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Activity area in my profile appears empty


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  • 3 weeks later...
4 hours ago, Sword Brother Adelard said:

The feed appears to be working again, is this a temporary fix or did you solve it?

I'm not sure yet. I've rebuilt the index after holding off, waiting for the hosting provider to check out the server.


If it goes down again, we'll have to look at taking the server down for a bit for a full restart.


At this point, no other failures have started showing up, so I don't think we're having a critical hardware failure.

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  • 2 months later...

Yep, it seems to get wonky when under a high load of some kind. I think it gets resource starved in some way, but we'll want to wait until we get the newer recommended specs before looking at upgrading the host.


I've rebuilt the index in the meantime. As long as it doesn't pop up too frequently, we can get by for now doing that.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It should be fixed again. I'm going to schedule a reboot at some point, which should make it happen less frequently.


I've done a good bit of digging over the past few months, but can't find exactly what's causing it to happen or whether there's a way to mitigate it.


My current suspicion is that when the daily backups occur, sometimes that process causes the search engine to get a corrupt file, which makes it take down the index. I haven't found anything problematic in how the backup is performed yet, so not quite sure. It could be any other high io load.


That's what I think the cause is, everything after that we know. When that happens, all search queries return empty, as it decides that isn't valid anymore. Rebuilding the index fixes it temporarily, until something in that cycle happens again.

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