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AoO Theorycraft 2k List


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Hello fiery frater and soror! I was messing around with some stuff and stumbled into an idea. I am not a tournament player, but if any of you are then I thought it might provide something to think about.


Adrax Agatone
2x Primaris Lieutenant w/ Neo-volkite pistol, Master-crafted power sword and Storm Shield
Primaris Techmarine


3x Aggressor Squad w/ 2x Flamestorm Gauntlets: 3x Aggressors, 1x Aggressor Sergeant
3x Redemptor Dreadnought w/ 2x Storm Bolters, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Onslaught Gatling Cannon

Fast Attack
3x Land Speeders w/ Multi-melta, 3x Land Speeders

Heavy Support 
3x Eradicator Squad w/Heavy melta rifle: 2x Eradicator, 1x Eradicator Sgt


2000 points on the nose. The idea is to use the heavy weapons on the Dreadnoughts and Land Speeders for Devastator Doctrine Codex Warfare on turn 1. The 60 anti-infantry shots and 18 multi-meltas shots should do some work. A Lieutenant and the Techmarine are there to buff the Dreadnoughts (only one for the Techmarine). I'm not sold on the Eradicators, but in what seems like will be a Tank meta I decided why not. As many Tanks as possible should be dead for Turn 2. The Aggressors, Agatone, and a Lieutenant start in reserve and walk onto the mid-board turn 2 in time for switching to Tactical Doctrine and keep getting those sweet Codex Warfare points. Stay in Tactical Doctrine, as needed, or switch to Assault to enter Punch Mode.

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It has a lot of hard hammer units. You wont be getting across the board quickly except with the speeders who will be shot down pretty fast. I'm theory crafting a scenario with my two marine lists and my tau mech list. I tend to not bring meta lists which in my experience throws meta players off. Twice now in my most recent games, I have trounced tourney armies in non-competitive environments with what's considered sub-par lists with "trash" units. I will shoot you off the board with all three. I doubt the speeders would survive T1, they would be my priority. Most of your infantry would go down T2 just from mass fire as well as at least one redemptor if not two. My intercessor force I think would have the hardest time and even there I have a lot of high strength high AP fire. My Tau on T1 and T2 are going to swamp your small numbers of units in fire. I am one of those weird people who use large numbers of firewarriors in transports in an offensive role with very few if any suits and that throws people off majorly and I will lose a lot but theres more lol. Yes you will kill a transport or two. My infantry will laugh at your mult-meltas and you will likely never get into range for the


I think the problem is you have a list of mostly minimum sized units that are easy to knock down into one or two guys making them ineffective very quickly without a lot of effort. You have no apothecary to bring anyone back so there is no motivation to clean up one man squads until more serious threats are eliminated which given the small number wont take too long. You also have no objective secure. It always comes down to first turn. The benefit of this list is it is very easy to keep units hidden if you go second. You will have to use terrain and wave attacks to take objectives because anything you put on an objective is going down quickly. 

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