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Activity area in my profile appears empty


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I did not see any anouncement for maintenance so it might be worth reporting taht all my Activity has disappeared from the related areas in my Profile




it does not prevent me from posting or putting reactions, as I did for example in the following post ...

... AFTER seing that my historial has disappeared.


BTW, I do not see any activity listed in others members´ profiles neither.

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Tomorrow, as I mention here and in the announcement at the top of the board, I'm going to try restarting the board software.


I did some investigation first. Two things came up of interest. The first was that, with reports enabled for slow queries, nothing came up at all. This is notable, in that it means there isn't anything timing out, so it isn't a bad index or anything of the sort. The second thing that came up with general logging is that, at least to me, it looked like the error happened before the query actually went to the database, as only the record of search time actually came up, nothing looking like an actual query with the parameters I set.


So I'm going to try restarting the board software as mentioned above, as it's starting to look like it could be something it's running into in the board server software, before running the query. I'll update this thread if this affects the issue at all, or if it doesn't fix it.

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This should now be fixed. While the elastic search index is rebuilding, you may get a little notification, depending what action you do. This shouldn't persist as it completes that process.


Let me know if there are any further problems.

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