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Heck’s Eldar

Cap'm Heckus

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9 hours ago, Karhedron said:

Nice selection of units there and I love the paint scheme. Did you use Contrasts for Maugan Ra?


If so, contrasts are suddenly looking like a more appealing option! (As I sit next to the minis, fearing putting on the paint and sucking at it.)


And also a question to @Cap'm Heckus: Did you paint the model as you assembled it? 


I ponied up for the Morgan Rau mini and it's sitting on the table right next to me. I'm wondering if I might be best served to basecoat the separate parts and glue the mini together into aggregate "modules" for painting that I can then subsequently stick together for the final product?


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Added question for OP.
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Yes.   I did use contrast paints on Maugan Ra. GW skeletal  hoard and army painter Cultist Cloak.


i paint most of my minis in sub-assembly lately.  My guardian heads are primates Grey Seer.  On the one hand, it makes the color go on a bit more smooth (I don’t have to add multiple layers of white to cover all that purple), and on the other hand it incentivizes me to get them painted if I want to use them.

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6 hours ago, Cap'm Heckus said:

i paint most of my minis in sub-assembly lately


Wonderful. I'll take a look at the assembly instructions and see where the optional configuration is so that I'm not painting tiny areas on the final mini even if it means that I end up painting more surface area on the pre-assembled figure. 

Thank you for the confirmation!


(I wish I could do this with the 3d printed minis that I have so much detail them! :) )

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