change a bit, but expect it to remain within the framework of Ultor's larger organisation as set out above. ...This is an opening post without any actual pictures of models, isn't it? Guilty I've got loads of stuff to set up before I really crack on with this, so I wouldn't hold your breath for any actual painting within the next month (apart from painting all the bare heads in B@C because I want to experiment with skin-tones / circuitry tattoos), but I'll probably be doing a load of converting, so expect plenty of grey. Anyhow, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this new project of mine
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