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What is the Funniest Proxy You Have Ever Seen? - Loofah Tyranids

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2e large narrative game Tyrranid Invasion


One of the players proxied 10 Screamer-Killers by hot gluing empty coke cans to "Jagged Little Pill" CDs.


The flgs hated Alanis Morrissette and gave a discount to anyone who "donated" scratched and damaged Jagged Little Pill CDs. There were usually 30-40 of the things laying around the shop, being used as coasters, or hanging from the ceiling strung together. The Player had just taken a bunch of CDs and the empty coke cans from the stores trash can to make his Screamer-Killers instead of buying them. He had offered to bring his army, because he had bragged how many Tyrranids he could field. He only actually owned two Screamer-Killer models. The rest were proxied. 

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On 5/26/2023 at 12:40 AM, Xenith said:


They came back under the official banner of Warhammer Community a little while ago, but ended again just as fast. I dont think the author could keep up with the GW demands.



I’ve always wondered what the story was there.  He did like 5 new strips then it disappeared?


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Had a friend who in the 90s made pulsa rokkits and supa lifta droppas for his orks out of lego before they were released, surprisingly good too


Same friend also made a castle for Warhammer fantasy from Lego, one of his opponents made him take pieces of it off when the castle got hit by cannons !


Seen a few plant pot stompas before they were released 

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