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What is The Call to Arms, I hear you ask?


The Call to Arms is a new multi-forum event designed to celebrate the coming of Warhammer 40,000's new, 10th Edition, and encourage us all to start a new army, or bring our current armies into the new edition.


The Forums of the B&C are divided up into three Strongholds; Imperium, Chaos, and Xenos.  For the next three months the 8 Forums of the Xenos Stronghold will be competing to claim Victory over the other Xenos Forums, with all three Strongholds being compared at the conclusion of the Event.

There are two categories for Victory in both the Forums and Strongholds, the Forum/Stronghold who has painted the most points worth of models, and the Forum/Stronghold with the highest % of completion (Participants vs Completions).



Full Rules and Place your Vow =>  The Xenos Stronghold


Start Date: 1st July 

End Date: 30th September



How do I join in?


Models for The Call to Arms have been allocated a point value based around their size, the time they take to paint, and the amount of effort generally taken to paint them, this is why some models of different sizes appear in the same categories, and why Characters are worth more.

The below list should cover every model for the Necrons;


1pt    Warriors, Immortals, Deathmasks, Flayed Ones, Lychguard, Praetorians

2pts   Scarab Swarm, Skorpeth/Ophidian/Lokhust Destroyers, Wraiths, Tomb Blades, Arcanthrites

3pts   Heavy Destroyer, Spyder, Convergence of Dominion

4pts   Command/Annihlation Barge

5pts   Reanimator, Doom/Tombstalker

6pts   Triarch Stalker, Doomsday/Ghost/Tesseract Ark, Doom/Night Scythe, Night Shroud

7pts   Monolith

8pts   Obelisk

10pts Tesseract Vault, Seraptek Heavy Construct, Pylon


5pts    Leader and Unit Composition: 1 OR Epic Hero, Chrono/Techno/Plas/Psycomancer, Warden, Lord, Overlord, Skorpeth Lord, Lokhust Lord, C'Tan

10pts The Void Dragon, The Silent King



1pt    3 Munitorum Barrels, 4 Munitorum Crates, Zone Morialtis/Gallowdark Column, Octarius Ramshackle Bridges

2pts   Aegis Defence Line Section, Aegis Defence Platform, Galvanic Servo-haulers, Thermic Plasma Conduit Section, Imperialis Ruins Wall Section, Zone Morialtis/Gallowdark Wall, Octarius Scrap Heap/Barricade

3pts   Fronteris Vox Antenna, Fronteris Auspex Shrine, Thermo-exchanger Shrine, Octarius Oil Rig, Necromunda Fuel Tanks

4pts   Munitorum Container, Mechsnicus Transterrsnic Gantry, Galvanic Servo-crane, Big'ead Bossbunka, Skull Alter, Noctilith Crown, Octarius Ramshackle Walls

5pts   Tidewall Droneport, Tidewall Shieldline, Feculant Gnarlmaw, Miasmic Malignifier

6pts   Fronteris Landing Pad, Mechanicus Forgeshine, Mechanicus Galvanic Magnavent

8pts   Fronteris Hab Bunker, Manufactorum Administratus,

10pts Zone Morialtis Gang Stronghold


Note: Custom/Scratchbuilt terrain- use this list as a guide as to how many points tour terrain is worth, but please make sure to mention your terrain is custom when Vowing.



All points are per model. For example if you pledge 20 Warriors(1ptx20), 3 Scarab Bases (2ptsx3), a Heavy Destroyer (3pts), and a Overlord (5pts), your vow would be worth 34pts


If you have any questions or queries, or there's a model you want to paint but isn't listed, just @Grotsmasha or @Triszin and we'll be more than happy to help you out.



Please feel free use this thread as a place to share your thoughts, ideas, and WIPs throughout the Event to motivate and inspire the Necrons, and the Xenos to Victory!!!



Full Rules and Place your Vow =>  The Xenos Stronghold



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4 hours ago, Galron said:

Wish I could join but aside from 5 deathmarks and a reanimator my necrons are finished. Most of my time is going towards my three armies of marines who need serious reworking to get up to speed :(

I’m in the same boat. I have plenty of Necrons to build and paint, but my goal for this year was to catch up on my Chaos stuff that’s been in the gray too long

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