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=] EVENT: Call to Arms - Chaos Knights [=

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Greetings House Leaders and Fell Blades 


@Grotsmasha and @Triszin are putting on a Forum wide event from the 1st July (1 month from now) until 30th September to celebrate 10th Edition's release!

The forum is split up into 3 Strongholds: Imperium, Chaos and Xenos with all 3 factions competing against one another to paint the most in the 3 months time limit. There will be a Central hub thread for each of the Strongholds in the WIP Section which I will link once it's live. We can use thread to cross post in and track/give motivation to those participating.


Check out the full rules here


If you've got any questions, give one of the Mods a shout! :happy:

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