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  1. Random games pics from my game on Sunday, May 21. Played against The Plague Brothers and got tabled. Three objectives to seize in no-man's land. I'll spare a full battle report and let you just look at the pics.
  2. Playing around with ideas to improve pics of models. Speaking of, I have painted models not posted yet and I'll get around to that. Not sure how replacing backgrounds on infantry will work, but at least there will be pics of dark reapers, more corsairs, and banshees incoming on my moribund blog.
  3. Version 2019/10/01


    Rules for using Aeldari Black Guardians of Ulthwé (could be any elite Guardians of any craftworld) in the Shadow War: Armageddon game.
  4. Version 2021 December 31


    I got excited when I saw the rumors about the update to the asuryani/craftworlds, especially the bit about the possible inclusion of the corsairs, so I decided to update my anhrathe rules for the 2021 version of the Kill Team game. I'm skeptical about the rumors (though I'd love to see them come true). This is currently a preliminary version. These are changed substantially from the version I developed for the 2018 version of the Kill Team game. For the most part, I've limited the options to what players might create using the Eldar Guardian models and the Eldar Corsairs upgrade kits from Forge World. This means that most of the options from the drukhari have been removed. I don't know if that was a good idea, but it's what I'm going with for now (we'll see what the feedback shows). Areas of concern: Corsair Reaver and Voidstorm Corsair options allow for both melee and shooting loadouts (with both icons orange). If this is thought to be too powerful, I'll break them out into shooty and stabby units. Heavy and special weapons have been limited to those available to the asuryani (previous version followed The Doom of Mymeara in allowing both asuryani and drukhari weapons). Weapon options for felarchs are extremely limited, largely based on the upgrade sprue options. The malevolent has been removed from this version. I'm considering adding them back in as a stabby unit. The Strategic Ploys, Tactical Ploys, and Equipment are mostly cherry-picked from the Compendium (from the Craftworld, Comorrite, and Harlequin sections - only those that I thought were appropriate to the Corsairs). Corsair jet packs are an equipment choice, but they get expensive (2EP/model that gets them). I originally had them as an ability for the Voidstorm Corsairs, but made them equipment after deciding to use the Forge World images (everybody is wearing a Corsair jet pack). Images are limited. I'm using the ones from Forge World, and a few are just reversed so that they can be used multiple times. If someone has decent representative images (with white backgrounds), I might use them. Otherwise, I'll replace these at a future date when I have decent models converted and painted. I kept a modified version of the back page from the previous version, giving players that aren't familiar with the anhrathe some background. I'm considering adding in the name charts, or perhaps giving new versions to expand the options (if players have the old ones). *** 2021 December 11 Version *** The lasblaster and brace of pistols have had their special rule changed from Rending to Ceaseless. The version is now shown in the top right corner. Minor formatting improvements have been made (nothing substantive). *** 2021 December 15 Version *** Added Drukhari weapons. Added name chart. *** 2021 December 18 Version (Rogue Trader) *** Removed Ghostwalker fire team Corsair Reavers become shooty, Voidstorm Corsairs become stabby (neither is a veteran level) Added Corsair Malevolents. One Corsair Reaver fire team and one Voidstorm Corsair fire team can take a Corsair Malevolent in place of a Corsair Reaver/Voidstorm Corsair. The Corsair Malevolent can only take chainswords (1 or 2), spar-glaives (1 or 2), or a power glove (with either a chainsword or a spar-glaive). The end result is that you might be able to take up to 2 Corsair Malevolents in your kill team. Ghostwalkers become an optional upgrade that replaces a Corsair Reaver Gunner/Voidstorm Corsair Gunner. A Ghostwalker can be equipped with an Aeldari long rifle, lasblaster, or shuriken catapult. The end result is that you might have up to 2 Ghostwalkers in your kill team. Fists replaced with Corsair blades, which are mundane knives. Most models have these along with a brace of pistols. *** 2021 December 26 Version (both variants) *** After looking at the previous two versions and some of the official lists in the Kill Team Compendium, I decided to standardize the structure of both variants. I liked how the ghostwalker was an alternative to the gunner (in both fire team types), so I extended that concept. After seeing that the gunners in The Doom of Mymeara were limited to special weapons and that only the balestrike bands, a heavy support choice, had heavy weapons, I adjusted the Kill Team faction rules accordingly. Since other factions don’t have heavy support fire teams, however, I made the balestrike corsair an alternative to the gunner, but only in the corsair reaver fire team. I made the corsair malevolent an alternative to the gunner in the voidstorm corsair fire team. Both the balestrike corsair and corsair malevolent are limited to one per kill team (not fire team). The corsair reavers and voidstorm corsairs are very flexible, with options to be either shooty or stabby, so I wanted the alternatives (ghostwalker, balestrike corsair, corsair malevolent) to force choices. The voidstorm corsairs are effectively a fire team of felarchs, but with slightly fewer options than the actual Felarch. Since the previous corsair reaver felarch and voidstorm corsair felarch operative datacards were identical (minus the names), I consolidated those into a single datasheet, simply called “Felarch.” In both lists, most operatives have a brace of pistols and Corsair blades. A brace of pistols is basically a bunch of pistols, while Corsair blades is basically a bunch of knives. I’ve added the OUTCAST keyword to all of the operatives in both lists. This doesn’t haven’t any impact on these variants, but is based on what I’ve seen with the bespoke factions (e.g., Octarius and Chalnath). Each of these is similar to the counterpart lists in the Kill Team Compendium, but has unique rules and slightly different keywords. The OUTCAST keyword simply facilitates future efforts on some bespoke lists. The difference between the two variants (other than the images) is in the weapons: The Doom of Mymeara variant preserves the drukhari weapons. The Rogue Trader variant replaces the drukhari weapons with their asuryani counterparts and also allows hand flamers, power axes, and power gloves. I also created a new orange skull icon for the faction keyword and changed the abilities and special rules text to size 9 font. Both of those changes will be in the updated faction rules template (which will be uploaded once I get the portrait frame image elements separated for those hobbyists that don’t have Photoshop). The Doom of Mymeara variant supports those players that collected the more recent version of corsairs, including those that may be represented using drukhari miniatures. The Rogue Trader variant supports those players that are using the Warhammer 40,000 1st and 2nd Edition eldar miniatures. The key problem, mostly relevant to the Rogue Trader variant, is the need to convert – there aren’t any man-portable bright lances or scatter lasers. I could see using 1st edition harlequins for their power axes and power gloves, and the old 2nd edition sprues have power gloves (not to mention that some of the 1st edition models have power gloves and/or hand flamers). Some players have these models/bits, though, so the Rogue Trader variant might work for them. For those that have more recently joined the eldar corsairs fan club, The Doom of Mymeara variant, the Forge World upgrade sprues and drukhari kits will provide the bits that you need. If the rumors have any truth to them, we’ll see the corsairs in the future, at which point I’ll update these to match the models (assuming GW doesn’t give us Kill Team rules for them right away). At that point, I may keep some of the more exotic stuff for bespoke anhrathe variant lists. We should have shiny new models if the corsairs are brought back, so those will drive the options (though some conversion opportunities may be provided by other models in the aeldari ranges). *** 2021 December 31 Version (both variants) *** Removed chainsword Corsair blades changed to array of blades (identical to Comorrites) Brace of pistols changed to laspistol (see Astra Militarum) with fusillade ability Shuriken pistols and splinter pistols (latter only in DM version) added as alternative to brace of pistols Changed the celestial shield (equipment) to a shimmershield *** 2022 January 7 Version (both variants) *** Streamlined the weapon options. – operatives no longer come with a brace of pistols, array of blades, and additional weapons. Instead, they typically come with an array of blades (or some other melee weapon) and a ranged weapon. This is in line with the operatives in the official factions in the Compendium. Removed the blast pistol from the felarch (Rogue Trader version only). The RT version wasn’t supposed to include drukhari weapon options, so the blast pistol was an error (probably a cut and paste error). The blast pistol remains an option for the felarch in the Doom of Mymeara version. Removed the shimmer shield (equipment). Only a few of the official factions have an invulnerable save, so it was inappropriate to add it here when it wasn’t in the sources upon which both of these variants are based. See the support topic for details. I appreciate any feedback that players might provide in improving these rules. Note that the Rogue Trader and Doom of Mymeara versions are separate variants. choose whichever one meets your collection limitations based on the notes above.
  5. Cross posting some pictures from the Hall of Honor > Army Showcase thread. I didn't take a ton of close ups, those can be found elsewhere on the B&C. Comments and criticism welcome. Characters Shadowseer Solitaire Troops Fast Attack Heavy Support Dedicated Transports Transportation
  6. These rules are my personal take on the progression of the Exarchs, as discussed in the How are Phoenix Lords made? discussion, especially starting here. I have made some modifications to my original idea (second link) following feedback and further research. I'll provide the designer's notes separately. The following homegrown rules replace the Exarch Powers rules on pages 105-109 of Codex: Aeldari. EXARCH POWERS The Exarchs of the Aspect Warrior Shrines have long travelled the Path of the Warrior. Their skills honed over countless decades, centuries, and even millennia of war, they are amongst the finest fighters of the Asuryani. If your army is Battle-forged and includes any ASURYANI Detachments (excluding Auxiliary Support and Super-heavy Auxiliary Detachments), then when you are mustering your army, you can upgrade ASPECT WARRIOR units from your army that contains an Exarch model by advancing the Exarch through the Exarch ranks, chosen from those presented here. To do so, select one ASPECT WARRIOR unit that contains a model that has the word ‘Exarch’ in their profile, and select one of the Exarch ranks from those listed here. That unit gains the benefits of that rank and the profile of the Exarch is adjusted as indicated, based on their Aspect. You can also select any CRIMSON HUNTER unit from your army and upgrade that model to be an Exarch at one of the Exarch ranks. When you do so, select one of the Exarch ranks listed here for that model. Make a note on your army roster each time you upgrade a unit to advance its Exarch in rank. EXEMPLAR The unit gains the EXEMPLAR keyword and one Exarch Power. The Exarch’s profile is adjusted to the Exemplar profile shown here. The unit’s Power Rating is increased by 1. If you are playing a matched play game, or a game that uses a points limit, then the points value of the Exarch model is also increased by the amount shown for the selected Exarch Power in the tables here. PARAGON The unit gains the PARAGON keyword. The Exarch’s profile is adjusted to the Paragon profile shown here. The unit’s Power Rating is increased by 2. If you are playing a matched play game, or a game that uses a points limit, then the points value of the Exarch model is also increased by 10 points. REVERED The unit gains the REVERED keyword and one Exarch Power. The Exarch’s profile is adjusted to the Revered profile shown here. The unit’s Power Rating is increased by 3. If you are playing a matched play game, or a game that uses a points limit, then the points value of the Exarch model is also increased by the amounts shown for the selected Exarch Powers in the tables here. ANCIENT The unit gains the ANCIENT keyword. The Exarch’s profile is adjusted to the Ancient profile shown here. The unit’s Power Rating is increased by 4. If you are playing a matched play game, or a game that uses a points limit, then the points value of the Exarch model is also increased by 10 points. ASCENDED The unit gains the ASCENDED keyword and one Exarch Power. The Exarch’s profile is adjusted to the Ascended profile shown here. The unit’s Power Rating is increased by 5. If you are playing a matched play game, or a game that uses a points limit, then the points value of the Exarch model is also increased by the amounts shown for the selected Exarch Powers in the tables here. Your army (or Crusade force) cannot include more than one unit with the same Exarch Power (and no more than one CRIMSON HUNTER model upgraded to be an Exarch). A Crusade force cannot start with any Exarchs upgraded to the Ancient or Ascended ranks, only one Exarch upgraded to the Paragon or Revered ranks, and only two Exarchs upgraded to the Exemplar ranks. To advanced beyond the starting Exarch ranks, you must purchase the appropriate requisitions (Exemplar of the Shrines, Paragon of the Shrines, Revered Warrior, Ancient Warrior, and Ascended Exarch; see later). Note: The “new” Exarch Powers that you see below are all copied verbatim from Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising, which was published during 8th Edition. These were chosen because they were different from the three Exarch Powers that are available to each of the different Aspects, most of which have similar names and/or rules to their 8th Edition counterparts. Some of these won’t work under the 9th Edition rules structure, but I’m using these as a starting point. These can be tweaked, replaced, re-named, etc. to give an appropriate amount of variety and work well within the 9th edition rules and Codex: Aeldari concepts. The ideal outcome is that each Aspect has three Exarch Powers that buff the squad and three that buff the Exarch, allowing for tailoring of Exarchs to players’ desires. I’ve omitted the lore portion of each of the “new” Exarch Powers. Note that I have left the Shadow Spectres out, though I hope to explore them later. EYES OF KHAINE, STRAFING ASSAULT, SWOOPING EVASION See Codex: Aeldari page 105. AERIAL PREDATOR When resolving an attack made with a ranged weapon by this model against a unit that can FLY, add 1 to the Damage characteristics of that weapon for that attack. HAWKEYE This model does not suffer the penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons. AERIAL MANOEUVERING When this model moves, you can pivot it up to 180o before it moves, instead of up to 90o. BRINGER OF DEATH, FOCUSED FIRE, REAPER'S REACH See Codex: Aeldari page 108. DEADLY TOUCH When resolving an attack made with a melee weapon by this unit’s Dark Reaper Exarch, an unmodified wound roll of 6 inflicts 2 mortal wounds on the target in addition to any other damage. LONG-RANGED FIRE Whilst this unit contains a Dark Reaper Exarch, add 6” to the Range characteristic of ranged weapons models in this unit are equipped with. GRIM VISAGE Whilst this unit contains a Dark Reaper Exarch, subtract 1 from the Leadership characteristic of enemy units whilst they are within 6” of this unit. DEFENSIVE STANCE, SHREDDING FIRE, STAND FIRM See Codex: Aeldari page 106. BLADESTORM Whilst this unit contains a Dire Avenger Exarch, when resolving an attack made with a ranged weapon that does not have the Grenade type by a model in this unit, an unmodified hit roll of 6 scores 1 additional hit. DEFEND Whilst this unit contains a Dire Avenger Exarch, when resolving an attack made with a melee weapon against this unit, subtract 1 from the wound roll. AVENGING STRIKES Whilst this unit contains a Dire Avenger Exarch and any models from this unit have been destroyed, when resolving an attack made by a model in this unit, add 1 to the hit roll and wound roll. BLAZING FURY, BURNING HEAT, DRAGON'S BITE See Codex: Aeldari page 109. TANK KILLER When resolving an attack made with a firepike by this unit’s Fire Dragon Exarch against a VEHICLE unit, you can re-roll one D6 when making the damage roll. SWIFTSTEP Whilst this unit contains a Fire Dragon Exarch, when this unit Advances you can roll three D6 and discard two of the results. WALL OF FIRE When this unit fires Overwatch, a Fire Dragon Exarch in this unit equipped with a Dragon’s Breath Flamer can make a wall of fire attack. If he does so, instead of shooting with that model, roll one D6; on a 2+ the charging unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. GRACEFUL AVOIDANCE, NERVE-SHREDDING SHRIEK, PIERCING STRIKES See Codex: Aeldari page 107. DISARMING STRIKE At the start of the Fight phase, you can select one enemy model within 1” of this unit’s Howling Banshee Exarch. Subtract 2 from the Attacks characteristic of that enemy model (to a minimum of 1) until the end of that phase. WHIRLING BLADES Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of this unit’s Howling Banshee Exarch. If that Howling Banshee Exarch is equipped with mirrorswords, add 2 to its Attacks characteristic instead. DECAPITATING STRIKES When resolving an attack made with a melee weapon by this unit’s Howling Banshee Exarch, an unmodified roll of 6 inflicts 1 mortal wound on the target in addition to any normal damage. EXPERT LANCERS, HEARTSTRIKE, LIGHTNING ATTACKS See Codex: Aeldari page 107. SWOOPING DIVE Whilst this unit contains a Shining Spear Exarch, when a charge roll is made for this unit, add 1 to the result. BLADEMASTER A paragon sabre that this unit’s Shing Spear Exarch is equipped with has a Damage characteristic of 3. SKILLED RIDER This unit’s Shining Spear Exarch has a 3+ invulnerable save against attacks made with ranged weapons. CRUSHING BLOWS, DEADLY AMBUSH, SCORPION'S STING See Codex: Aeldari page 108. STALKER Whilst this unit contains a Striking Scorpion Exarch and is wholly on or within a terrain feature, when resolving an attack made with a ranged weapon against this unit, subtract 1 from the hit roll. SCORPION'S GRASP When resolving an attack made with a scorpion claw by this unit’s Striking Scorpion Exarch, an unmodified hit roll of 6 inflicts 1 mortal wound on the target in addition to any normal damage. WITHDRAW At the end of the Fight phase, if this unit contains a Striking Scorpion Exarch and is within 1” of any enemy models, this unit can make a Fall Back move of up to 6” as if it were your Movement phase. RAPID REDEPLOYMENT, SUPPRESSING FIRE, WINGED EVASION See Codex: Aeldari page 109. RAPID ASSAULT If this unit made a charge move or was charged in this turn, add 2 to the Attacks characteristic of this unit’s Swooping Hawk Exarch this turn. FAST SHOT Ranged weapons this unit’s Swooping Hawk Exarch is equipped with have a Type characteristic of Assault 6. INTERCEPT Whilst this unit contains a Swooping Hawk Exarch, when resolving an attack made by a model in this unit against an enemy that can FLY, you can re-roll the hit roll. SPIDER'S LAIR, SURPRISE ASSAULT, WEB OF DECEIT See Codex: Aeldari page 108. WITHDRAW At the end of the Fight phase, if this unit contains a Warp Spider Exarch, this unit can make a Fall Back move of up to 6” as if it were your Movement phase. FLICKERING ASSAULT Whilst this unit contains a Warp Spider Exarch, models in this unit can pile in up to 6” instead of 3”. SPIDER'S BITE Powerblades that this unit’s Warp Spider Exarch is equipped with have a Strength characteristic of +1 and a Damage characteristic of 2. CRUSADE RULES (The Crusade Rules in Codex: Aeldari remain intact except as noted here.) REQUISITIONS The Exemplar of the Shrines Requisition is replaced with the following: The following Requisitions are also available:
  7. Haven't been overly motivated to do minis lately, but the sun was out so I took some quick WIP pics of some Aeldari pirates. This is in addition to the previous entry's models. These came pretty quick and I think I have the process down going forward. Obviously more to clean up here, but those mold lines are so obvious now. Next time. I need to clean up and finish detailing some items, especially those faceless helms. Some items will get gloss coated. Thanks for looking. C&C always welcome.
  8. In preparation for the upcoming Xeno Files event, I've been painting some of my long-dormant Eldar. And by long, I mean long, since I haven't put paint to brush on most of these guys since I bought most of them in late 3rd or 4th Edition and haven't put them on a gaming table since 5th. Just to be clear, none of these are part of my Xeno Files vow, these are just... warm ups. I'm painting my Eldar in a personal take on the Craftworld Altansar scheme. The studio scheme is too bright and too. . . pink. . . for me. These are Eldar who have been lost in the Eye of Terror for 10,000 years. Since emerging back into real-space, they've been treated as pariahs. . . and not without good reason, seeing as how they refuse to un-helm around outsiders. They're sinister and frankly they should be, having been trapped within a hell-dimension with their very souls at stake. So I'm going with dark colors, lots of black accented by a dull golden metallic (aka Hashut Copper on a base of Warplock Bronze). The non-Aspects will feature Sanguine Highlight from Privateer Press' P3 line as it is a decent pinkish-red that remains suitably dull. This will also be used as an accent color on some of the Aspect Warriors to further tie them back in with the rest of the army. So with no further ado, here are some of my works. Some are presented in WIP-to-finish format, others are still being worked on. Maugan Ra, the Harvester of Souls: Guardian Platforms with bright lances: Wave Serpent turret with shuriken cannons: Fire Dragon Exarch, test scheme: Let me know what you think!
  9. >put Knight/Primaris/Smash 1k list on table >Opponent busts out 1k of Wraithguard and Wave Serpents >Opponent instantly wrecks everything on the table while only losing one or two models Has this ever happened to you, how did you deal with it, and how much rage did it bring your opponent when you did?
  10. https://youtu.be/F7z6BClLCBk Cheers, Thoth
  11. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&id=651 File Name: Dire Avengers Kill Team for SWA File Submitter: Ioldanach File Submitted: 01 Oct 2019 File Category: Wargaming Downloads Rules for using Asuryani Dire Avengers in the Shadow War: Armageddon game. This is essentially the official "Craftworld Eldar Kill Team" with different special operatives. The Autarch remains, but the Dark Reapers Exarch has replaced the Wraithguard and the Howling Banshees Exarch has replaced the Wraithblade. Click here to download this file
  12. So after a very..... long time off not posting anything, mainly posted on FB pages; I’ve decided to dip my toe back into forums again. After many, many years of only doing marines I thought I’d give some dirty space elf’s a go. Going for a very small 500 point army to get me started (hopefully I’ll finish unlike my various other projects) . The list is a simple foot sloggers backed up by a Farseer, warlock and two Walkers Battalion Detachment +5CP (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [29 PL, 500pts] Craftworld Attribute: Alaitoc: Fieldcraft HQ Farseer [6 PL, 110pts]: 1. Guide, 4: Fate's Messenger, 6. Mind War, Craftworlds Warlord, Shuriken Pistol, Witchblade . Shiftshroud of Alanssair Warlock [2 PL, 55pts]: 5. Quicken/Restrain, Shuriken Pistol, Witchblade Troops Dire Avengers [3 PL, 55pts] . 5x Dire Avenger: 5x Avenger Shuriken Catapult Guardian Defenders [5 PL, 80pts]: 10x Guardian Defender Guardian Defenders [5 PL, 80pts]10x Guardian Defender Heavy Support War Walkers [8 PL, 120pts] . War Walker: Scatter Laser, Starcannon . War Walker: Scatter Laser, Starcannon Total: [29 PL, 500pts] Only just started on the first unit of guardians and done one as my test to bed in what I’m doing with the rest of the squad/army All in all faily please so far, the light makes the min look a little washed out and grey. Preying for some decent light so I can show it off a little better
  13. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&id=650 File Name: Ynnari Kill Team for SWA File Submitter: Ioldanach File Submitted: 01 Oct 2019 File Category: Wargaming Downloads Rules for using Ynnari in the Shadow War: Armageddon game. Click here to download this file
  14. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&id=649 File Name: Striking Scorpions Kill Team for SWA File Submitter: Ioldanach File Submitted: 01 Oct 2019 File Category: Wargaming Downloads Rules for using Striking Scorpions in the Shadow War: Armageddon game. Click here to download this file
  15. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&id=648 File Name: Howling Banshees Kill Team for SWA File Submitter: Ioldanach File Submitted: 01 Oct 2019 File Category: Wargaming Downloads Rules for using Howling Banshees in the Shadow War: Armageddon game. Click here to download this file
  16. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&id=647 File Name: Black Guardians Kill Team for SWA File Submitter: Ioldanach File Submitted: 01 Oct 2019 File Category: Wargaming Downloads Rules for using Aeldari Black Guardians of Ulthw
  17. Like it says on the tin. Would the following list be any good? <Haemonculus Coven> Battalion Detachment HQ Options: Haemonculus w/Hexrifle: 75 Points Haemonculus w/Hexrifle: 75 Points Troops Options: Wracks x5 w/Hexrifle x1: 151 Points Wracks x5 w/Hexrifle x1: 151 Points Wracks x5 w/Hexrifle x1: 151 Points Elites Options: Grotesques x3 w/Monstrous Cleavers x3: 105 Points Heavy Support Options: Talos x1 w/Macro-Scalpels x2, Haywire Blasters x2: 99 Points Talos x1 w/Macro-Scalpels x2, Haywire Blasters x2: 99 Points Dedicated Transport Options: Venom x3: 195 Points Total: 996 Points It's a nice, fluffy list, what with the whole "it is 100% Haemonculus units" thing. I'm considering picking it up just to have a Drukhari list with good fluff to it. Edit: Altered based on suggestions. Any good now? I removed all the Liquifiers and replaced them with other weapons, cut down the Wracks to 5-member squads and added Venoms for each, altered the Talos' weapons and added a second Talos because I had exactly 100 points left over after all that. Edit 2: I realized Acothysts (Wrack Sergeants) could take Hexrifles and that threw a wrench into everything, so I basically overhauled the entire list.
  18. I had an interesting idea. What if there was a Harlequin troupe which, rather than warning of the dangers of the Great Enemy from the perspective of the Aeldari, they acted examples from the history of the Imperium, such as the fall of Magnus the Red and the Horus Heresy in general? Could be interesting, I think. Edit: Weird key command that I somehow triggered accidentally, had to finish up the post.
  19. Hello everyone I've been doing project logs for a while (and I even have one on this site in the Dark Eldar section but I didn't know that this existed at the time as I'm still kinda new to Bolter & Chainsword. (It's here http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/345779-kabal-of-the-nightsworn-project-log/ ) Anyway I play Dark Eldar and have been making a converted army in the theme of Necromancy, Armor, and Kabals (you'll see some of these themes as I post images) if you all would like I could start posting lore to go with each of the models as well. Anyway on with the show! Talos Pain Engines Grotesques Incubi My first conversions (These are pretty much a test now but I'll put em here anyway) WIP Mandrakes (Conversion not Complete) Wyches-Kill Team (You can see some of my other projects here if you look) Archon Conversion Anyway I hope you guys like some of my conversions and more will be on the way, and I look forward to your comments
  20. Hello guys! Welcome to my Eldar blog. Here I will upload pics of this army as I collect and paint them. A long time ago, in the bygone era of 4th edition, I knew of this wonderful hobby and I had to make a really hard choice: Which army do I want to play? First I looked at the Imperial Guard, then the Dark Eldar (because Cruellagh The Vile rules), and all of the other armies. In the end I went with Chaos Marines but I always had a soft spot for Eldars. I really liked the War Walkers and the Dire Avengers but for many reasons I didn't collect said army. But recently I made a trade and got many of the models I like and decided it was time for Eldars. My army's background started with an idea of a place in which all of the eldar race could reunite and party. They were merchants of the refined pleasure of music and dreams. Sure, some of these eldars without self control went deeper into the pleasures but they were kicked out of the craftworld because the seers knew that way led to a dark place, so they remained restrained in their tastes even before Slaanesh happened. Since I always envisioned the Eldars as a mixture of The Sandman, Elric of Melniboné and Glam Rock music, I will try to model or at least paint my minis with said qualities. I haven´t got so far on my minis since I've had them for like a day but here are some pics of them alongside some bit of fluff for each of them. (Please excuse the WIP pics. I have only managed to basecoat them and shade the turquoise) Autarch Caliostro He is the Leader of the Defenders of Noctian. He has walked the paths of sound and dreams for millenia as well as the path of the Autarch after the birth of She who thirsts. He prefers to don his ancient weapons in battle; The Shards of Acustes (Fusion Gun), The Spear of Grieff (power weapon) and the Helmet of The Scorpions (Mandiblasters) Farseer Onirös He is the High Seer of the Craftworld and the guide in the path of dreams, jobs he has done since before the fall. He dons the Helm of Noctis in battle and his Singing Spear Amapollie The Trinity (War Walker Squad) Composed by the Walkers Assaï, Brëit and Dëciso. They are the seninels of the College of Onirös and some of the most ardent defenders of the Craftworld. Squad Dolorosso (Dire Avengers) This squad is tasked with the protection of the repositories of oniric paints of Autarch Calliostro, which depict the feelings and motivations of many Eldars. They were more, but after an incursion by slaaneshi reavers in the repositories they have been at half strenght. Squad Fucuosso (Dire Avengers) They defend the inner quaters of the Autarch Calliostro and are among his inner circle. They are veterans of the Brutish Wars against a nomadic Mob of orkish raiders. The Brotherhood of the Lyre, Squad Gioioso (Corsair reavers) The Brotherhood of the Lyre, Squad Omaggio (Corsair Reavers) The members of the Brotherhood of the Lyre mercenaries are Eldar exiles that originate from this Craftworld, and so they always keep comunicating with the leaders and are willing to lend their hands whenever needed. The Corsair prince saw fit to leave two squads of his troops as permanent garrison on the Craftworld as a way to honour Farseer Onirös and pay him tribute for his lifetime work. Well that is what I have so far. Since the Corsairs were my old blood bowl team I decided to leave them as they were and just glue some rifles on them, so they are armed with a mixture of Shardcarabines and Shard cannons (even if some of them have shuriken carabines I wont use them as such.) The Felarch were modeled with swords but that will be just to mark them as the leaders until FW renews their corsair rules. As for the future, I have planned to get a box of 5 dire avengers to complete squad Dollorosso and get a couple of Wave Serpents. On a modelling sidenote, since I am going to paint them with Glam Rock themes like Zebra pattern clothes and bright colored hair to go with the turquoise, I was considering the idea of sculpting feather or fur on some collars of the minis. Would you like to see that? What are your thoughts on the Glam idea? Thank you for reading!
  21. This is where I'll post stuff for my Aeldari of all persuasions. I've been working on the Anger & Arrogance event, so let's start this thread with my latest vow (#5 for those keeping track). Vow 5 I'm also considering how to paint future craft world models. I've extended my galaxy pattern to wave serpents so think new craft world faction is in the works. I'm leaning towards gray with teal accents. I tried purple and daemonette hide, but didn't get the look I wanted. I've got a bunch of stuff including: the new combat patrol a guardians box a rangers box 2 boxes of banshees an autarch box On the drukhari side, I've got one and a half combat patrols to paint. I am not pleased with my prior custodes color scheme, so am looking to use a complement to the craftworld colors - possibly teal with orange or light blue highlights.
  22. Hello, My Friends always ask me when I start playing 40k again. And now they persuaded me to play with them. They gave me GW Coupons for my Birthday. So my main problem is that I don't have a good Army. I started playing W40k with the 2nd edition when I was 12-13 years old. And i stopped somewhere between the 4-5 edition. I made maybe 5 games with the 6-8 edition but i realy know that my Units I have are not enough for a competitive Army. Thats why I hope you guys can help me a bit. My Friends are playing with Armys around 1500-2000pts. And I think theres nearly any non FW Race that is playable (Crimson Fist, Ultramarines, Necrons, Drukhari, Tyranids, Genestealer Cult, Adeptus Mechanicum with Kights, Tau, Khorne CSM and Daemonkin and some I don't know) that they play. I have two old Armys. The first is my Aeldari Army that i bought when I was 13 and my second is a Dark Angels Army. Im still not sure which Army i should revive or maybe both but for now i should start with one of them. Or if its even possible to build a good Army with my remaining units. Because when I cant use any unit for a good competitive List i maybe drop that Army. Here are the stuff that I own from the Aeldari. Most Stuff where bought when the 3rd edition codex was new. So is it possible to build a good competitive Army with some of thoes units or can i start collecting from zero? Aeldari (~800pts) HQ: 1x Eldrad Ulthran 1x Maugan Ra Troops: 2x Guardian Defenders (each 10man) Fast Attack 1x Warp Spiders (4normal +1 Exarch) 1x Windriders (3man) Heavy Support 1 Falcon Units that i have but cant use through rule changes: 2x Dark Reaper (need 3 to play) 3x Ranger (need 5 to play) Greets Ray
  23. https://youtu.be/krpOMjcCnUw Cheers, Thoth
  24. When the Craftworld Eldar as we now know them were first introduced, there were six common Aspects: When the 2nd edition Codex: Eldar was published, we were also introduced to the Warp Spiders. In addition, the lore was expanded a bit: ...and... We didn't see actual Shining Spears miniatures until 3rd edition. The lore shifted a bit here and there through the editions, but remained fairly consistent. Two further additions to the Aspects were the Crimson Hunters and Shadow Spectres, who were introduced in 6th edition (the former via that edition's codex and the latter via The Doom of Mymeara). The Crimson Hunters are pilots and the Shadow Spectres are highly mobile with heavy firepower - mobile tank hunters. In addition, other minor Aspects have been mentioned in the lore, but not really described or released in miniature form. These include the Eagle Pilot(s?) in the novel Shadow Point, the Crystal Dragons in the novel Path of the Warrior, and the Ebon Talons in the novel Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan. The Eagle Pilot(s) are, as their name implies, fighter pilots of some kind (somehow different from the Crimson Hunters). The others, however, are not described (as far as I know - I haven't read either of those novels). At this point, it would be useful to identify each of the known Aspects, their battlefield role/specialism, and their signature weapon(s): Crimson Hunters - air superiority, Nightshade interceptor Crystal Dragons - unknown role, unknown weapons Dark Reapers - long range fire support, Reaper launcher Dire Avengers - general combat, Avenger shuriken catapult (these are the quintessential Aeldari warriors) Eagle Pilot - fighter pilots, unknown craft Ebon Talons - unknown role, unknown weapons Fire Dragons - tank-hunters/anti-structure, fusion guns Howling Banshees - melee combat, Banshee mask and power sword Shadow Spectres - anti-tank, Prism cannon Shining Spears - hit-and-run attacks, laser lance and Eldar jetbike Slicing Orbs [of Zandros] - unknown role, unknown weapons Striking Scorpions - melee combat and stealth, mandiblaster and chainsword Swooping Hawks - airborne infantry support, Swooping Hawk wings and grenade pack and lasblaster Warp Spiders - hit-and-run attacks, Warp Spider jump generator and death spinner What we generally see is that, though there is a degree of overlap, each Aspect is distinct. Prior to the Crimson Hunters, I perceived Aspect Warriors as individuals. With the release of the Crimson Hunters, however, we see that Aspects might also include larger vehicles. This is bolstered by the Eagle Pilot(s). This leads to the possibility that there might be other Aspects that similarly focus on employment of other vehicles - not just flyers, but potentially tanks, walkers, etc. Imagine some Aspect that specializes in enhanced use of the Fire Prism, or another that uses the Vyper (some distinctive Aspect that has two warriors operating as a team), or some Aspect that uses War Walkers. Then, too, there are different roles and weapons that haven't yet been represented on known Aspects. We've seen laser weapons employed by the Swooping Hawks, Shadow Spectres, and Shining Spears (not to mention those mounted on the craft of the Crimson Hunters); we've seen the Dire Avengers use their enhanced Avenger shuriken catapults; we've seen the Dark Reapers with their missile launchers and the Fire Dragons with their fusion guns. The Aeldari are also known for their mastery of sonic (dissonance) weapons, however, yet no known Aspects make use of such weapons (and I'm not counting the Banshee mask in this as that's a unique application, though it is a sonic weapon). Looking beyond these, what if there were an Aspect that specialized in larger vessels - the spacecraft of the Aeldari. Such Aspect warriors would be consummate "pilots" at the highest level. I don't know if such an Aspect would be probable, but they're possible if we extend the interpretation of warfare to higher levels. I imagine that many of the minor/unknown Aspects might be either very unusual, or they might simply be variations on a theme. Imagine an Aspect that takes the tank-hunters role of the Fire Dragons and Shadow Spectres, using dissonance weapons. I've been working on the Void Hornets Aspect, a melee-oriented Aspect specializes in void warfare and boarding actions (both attacking and defending). You can see the rules development here if you're interested. At one point I conceived of another melee specialist Aspect, one that evoked a bestial motif from Aeldari mythology (I had a lion in mind) - using claws. What kind of minor/additional Aspects can you think of?
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