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k0nahrik’s Dornian Heresy: Siege of Terra White Scars.

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Hey all!

Recently found myself with a bit more spare time and have been able to get back into the hobby a little bit. Some of you may know me from various threads throughout the years - my most active is my current 30k Iron Warriors thread.  

After finishing Perturabo’s model I’ve found myself wanting to mix in a little variety - to that end, while I do plan to continue with the Iron Warriors, I’ve opted to take up another legion that always interested me - the White Scars. Not just any White Scars either, but the version of that legion as they appear in the Dornian Heresy, famously originated here by Aurelius Rex.


The principal motivation behind my desire to make Dornian Heresy WS instead of the canon universe is an amazing piece of artwork depicting Jaghatai Khan in his daemon Prince form - it’s stuck with me for years since seeing it, so I decided to have a crack at converting it. While I began work on that, I realised I’d like to make a small force to go with, and the idea spiralled into what I’m presenting here! 

I converted a few models so far as testers, and plan to get my hands on the new Age of Darkness box set to form the basis of my force.


Today I’ve just completed the test model for my force and the first of hopefully many more Scars to come - a Tactical Veteran Sergeant



I’m super happy with how this came out - particularly the purple undertones on the white armour panels. Sergeant Tubal-Cayn here is holding up the severed head of a loyal Emperor’s Child as a nod to their reversed roles in the DH universe.


Next up, I have a fully converted but as-yet-unpainted Praetor DzBN3se.jpeg


As you can see, the corruption is a lot more plain to see on Akuma Khan. Basing him on the AoS Lord of Pain gave him a significant boost to his height that really makes him stand out among other regular sized marines, which I’m super happy about.


Next is a still WIP Legion Champion - showing off Slaanesh’s gifts to his followers in a much more literal sense than others


This model is based on the oft-forgotten Sslyth from the Drukhari line, combined with a torso from the OOP white scars biker upgrades.  I was pleasantly surprised with how well they meshed together. I did a little work to convert the MKVII of the biker kit into more suitable heresy-era MKVI, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


Lastly, the beginnings of the model that inspired me to make this force - Jaghatai Khan, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh



This I am super proud of. The Khan’s ascension to daemonhood granted him the lower half of a great stallion, and once the Centaurion Marshall was released I knew immediately I’d need to get it to form the basis of my version of the Khan. From what I can tell by accurately scaling images together from online, the Khan’s official FW torso should sit fairly neatly atop this and remain in scale. I’ve taken a few extra artistic liberties here in comparison to the ‘official’ artwork of the DH Khan - this includes the more daemonic mouthparts at the front of the model. I included exhaust pipes which I plan to connect into the torso - I imagine the Khan’s daemonic legs being powered by a monstrous engine, enhancing his speed and stamina to the point of being able to outpace even the fastest jetbikes. I’ve also included trophy racks - the DH Khan was motivated in his fall by material greed brought about by his discovery of a pair of cursed bejewelled gauntlets, and I want to reflect that element in the mini by bedecking the primarch in as many gaudy trinkets as I can possibly fit - including trophies of his own he has taken in the heat of battle. I like to imagine the heads granted the honour of being mounted on the Khan’s back were those who died a particularly delicious death at Jaghatai’s hands - be it filled with terrific fear or withstanding excruciating pain. 

Naturally; the Khan is still an early WIP and requires a fair bit more work before I’ll be ready to call him finished, but I was too excited not to share him here as a preview of things to come.


With that, that’s all for today! Super excited to get to work on this army.


As always, let me know what you think! Cheers for reading!

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I love your take on the Dornian heresy, and of course am a huge fan of White Scars !

The first body you used is perfect for WS, use it myself, your veteran sergent looks amazing.

The praetor is even more appealing, love the mix, the kitbash is neat !


Cannot wait to see the Khan Centaur ! Keep up


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20 hours ago, Brother Tyler said:

I am definitely looking forward to seeing the project's progress. :thumbsup:


For those of you that might not have been aware of the Dornian Heresy previously, you can see it here. Unfortunately, only the first half was finished.

would there be any interest in finishing the second half? Or would that itself be heresy?


excuse me if I speak out of turn… is Aurelius Rex still around?

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@Aurelius Rex hasn't been active for some time, though he does check in every now and then. I know that he was working on the second half at one point. Work was begun on articles for the Alpha Legion, Dark Angels, Night Lords, and Salamanders; and the Iron Hands and Iron Warriors articles were completed. That left the Death Guard, Imperial Fists, and Sons of Horus to be addressed. We still have all of the work stored away in a vault, but I won't make that available unless Aurelius Rex either decides to resume the work or gives permission for others to continue it - Aurelius Rex and his team put considerable time and effort into what was a labor of love, so it would be disrespectful to give it away without his blessing.


I think it would be acceptable for others to create their own second half from whole cloth, and this might be expanded based on inspiration from the work that GW/FW/BL have done with the Horus Heresy setting (e.g., adding the Legiones Custodes, Sisters of Silence, Knight Households, Adeptus Mechanicus, etc.). That work should be done without using the work that has already been created for the other nine Legions, however - leaving that work in case Aurelius Rex ever decides to finish it or hand it off to someone else.

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On 1/20/2023 at 4:59 PM, Brother Tyler said:

I am definitely looking forward to seeing the project's progress. :thumbsup:


For those of you that might not have been aware of the Dornian Heresy previously, you can see it here. Unfortunately, only the first half was finished.


On 1/20/2023 at 10:49 PM, shmvo said:

This will be fun! Don't see a lot of alternative heresy models being made.


That Praetor conversios is really nice.



23 hours ago, Pearson73 said:

That sergeant is great, I like the paint job a lot. Excellent use of parts for the Praetor, the helmet has quite a menacing, aggressive feel. The Khan is gonna look nuts, I can't wait to see more!


15 hours ago, Warden-Paints said:

So much creativity in this thread, fantastic modeling. Can't wait to see the Khan. The use of chaos bits really works here. 


On 1/21/2023 at 8:02 AM, One-eye said:

I love your take on the Dornian heresy, and of course am a huge fan of White Scars !

The first body you used is perfect for WS, use it myself, your veteran sergent looks amazing.

The praetor is even more appealing, love the mix, the kitbash is neat !


Cannot wait to see the Khan Centaur ! Keep up


Thank you so much everybody! I never would have expected such a great reception! Big shout out to One-Eye specifically - I’ve obsessed over your Heresy Era Scars for years now, and they were a huge source of inspiration for my own force - I was actually referencing those Scars as a benchmark for my own conversions and lore before I even made this thread, so it’s amazing to even have you see this let alone give praise!


Today’s update brings my finished praetor!






(Featuring extra bare ass for added speed)


Pretty happy with how this came out - not perfect, but considering the speed with which I got it done I can’t complain - I can always go back in with some touchups later on.


The skin for me personally could have come out better - it looks a little pink, especially in these images, but it’s okay. I’m also noticing a particularly conspicuous moldline on his pistol but I’m not super bothered because at the end of the day it’s hidden behind a shield.


as for things I like - I’m super happy with how the freehands came out on this guy - matching the symmetry on the chest plate was no easy feat but I think I managed it pretty well. Also think the eyes turned out good too.


May be a little bit of a gap between this and my next post, as I wait for pay to come through to get the new age of darkness set! 

As always, CC welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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6 minutes ago, Pearson73 said:

Quick work! The glossy red and purple work well, they give a nice hint towards his allegiance.

Hey thanks! Tbf the glossiness is slightly exaggerated by the lighting, it’s a little more matte in real life lol 

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8 hours ago, Gamiel said:

That some really nice kitbashes/conversions.


Your use of purple as a spot colour makes me think of the Sons of Jaghatai chapter who are purple.

Thanks! The purple is actually a part of the ‘official’ DH white scars scheme - it’s usually purple flame designs wreathing the lower part of the legs, but that didn’t really work here as he’s not actually wearing any leg armour haha

3 hours ago, cypher226 said:

Phenomenal.  I love the DH and these are the best Scars I've seen for it (it's not a crowded field, tbf), you've nailed them.


Looking forward to seeing the Khan.

Cheers! Yeah there were slim pickings when looking for traitor scars conversions for inspo - the Vth legion aren’t even played very commonly in the normal heresy setting as far as I can tell, let alone in the alternate heresy scene. It’s fun to come up with some of the ideas for them and hopefully they inspire anyone else who’d like to take a crack at DH forces!

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17 hours ago, k0nahrik said:

Cheers! Yeah there were slim pickings when looking for traitor scars conversions for inspo 


Dark Angel Veteran bodies, paint the robes as if they were fine garments (instead of simple cloth).

Rubric Marines you really only need to change the heads and shoulderpads. The bird thing going on with their weapons and backpacks fit the bird thing that the WS have.


Fafnir Rann could be a nice base for a Brotherhood of the Black Axe leader. 


Corsair Voidscarred have many bits that could be used, even some of their heads probably work.


The Succubus' glaive looks fitting but probably a bit expencive for just that, but maybe her whip and other stuff could be of use.


Cypher Lords are good for flowing robes, big hair plumes and more orientalistic weapons.


Have seen some nice covertions using Corpse Grinder Cult heads on WS bodies. 


Idoneth Deepkin weapons have that fine crafted look while also looking vicious with all those "fangs", the Isharann Soulscryer's wind chime staff could be usefull for a stormseer. 


The Lumineth Realm-lords (specially the heroes) have many parts that I think could fitt, either overall or for a HQ.



I would stay away from Sound Marines (unless you can come up with a story behind them), and body modifications of the kind that is very Emperor's Children. 


Maybe have many terminators, representing WS that first sided with the Emperor before siding with the Khan (or have been brain washed and are used as heavily armed suicide warriors).


The WS are much more spiritual than the EC, so maybe have notably more stormseers/librerians and possessed compared to the amount often seen among the ES.

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"you do strange things to your ships"


Count-as-biker-units using SM boides on Slickblade SeekersHellstridersVaranguardChaos Knights, and/or Kavalos Deathriders mounts.


No idé what to count it as but a HQ created from a Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant 



WS being steriotyped as mounted warriors + being more spiritual = count-as-biker-units using SM boides on Blood KnightsBlack Knights, or Dreadblade Harrows mounts, painted up as if powered by daemons/the Warp/spirits.


Them being more spiritual = have them summoning "spirits" to their aid that count-as-something fitting in the rulebook. Suggest using Ravening DireflockSoulstealer CarrionCorpsemare Stampede, and Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur



Also, Iron Golems are good for coin bling, and Scions of the Flame have weapons, heads and possibly other parts that could fit with what you seems to be going for.



From a mounted warrior from the Eurasian steppe perspective do the Ravenwing Bike Squadron have lots of things that could be used.




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