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Hello! Have not played since 7th, looking forward to 10th

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I'm getting back into 40k after a long hiatus, looking forward to learning the new ruleset - it seems quite friendly to newcomers.


I'm starting Chaos Knights, does anyone have any suggestions for army construction for 10th? There have been some leaks, but I want to be able to field an army ASAP upon its release, and I'm afraid I'm going to model something wrong, or that my list won't fit the new force org chart.




I also have a 40k YouTube Channel that I started, have a look if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsf2YBitdsa1E7_MajSI-nA

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Hi and welcome to the forums, it's definitely a great time to get back into it, and Chaos Knights are an awesome looking army, though you have to convert some of the options. 


The best place to visit would be the Chaos Knight section to get some tips, but realistically, GW have moved away from force organisation charts and such in 10th ed - the only restriction is you can have no more than 3 of the same unit type, or 6 if it's a battleline unit. Points will be the greater consideration, and we don't know what they are yet, but 2 big knight and 4 small knights is probably a core to an army you cannot go wrong with, then as you get some experience with the army, decide if you prefer the bigger ones or smaller ones. 



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I have a chaos knights army, and its been a lot of fun to build and powerful in games (though holding objectives and getting secondaries can be hard with so few models).  If you see it if you check out the knights forum (or here).


As advice for being ready to hit the ground running when 10th drops - that's kind of tough when we don't know some rather important criteria like point costs and such.  In 8th and 9th, wardog heavy armies did well (armies with 1 abhorent class titan and the rest wardogs) but for many that didn't feel like a "real" chaos knights force.  Myself, for 2000 points I fielded 3 abhorrent class titans (a despoiler [with avenger and battlecannon], an abominant and a ravager) along with 4 wardogs - 2x executioner and 2x stalker.  That said, we don't really know what will be good in the next edition, so planning based on what currently works might not be the best approach.


Personally, I would either wait until 10th drop (its only another month), of if you don't want to wait, start with a model that you want to build and paint and work on that.  Given the low number of units in our faction, even if you build something that isn't the best option it is unlikely to be horrible.


Another thing you can do is knights are relatively easy to magnetize (though, you'll need magnets that are a bit more powerful than you would for normal sized minis) - that's what I have done.  It's a bit more work, but allows you to swap to other builds if the one you had planned on turns out to be suboptimal.  If you pop by my thread, I would be happy to go into more detail as to how I went about doing so for my models.

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