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Sprue Hungry - A World Eaters Plog

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Well, well, well, B&C we meet again.  I kept a large plog of my 30k world eaters a few years ago, and then my ultramarines project for 8th edition.  Ended up getting tied up doing other things during most of 9th, so no army work to speak of there.  However, with the release of the world eaters book and the dawn of 10th, we're back baby.  First up is a handful of berzerkers.  I thought this kit was wildly detailed for what is essentially a troops choice, I really liked the models.  Next up will be a master of executions, but i hate the official model, so i'm doing a kitbash of harken worldclaimer and extra bits from the zerker box.



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Thanks man! The axe bit is from the updated CSM kit.  I was actually surprised that it fit right into Harken's spear arm so well.


For the head, I actually stuck it on with just a bit of blue tack.  I was worried with super glue it'd set too quick and I'd get the angle all wonky.

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18 hours ago, Mumeishi said:

Wow Very Nice, I love the Conversion and the face is Chef's kiss !! :thumbsup:

What's your "Brass" done with if i may ask ?? 





Sure thing, super simple retributor armor washed with agrax and edged with liberator gold.  One thing is that is spray the whole model with Mephiston Red spray first, do the gold goes over top of red, which gives it good coverage with just a two coats.

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WoW , looking great there, as mentioned , the black weapons add value to the scheme! consider that Yoinked :tongue:...  Base Colours and basing material help frame the reds too  :thumbsup:


Cheers, M


++EDIT++ The warm skin colour looks really good as well, it really compliments with the red!

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11 hours ago, Guiltysparc said:



I wish i could figure out how to take better pictures.  My previous phone took really good shots of my minis, but the new one seems to struggle a bit.

The Pics look pretty fine, perhaps try printing off a Backdrop sheet in A4 to help focus on the model... I think Massive Voodoo has a few you can print off 

-  https://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2010/05/photo-backgrounds.html


What phone do you have... Android? or Apple?... 


Cheers, M.

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Lord Invocatus!  I loved this model as soon as it came out and i was super excited to build and paint it.  Way back in the day I had converted a juggerlord from the old, finecast fantasy set, this guy is definitely more 40k than my conversion, lol.












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