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A group for enjoyers of 'Classic' 40k. My intent at the time of creation is focussed on 1st/2nd edition but 3rd onwards is also welcome.
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  2. Thanks for the encouragement @Bjorn Firewalker After a month on vacation overseas with the family, I’m back home and completed this Sister Hospitaller the other day:
  3. because i love it so... and had to have one even if i updated it slightly
  4. These aren't completed, being as they are unpainted...but they're definitely Oldhammer! I got a pleasantly affordable (£11 each!) metal Wraithlord and War Walker from the Troll Trader; the Wraithlord was in a bit of a sorry state, having had its feet inexplicably sawn off and replaced with greenstuff substitutes, but they had everything I wanted on them and for a good price. Having been introduced to the old Eldar Scout Walker "official conversion" from RT courtesy of Magpie and Old Lead's blog, I decided to have a go at it myself, and put it together from the bits and pieces. The only differences from the guide are the use of the shield panel from the War Walker for the underslung weapon mount (as I had it and not the period-accurate smaller weapon pintle) and the addition of the starcannon using the Wraithlord's backpack. This way I could hypothetically run the model as a War Walker. He's on the right in the photo- I call him a "Wraithstalker". He has quite a bit of Zentaredi Regult in him (from Macross) IMO! On the left is the result of me mashing together the rest of the parts (aside from one arm) and the spare feet, missile launcher and pair of shuriken catapults from the plastic Wraithlord kit into one "Siege Strider". Intended as a more assault-oriented War Walker, with a bit more bite in melee than the normal variety at the expense of some firepower, I imagine this would be used for close-quarter fighting when a Wraithlord is not available for whatever reason. The little "turret" is actually the pelvis from the converted Wraithstalker with a pair of plastic nubbins and the afforementioned shuriken catapults attached.
  5. A few WIP shots today … Lord Inquisitor Soulis’ Throne of Redemption is coming along nicely, if slowly: The Dark Blades scouts are also coming along nicely. Camo cloaks and some details on weaponry are needed but these two give you the basic colour scheme:
  6. A couple completions for the Ordo Hereticus strike force today: First up we’ve got Inquisitor Ambro of the Ordo Xenos who Lord Inquisitor Soulis is bringing in to assist with his investigation of the Orks. He is accompanied by his Imperial Navy liaison (counts as a sage). Then we have another three arco-flagellants bringing the total up to six. I can’t wait to use these guys their rules were awesome in 3rd edition. So deadly (T5 with D6 attacks of STR4 power weapons) and fluffy (burning out from too much combat stimms if you roll 6 for their fleet move or attacks).
  7. Agree 3rd edition was best, and I cannot get onboard with a lot of the new miniatures (with the exception of all the new Adepta Sororitas/Ecclesiarchy stuff which is top notch). Getting back to old minis of yore that speak to us, I should have added this guy: This is the model that the original Lord Inquisitor Soulis was based off (this is not him or my model though) albeit with weapon swaps. This model always brings back memories, although my favourite models are generally 3rd edition. I won't post them here though since most of my favourite 3rd ed. models will be appearing in my and @Marcus de Scapulis's thread The Phoeladar Apostasy WIP.
  8. Marcus de Scapulis here(aka Primus). I will be commenting on battles and army lists and perhaps posting some fluff/storyline myself, particularly on the Dark Angels' successor chapter(the Dark Blades) whom I will be playing.
  9. In my honest opinion Warhammer 3rd and 4th editions were 40k's glory days. Currently there are too many new units coming out every single month making it really hard to keep up. And I think the addition of the Adeptus Custodii and Mechanicus armies are pointless, especially Custodii. Why would they leave the Emperor's Palace on Terra to go fight somewhere else? Also I think the New Primaris Space Marine models are no where near as good as the original space marine models, sometimes looking goofy and stupid. Take a look at this primaris attack buggy.
  10. Will post some more of mine when I have time and better lighting to group stuff together. For now though: Blood Angels Terminator
  11. Can't have a club without one... post your completed models that you consider to be Oldhammer below
  12. Evening. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, so my first ever purchase (1989) holds a special place in my heart! Traitor terminators in a blister pack. I didn’t know what they were at the time (I didn’t buy my copy of RT until a few weeks later) but that was me sold on the grimdark!
  13. For me it's A lot of metal/oop stuff. Epic 2nd edition stuff and paint jobs So basically stuff which came out when I was just getting into the hobby There's actually a surprising amount of detail to be found on the older metal models which makes them a joy to paint.
  14. Great topic! For me it's this guy: It was the first Space Marine I painted, I think. Looked dated even then, but I loved the style. Now we have the plastic MkVI I'd love to rebuild him, maybe with the power sword that came in with the MkIV Tacticals?
  15. Greetings, brothers. I intend two threads to cover the 3rd edition campaign I am doing with my two sons -- this thread, to cover the hobby/WIP/painting aspect, and then I will do a separate thread for battle reports and related "fluff" (i.e. storyline for the batreps). Battle reports most likely won't begin until at least the summer as we have to build up our forces. I expect my oldest son to create an account here at B&C soon so that he can contribute as well. The forces that will be involved in the campaign are: Inquisition (Codex: Witch Hunters, 2003) - run my myself Dark Blades - DA successor chapter (Codex: Dark Angels, 1999 and Codex: Spacemarines 1998) - oldest son, "Primus" (16 yrs old) Deathskulls Orks (Codex: Orks, 1999) - youngest son, "Secundus" (12 yrs old) "The Fallen" (Chaos marine rules from the main rule book) - NPC faction to be used according to special mission house rule, communally painted Chaos cultists ("Adversaries of the Witch Hunter" list from Codex: Witch Hunters) - NPC faction, communally painted Phœladar PDF (Codex: Imperial Guard, 1999) - run by Secundus, but using my DKoK models When we're ready to start posting battle reports, I will share with you the storyline that we have come up with for this campaign. Today, I will begin sharing some of the initial WIP and completions. The Witch Hunter force is led by none other than Lord Inquisitor Soulis, well-known from my blog about his force. I've started the base colours for his Throne of Redemption: While I'm working on this centrepiece for my army, Secundus is preparing a looted Leman Russ Battle Tank using the bottom half of a Russ I found in my bitz box (don's ask why we only had the lower half because I don't know) and various bitz and plasticard: Primus is starting off with a squad of sniper scouts, and a squad of bolter/shotgun/BP&CCW scouts for the Dark Blades: And finally, some cultists/traitors that were recently completed (Secundus did the base coat and wash, I did quick highlights to finish them up): There won't be a full Fallen force, just a few cultists and marines running around in certain missions/maps.
  16. I must confess I actually started the hobby in 2009, in the middle of 5th, but as of late I've gained a real appreciation for the older stuff. It helps my first 40K book was actually the 3E Tyranid Codex (long story)- I still have a real soft spot for the sculpts from that era. Even the rather cuddly looking Carnifex! Speaking of Tyranids, the 2E sculpts were mostly fantastic. The Hive Tyrant especially, but I'll be real I actually love the 2E Lictor. Though where it REALLY shines is this amazingly atmospheric conversion by Chris Blair. Good to see all the love for Eldar in this thread, those sculpts are quite lovely and it's telling how good the design language is for them that a lot of models from 2nd edition are still in the catalogue. The Vyper, IIRC, is the oldest kit GW still makes! I think the oldest mini in my collection is this- Slyth Ironlung(?) by Jes Goodwin from 1986 (I think). I got him for relatively cheap on a whim, and I am astounded at how good the sculpt on this fellow is. Seriously, considering this is a lead single-piece model from the 80s when they had to sculpt with Miliput (IIRC Greenstuff hadn't been invented yet) he looks astounding- the details on the chest and mask especially put a lot of modern sculpts to shame!
  17. I started Warhammer 40K around 2000 in the early-ish days of 3rd edition so I don't have nostalgia for anything as old as what's been posted so far, but I still have a very warm place in my heart for the old Imperial Guard Praetorian Guard models -- my first army which I VERY foolishly sold in order to fund another set of models near and dear to my heart, old metal sisters of battle. http://www.solegends.com/citle2000/armyboxes/04praetorian/praetorianBox-02.jpg Also those old preacher models hold a special place in my heart as an important piece of that Sisters of Battle army. At least one of them is still in production: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-CA/Grey-Knights-Preacher-with-Chainsword
  18. I was first drawn to the game by the Space Elves Eldar Aeldari Asuryani. My favorite of those old miniatures was the one named Avele Swifteye in the image below (Elres Fireflash comes in a close second place): And then when Games Workshop fleshed the Craftworlds out, I was blown away by the Warlocks, especially this guy: And I loved the original War Walkers, especially the bareheaded pilot: Disclaimer: None of the models shown are mine. I have multiple copies of each, but they are either unpainted metal or only primed. One day...
  19. For myself there are these little critters. (picture source Lexicanum) I have collected 5 of each over the years and at some point I will paint them. In fact looking back they are what started my interest in Eldar Wraith constructs in general. However in terms of Elder my favourite is this Warlock, he may not have been the first model I ever owned (I think I had some 2nd ed plastic marines and other odds and ends at that point) but he was the first own I bought for myself with my own (pocket)money. Unfortunately I think I never took a picture of him with the paintjob my much younger self achieved, and in a moment of stupidity some years ago I stuck him in a stripping jar on the logic I could paint him better now. He has remained unpainted since. (picture source Lexicanum)
  20. That's the handsome fellow :) When the Eldar dreadnoughts and War Walkers finally followed the same lines with Wraithguard and Wraithlords, it was a grand day indeed.
  21. Anything Sternguard or Veteran SM by Juan Diaz. Also Epic Eldar Phantom Titan (the first, smooth one), not the 1998 one that looked it was built from scaffolding and eggboxes.
  22. I am not sure if this is within the scope of this Club, so do let me know if it is or isn’t. While the lore and fluff of the world of Wrhammer 40,000 (and Warhammer to an extend as well, but defiantly the former more so than the latter) was an important part that drew me into the hobby I think a lot of it also lies at the feat of the artwork at the time and the miniatures. The artwork is probably a separate discussion topic in and of itself, so for the moment I would like to focus on the miniatures Now some miniatures were goofy, not that great or downright weird, others however were then, and often still are, magnificent, charming or just speak to you. Yes modern miniatures might have better details, or are more dynamic, easier to build, or all sorts of improvements, but what are some of the old ones that are still dear to you?
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