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These aren't completed, being as they are unpainted...but they're definitely Oldhammer!


I got a pleasantly affordable (£11 each!) metal Wraithlord and War Walker from the Troll Trader; the Wraithlord was in a bit of a sorry state, having had its feet inexplicably sawn off and replaced with greenstuff substitutes, but they had everything I wanted on them and for a good price.  Having been introduced to the old Eldar Scout Walker "official conversion" from RT courtesy of Magpie and Old Lead's blog, I decided to have a go at it myself, and put it together from the bits and pieces. The only differences from the guide are the use of the shield panel from the War Walker for the underslung weapon mount (as I had it and not the period-accurate smaller weapon pintle) and the addition of the starcannon using the Wraithlord's backpack. This way I could hypothetically run the model as a War Walker. He's on the right in the photo- I call him a "Wraithstalker". He has quite a bit of Zentaredi Regult in him (from Macross) IMO! On the left is the result of me mashing together the rest of the parts (aside from one arm) and the spare feet, missile launcher and pair of shuriken catapults from the plastic Wraithlord kit into one "Siege Strider". Intended as a more assault-oriented War Walker, with a bit more bite in melee than the normal variety at the expense of some firepower, I imagine this would be used for close-quarter fighting when a Wraithlord is not available for whatever reason. The little "turret" is actually the pelvis from the converted Wraithstalker with a pair of plastic nubbins and the afforementioned shuriken catapults attached.


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