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=] EVENT: Call to Arms - Realm of Chaos [=

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Greetings Generals, Warlords, Nobles and Others Favoured by the Warp


@Grotsmasha and @Triszin are putting on a Forum wide event from the 1st July (1 month from now) until 30th September to celebrate 10th Edition's release!

The forum is split up into 3 Strongholds: Imperium, Chaos and Xenos with all 3 factions competing against one another to paint the most in the 3 months time limit. There will be a Central hub thread for each of the Strongholds in the WIP Section which I will link once it's live. We can use thread to cross post in and track/give motivation to those participating.


Check out the full rules here


If you've got any questions, give one of the Mods a shout! :happy:

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I think I'll probably be pledging here. I got a few Heretic Astartes and Thousand Son's, but I'm really shooting to get my cultists and Beastmen finished this year. Can we pledge in multiple sections of a stronghold?

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Posted (edited)

My read of the event rules is that you can - it appears that each stronghold isn't divided in anyway and all share one thread for entries.  So it seems no problem having different vows from different chaos subforums, or even combining them in one vow.


That said, if you want a more definitive (and official) answer, its better to ask that question in the main thread or to message one of the main organizers.

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