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Converting Blood Angels Jump Pack Chaplain to White Scars?

Indy Techwisp
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I'm looking into starting a White Scars army and have hit a bit of a snag.

From looking on the Games Workshop webstore, this Blood Angels Chaplain seems to be the only one with a Jump Pack available:



Has anyone converted one of these guys into a White Scars Chaplain before?
If so, how did it go?

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Honestly, I'd probably just take a jump pack from somewhere else and stick it on a chaplain rather than trying to convert that guy.

Making him look Scars'y would be really hard since he is covered in Blood Angels iconography. Even his armor, with the 'exposed muscle'/bare chest look reads as Blood Angel.

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2 hours ago, Karhedron said:

I agree with @AutumnEffect. GW sell Jump Packs separately if you want, then just stick one on your choice of Chaplain.




Out of interest, do you know if the New Jump packs from the Jump Pack Intercessors would fit on the Primaris Chaplain model?

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