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Livestreamed 10th ed games - 1st and 2nd June

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Kansas City Open:


We’ll be livestreaming the top-table action as usual – but there are a few treats for avid Warhammer 40,000 fans. From 7pm CDT (1am BST) on Thursday the 1st of June and Friday the 2nd of June, we’ll be hosting full 2,000 point games from the new edition. There’ll be expert commentators on hand to break down the action and discuss the new datasheets for each and every unit that appears.


Article Here

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Ah, that makes it a little less weird than I thought. It sounded strange earlier that they would do demo games so much later than WH Fest, but also adding full sized games makes it a lot different.

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It'd be great if they released the electronic version of the core rules in time for that. I'd much rather watch the stream after having read and digested the rules. Feels unlikely though :sad:

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40 minutes ago, StraightSilver said:

Is that new terrain in that pic? Or is it a kitbash?

It's the hab-bunker, landing pad, etc from the fronteris/moroch set. The larger tower in the middle is kitbashed using the commtower parts and sector mechanicum platform on top.

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With the exception of the faction focus, it's weird that GW hasn't talked about the Leviathan models this week or previewed some of their rules during the week. The only 40k news was about the SM II tabletop minigame. Loremaster's episode at least gave us more details about the lore.

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