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Custodes blog... There will be painting bat reps and fun

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Hi all, im going to get a custodes blog UP and running, ive already got my army bought and built but only partially painted, so i will be painting it all up to my best standards, which wont be winning any competitions but hey what do you want to do... 


Yesterday i got a game in....

Soooo, i had a 1v1v1 at 1000pts a piece, against necrons and marines and boy was it a blast!!!! The list i played was 


Shield captain

Blade champ with veiled blade

2x 5 custodian guards 4 Spears 1 Shield and Sword

1x4 prosecutors 

2x 2 allarus terminators. 


That was its... I was on the back foot as i started in the middle of the two...i basically put everything in deep strike and managed to hide the prosecutors well enough for 1 of them to survive until my turn 2, where i threw the 2 X5 custodian guards and characters at the necrons and the 2x2 allarus at the Space Marine as a distraction which ended UP going a lot better than orginally intended, as 1 allarus termi ended UP slaying a Invictor dread and a normal dread by himself After je and his mates tanked the whole Space Marine army of shooting .... On the end i managed to pull off the win in the end 45 to 30 for the necrons and 25 for the marines... Great game !!!!


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So i got a game in today a 2000pts games vs orks,  and boy was it fun! 

This is the list i took

Adeptus Custodes

Strike Force (2000 points)

Shield Host


Blade Champion 

Veiled Blade



Guardian spear

Ceaseless Hunter


Trajann Valoris 



Custodian Guard (450 points)

  • 8x Guardian spear

    1x Praesidium Shield

    1x Sentinel blade

    1x Vexilla


4x Prosecutors


4X Prosecutors


2x Allarus Custodians

    2x Guardian spear


2x Allarus Custodians

    2x Guardian spear


Custodian Wardens

  • 6x Guardian spear

    1x Vexilla


Custodian Wardens

  • 3x Guardian spear

    1x Vexilla


Venerable Land Raider (260 points)

  • 1x Armoured tracks

    2x Godhammer lascannon

    1x Hunter-killer missile

    1x Storm bolter

    1x Twin heavy bolter





Vindicare Assassin


And boy did the list work well... Only thing im wondering about is if i swap out the vindicaire for an eversor assassin.


So the game, we ended UP in the diagonal deployment, and played the mission in which we get points for killing enemy units each turn, and got the bonus bit where each turn we roll a d6 and on a 4+ gain a cp, we both choose tactical objectives. I won the first roll off and chose to be the attacker, i deployed all of my army aggressively, a part from 2 allarus termies that i kept in ds. He kept a 10 man squad of boys and 2 5 man stormboyz unit in reserves too. We rolled for first turn and Custodes took it... 

First turn i moved everything towards the middle of the board except the Land raider which i drove up the left flank disembarked m'y wardens and Shield captain to take the left objective. The Land raider then openned fire on the only thing it could see the ork trukk and took it out, 2 boys died on their way out. The rest of my turn 1 was meh.

Ork turn one he didnt pop the waaaaaaagh which to me was a mistake, he rolled UP his battlewagon didnt unload it and charged my assassin, trajann and co were able to do a  heroic intervention and killed it during his turn so I was free to charge the 10 ork nob squad with pain boy and warboss in my turn 2 and wiped them out completly, with trajann taking out the last nob pain boy and warboss with his 12attacks... From then on it was a full on massacre with me holding center table with my 10 man custodian guard and blade champion unit and trajann and his 6man warden squad. The Shield captain and 3 man warden squad did very well too, sucessfully holding the left flank, and doing some really good killing... The game ended turn 3 as the ork player conceeded as all he had left was 2 kanons in the backfield and a 10man boyz squad left, while i had the majority of my army left and i had run away on the score.

So the custodes took it 51-27



*Wanted to add some photos of the game but they are all to Big.... Sorry






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Got a bit of progress done on the wardens and Shield captain (who has a previsional helmet) more or less gold done just needs final highlights... More to come soon



The picture really doesnt do the colours well... Got to get myself a light box done...

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Got another game in today vs Space Marines well Dark Angels...


First off great game great adversary... 

I brought the same list as before, and im gonna change UP 1 thing for my next game is the assassin im going to give the eversor a try as the vindicaire really isnt doing much... 

This mission was the alpha and Omega one in the midfield si it played perfectly for my Custodes who just took mid board and basically tanked it all game, while scoring primary and secondarys like crazy... Highlights where either where my Land raider tanked a full turn of oath of moment shooting and came out with only one wound missing, yeah i got some god rolls, and where my guards just wouldnt die and killed everything they touches until they finally gave in After spending 3 turns midboard fighting off everything, and then it was trajann and his wardens who just sealed the deal by taking the Omega and not dying on it at all... Game ended 71-59 for the custodes...

But my oh my what a game



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I was building some Allarus and Wardens today. Something to take into account (which I wasn't 100% sure about) is that the plume is on top of the armor's carapace and not on the head itself. If that's for you to make it stand out, then it'll work!

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Took the golden boys out for another spin today against some Space Marines, a small 1k pts game, damn was it harsh until i hit their lines, i lost 8 custodian guards on the way in, luckily i had a squad of 3 allarus with a Shield captain and a 2 man squad of allarus left and the blade champion looking to avenge his fallen brothers!!! And did they avenge them !!! Blade champion alone held up 400+ pts on one side of the table by handily chopping down a 10 man hellblaster squad leaving only the apothecary and lieutenant alive... While the allarus cut through a 10man sternguard squad and their captain, then went on to slay 3 eradicators, during which time the 2 man allarus squad cut down a Gladiator lancer i think it was ... The one with the Big laser destroyer gun ... Turned out to a Custodes win 56 well 66 if WE count the 10 pts for painted forces to 48... Another great game and man im loving my Custodes !!!

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