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Gallowdark Map Workbook for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (Downloads)

Brother Tyler

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Gallowdark Map Workbook for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

This workbook allows you to re-create existing maps for Kill Team missions using the Gallowdark killzone. Alternately, you can use this workbook to create your own mission layouts in the Gallowdark.


Microsoft PowerPoint is required to use this workbook.


Map creators can choose either the standard abstracted map backgrounds (blue/pink) or they can choose the Gallowdark killzone imagery with the blue/pink overlay for their finished images. Both options allow for the player deployment zones to be on either the long or short edges.


The three images below show the same map using three different background image (layout) choices (the Conduit mission from the Critical Operations 2022 Close Quarters file):


Planning Background Abstract Background Gallowdark Background

(click on the images to see larger versions)




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Work to expand this is currently in progress. The initial version was built using the Critical Operations 2022 Close Quarters file. That file was focused on matched play and didn't include a number of things that are in Into the Dark and Spec-Ops. Also, I think that many hobbyists will be dissatisfied with the time-intensive nature of having to delete everything that they don't want, so I'm creating a menu of items that you can select, copy, and paste onto your design map.

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v 2023.02.10 is now available.


I decided that the original was a bit tedious. Having to delete elements from a master version might take some time. So I added the various map elements to the Key slide so that users could just select the item they want, then paste it onto their map. I also added the various terrain/scenery elements from Shadowvaults and Into the Dark (those I could make out from the Warhammer Community articles). This includes things like the pipes (both overhead and broken), robots, barricades, etc. Here are two images to show you what I mean:


image.thumb.png.9806c9b7dbe464c5d781d71848d5830c.png     image.thumb.png.e82ffd88c0e1c28dd97a951f00363e01.png


On the first slide you can see how I've added the map elements below the images of the terrain/scenery pieces. On the second slide you can see the labels for each of the scenery/terrain pieces. All you have to do is select the one you want, copy it, paste it onto your map/slide, then move it into position (using the Planning layout to get the alignment correct).


And since not everyone will use this for matched play maps, I created some additional layouts for narrative play and for other uses. Here are examples:


image.thumb.png.32c1479cc545d8857f685323545e2374.png     image.thumb.png.251070b57df0f3d104645ae8d07a9509.png


Both of those are the same slide, but with different layouts. The narrative play layouts don't have the colored dashed lines to indicate the neutral/player edges. There's also a version that is all gray, allowing players to insert their own drop zones (I'll probably include some starter blocks so that users can copy, paste, and re-size the blocks). The plain version will be good for users that want to save their color ink cartridges when printing.


This is an interim version, intended to allow users to experiment and provide feedback. I plan to continue working on this, especially since Soulshackle will be available soon and Gallowfall will come out later. The version in development will include the Mortis Horde key elements (since the reason I started working on this file in the first place was so that I could develop nice looking maps for that campaign). I'm probably the only person that will use those, however, so I figured I'd push this version out to everyone before I started adding plague zombie stuff.

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I'm making a few more changes to this, but I haven't published them yet.


I've added a different version of the killzone, as seen at the Kill Team: Soulshackle page on the GW website here. It is a bit brighter than the other version, with a lot more red light showing. This is in addition to the other killzone image, giving you another option.


I'm breaking the key pages up by box. The first is the stuff that is common to all of the boxes (Shadowvaults, Into the Dark, Soulshackle, and Gallowfall - whenever that last one comes out). The terrain that is specific to each box is then covered on its own page. All of the terrain pieces also indicate the number of those pieces that are included, giving you an idea of the limits you might employ.


The label boxes for the walls have been adjusted to have a black outline, giving a little more contrast with various backgrounds. Similarly, the labels for the other terrain pieces have been changed to black (retaining the white text) to further distinguish them from the wall labels.


Once I get the images for the Soulshackle terrain pieces done, and once I get the Mortis Horde elements finished, I'll update the file available for download.

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