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Iron Warriors + Mechanicum Allies


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A 3,000 point Iron warrior list. Fluff wise it's a force dedicated to assaulting fortresses. Praetor hangs out with the Calix, magos hangs out with Cavas, Siege breaker hangs out with tyrants. Apothecaries with two tac squads and Iron havocs. List should be pretty tough, but I suspect WS5, 2+/4++ Elite melee will give me trouble. I have melee dread to counter other dreads. 


+ Allegiance: +

   IV: Iron Warriors

Allegiance: Traitor

+ Rite of War: +

Rite of War: The Hammer Of Olympia

+ HQ: +

Siege Breaker, Cataphractii: Grenade Harness, Thunder Hammer

Praetor, Cataphractii: Tyrant of the Dodekathon, Warsmith, Grenade Harness, Thunder Hammer

+ Elites: +

Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
      Contemptor Dreadnought: Gravis Chainfist, Gravis Power Fist, 2x Plasma Blaster
     Contemptor Dreadnought:Gravis Melta Cannon, Gravis Power Fist


+ Troops: +

Tactical Squad
.  Legion Tactical Sergeant: Shrapnel Bolter, Power Axe
. 14x  Legionaries: 14x Shrapnel Bolter, Augury Scanner, Legion Vexilla, Nuncio-Vox.


Tactical Squad
.  Legion Tactical Sergeant: Shrapnel Bolter, Power Axe
. 14x  Legionaries: 14x Shrapnel Bolter, Augury Scanner, Legion Vexilla, Nuncio-Vox.


+ Heavy Support: +

. Legion Deredeo Dreadnought: Arachnus Heavy Lascannon Battery, Four Boreas Air Defence Missiles, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter


Iron Havocs: Augury Scanner, Autocannon, 10x Iron Havoc


Tyrant Siege Terminator Squad
. 7x  Tyrant w/Power Fist
. Siege Master: Power Fist


+ HQ: +

Magos Dominus: Augury Scanner, Cyber-Familiar, Laspistol, Power Axe, Artificia Cybernetica


+ Troops: +

Thallax Cohort: Meltabombs, Phased Plasma-Fusil, 4x Thallax


+ Heavy Support: +

Thanatar Siege-automata Maniple
. Thanatar Calix
. Thanatar Cavas

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I think it looks good but you severely lack Line and ground troops. Do you need both Tyrants and Iron Havocs?

-Any reason why you have power axes and not grav maces on your sergeants?

I know nothing about mech excect they have really cool looking big guys and really slick looking medium sized guys so I cant really help you.

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I have 3 line units. 2x15 man tac squads and the 4 man thallax. Thallax are amazing at grabbing objectives. I could add another unit of thallax or a unit of breachers possibly. 


Both havocs and tyrants are excellent at shooting in general and have augary scanners. Havocs are there to kill vehicles and ping stuff. Of the two I could probably lose the havocs. 


I usually find seargents die in a sarge vs sarge fight, so the axe gives me AP2 attacks. Or I fail a 2+ armor save tanking shooting. If a dread hits the squad they're SoL anyway. Could be useful for lighter vehicles.


The thanatars are both super frigging tough. One has a big plasma cannon, the other has a super lascannon. Magos babysits the mobile artillery, and thallax just run around and do whatever I need (as long as it's not killing stuff)





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