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A group for enjoyers of 'Classic' 40k. My intent at the time of creation is focussed on 1st/2nd edition but 3rd onwards is also welcome.
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  2. @Jolemai I like how the fingers on the dreadnought look like they can't do anything
  3. I like the hoses on the marines. it reminds me of real world fighter pilots.
  4. Upon Jolemai´s suggestion (Invitation ?) please find herebellow some pics of ooP Rhinos chassis repainted over the past months as well as a Squat´s Trike: And some old SM: First SM Terminator captain and an (almost) original Long Fang (I changed his pack back and increased the slotta base diameter with MDF ring)
  5. I'm glad it's sort of back in form of the FW Land Speeder Proteus. I always enjoyed the theme of the old RTB03 Devastators box and I always thought of trying to recreate it in a future project by running an army with a quad mortar, Tarantulas and a Land Speeder.
  6. Obviously we have a thread for old models we really like, but how about a thread specifically for models that get way more flak/less love than they deserve? As the title implies, I have to take a stand for the old flying lawn chair. I've heard people complain that it's just a set of engines and guns with seats, and offers zero protection to the crew. However, from an in-universe standpoint, I actually think it makes a lot of sense. The Speeder is a recon and harassment vehicle that uses speed and mobility rather than armour for defence; keeping the thing fairly small and lightweight not only maximizes its agility, but also reduces its size as a target. And the crew, exposed though they are, are power armoured- any frontal armour that wouldn't be too heavy for the thing wouldn't stop anything that their power armour wouldn't already protect against. And anything that would go through that would absolutely go through thin armour plating. So yes, it looks a bit funny, but in context it actually makes some degree of sense as to why it's designed the way it is, and I think it deserves more recognition. It's actually not my favourite Speeder model though; that's the 2E sculpt...
  7. Space Marine Captain Painted as Blood Angels 4th Company
  8. My brother and I got second edition. He already had an RTB marine army and I already had my Rogue Trader plastic orks to get started, so we converted up quite a few of the models in the box. I made skarboyz with more interesting weapon options and death skulls with heavy weapons. We knew we could never face painting that many identical gretchin… The models may be in his garage somewhere. I have a Predator that we bought at the same time - although I consider it a 1st edition model really. One of my main memories was still suffering against Warp Spiders.
  9. Same really and yeah, mine was from Argos too It would have been Xmas 1996 I got my starter set and I spent all day gluing. Still use the Marines on a regular basis too A load of mates and I used to have mega games (which is probably where my love for Apocalyspe came from). Loads of cool and silly things would happen, such as a virus grenade wiping a ridiculous amount of Imperial Guard, a Gretchin killing a Terminator with storm shield, Terminator Librarian casting Gate only to realise he would be charged next turn..., a Runepriest using all four wargear choices on invulnerable saves (refractor, conversion, displacer, power) only to then be subject to a vortex grenade, haha. Also acquired my love for Necromunda from there as it was the same ruleset essentially.
  10. I was but a neophyte at the time; my cousin had introduced me to Warhammer Fantasy and although I had a handful of models (the classic metal Jes Goodwin Striking Scorpions the first models I ever bought, I circled the 2nd edition 40K box in marker pen in the Argos catalogue in hopes I'd get it for christmas. Most of my memories from this time involve half-remembered "games" using a mishmash of whatever models we had, books and bean tins as terrain and the most terrible paintjobs imaginable.
  11. This was released in October 1993 (and ran until 1998), meaning it's now 30 years old. What are your 2nd edition memories? Have you played it since 3rd edition? Do you still own/use any of the models?
  12. Thanks for the encouragement @Bjorn Firewalker After a month on vacation overseas with the family, I’m back home and completed this Sister Hospitaller the other day:
  13. because i love it so... and had to have one even if i updated it slightly
  14. These aren't completed, being as they are unpainted...but they're definitely Oldhammer! I got a pleasantly affordable (£11 each!) metal Wraithlord and War Walker from the Troll Trader; the Wraithlord was in a bit of a sorry state, having had its feet inexplicably sawn off and replaced with greenstuff substitutes, but they had everything I wanted on them and for a good price. Having been introduced to the old Eldar Scout Walker "official conversion" from RT courtesy of Magpie and Old Lead's blog, I decided to have a go at it myself, and put it together from the bits and pieces. The only differences from the guide are the use of the shield panel from the War Walker for the underslung weapon mount (as I had it and not the period-accurate smaller weapon pintle) and the addition of the starcannon using the Wraithlord's backpack. This way I could hypothetically run the model as a War Walker. He's on the right in the photo- I call him a "Wraithstalker". He has quite a bit of Zentaredi Regult in him (from Macross) IMO! On the left is the result of me mashing together the rest of the parts (aside from one arm) and the spare feet, missile launcher and pair of shuriken catapults from the plastic Wraithlord kit into one "Siege Strider". Intended as a more assault-oriented War Walker, with a bit more bite in melee than the normal variety at the expense of some firepower, I imagine this would be used for close-quarter fighting when a Wraithlord is not available for whatever reason. The little "turret" is actually the pelvis from the converted Wraithstalker with a pair of plastic nubbins and the afforementioned shuriken catapults attached.
  15. A few WIP shots today … Lord Inquisitor Soulis’ Throne of Redemption is coming along nicely, if slowly: The Dark Blades scouts are also coming along nicely. Camo cloaks and some details on weaponry are needed but these two give you the basic colour scheme:
  16. A couple completions for the Ordo Hereticus strike force today: First up we’ve got Inquisitor Ambro of the Ordo Xenos who Lord Inquisitor Soulis is bringing in to assist with his investigation of the Orks. He is accompanied by his Imperial Navy liaison (counts as a sage). Then we have another three arco-flagellants bringing the total up to six. I can’t wait to use these guys their rules were awesome in 3rd edition. So deadly (T5 with D6 attacks of STR4 power weapons) and fluffy (burning out from too much combat stimms if you roll 6 for their fleet move or attacks).
  17. Agree 3rd edition was best, and I cannot get onboard with a lot of the new miniatures (with the exception of all the new Adepta Sororitas/Ecclesiarchy stuff which is top notch). Getting back to old minis of yore that speak to us, I should have added this guy: This is the model that the original Lord Inquisitor Soulis was based off (this is not him or my model though) albeit with weapon swaps. This model always brings back memories, although my favourite models are generally 3rd edition. I won't post them here though since most of my favourite 3rd ed. models will be appearing in my and @Marcus de Scapulis's thread The Phoeladar Apostasy WIP.
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