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  1. ... Or almost one year later, what is the status of my "legalizing" effort to adapt my armies to 10th? This used to be one of my first entries in this blog and I feel like it is worth setting a kind of progress report. Remember, last year, after launch of 10th, the state of my armies was more or less: - AdMech (New Year / New Army 2023) - to be redesigned. - Eldars - requiring a big refresh. - Death Watch, - claiming for love for the Veterans One year (or almost) later, what is the state of the revamp? Let´s start with AdMech - the easy part in fact. At the time I barely aligned 1 and a half patrol box. So "legalizing" was not really the most appropriate term, as, indeed, I could not even pretend that I was able fielding anything playable at the time. Now, the Army has grown in a rather, let´s admit it, significant manner. It is in its maturity time where adjunctions are more intents to diversify the tactical options than required investments. It is still a challenge to face these points drops (see balnce dataslates) every quarter, but in the end I can get a good and stable core at 2000 pts with nice posibilities for variations around. And more to come. Then the Aeldari. They haven´t had any love since 3rd Ed so, anyway, 10th did not bear any guilt into their derelict status... But , hey!, it is easier to borne the responsability on rules reedition, nope? Call to Arm 2023 put me on the way of "redemption" and I managed painting almost everything I had. Then I Ebayed some stuff to get legal Guardian squads and jetbike unit a full strenght. I added everything that was needed so far 2 Serpent platforms and 1 HW platform, plus the 2 bikes that were missing to reach 9 riders. Great, nope? Well, nope. Ebay being Ebay (or rather Bouargh being Bouargh (aka a compulsive buyer)) I bought more stuff. Another HW platform, just in case, as I still have enough legs and torsos for 1 or 2 additional guardians squads, another extra bike (converted into an Autarch), 2 warlocks, a D-cannon and an old ooP Spirit warrior, for a proxy wraithlord. Plus plastic kits for Rangers on foot and on bikes and more guardians. I don´t really know why for the latter. Most has gone to a rejuvenated Pile of Shame and will be involved, hopefully, in the resuming CtA 2024. Finally DW. I did not do anything there. The 2 boxes I would require to redesign the Vets squads are still at GW warehouses. For a good time, at least untill getting a new version of the 2024 Roadmap and entering in sheer FOMO panic... But "finally" was not a real final: I indeed forgot to include, last year, my armoured fist company of Astra Militarum (SW auxilliaries). Legalization was quite small here as it consisted into adding the 2 regimental advisors missing on the rooster (fly guy and blind guy). Ebayed too. It makes me think that I´ll need a command squad may be, and building this HW squad sitting at the bottom of my Pile of Shame ever since before COVID too... I was planning last year a very limited amount of investment, excluding AdMech. I went out of control. Litterally. Eldars saw an increase of some 800 pts, considering what I disclosed here, more stuff and even more if putting into the equation DE stuff affiliated to Ynnari that joined the frey. Astra Militarum also have a potential of 200 pts and something waiting to be converted from GSC sprues I grabbed by "accident" + recycling some of these AdMech bitz accumulated. I largely recomposed my Pile of Shame while on Feb 24 it was reduced to 6 wolves, two kitbashed Rhino and Land raider and 3 ooP Rhinos chassis only. All of these still remain to in the waiting zone of course... A "consolation" I have is that all of the stuff was obtained with discounts between 15 to 30%. Even considering Ebay and comparing what I paid vs. the charged price for equivalent stuff on GW webstore. Let´s say, in a more positive way, that I was preparing myself actively for the CtA 2024 event (without knowing it). So, see you there, for sure.
  2. For once it has not been months since the last update. I have had a fairly productive week and actually managed to clear several of the partly painted models off of my desk: The scouts from the Killteam salvation box are now done, as is my Gladiator lancer, but forgot to photograph that. This grey knights Librarian, is a kit bash based on the terminator librarian from the leviathan boxed set, actually finished it a couple of weeks ago, but just remembered to paint it. Also to add to my home-brew marine army are a multi-melta armed eradicator, a kitbashed phobos librarian, a terminator captain and a 3d printed proxy for a centurion, that fitted in better with the Primaris aesthetic. I like how it turned out so will print another couple to make a full squad. Some Aeladri models I have had laying around for ages I finally finished of with quick paint jobs - a 3rd Support weapon to go with my others and a couple of jetbike warlocks to act as an escort to my Jetbike farseer. Next up, it's Tau time with the kroot hunting pack I have already built and primed and the new combat patrol and other models I pre-ordered on Saturday. I also managed to pick up a couple of bits of Kill team scenery I was missing on e-bay over the weekend, which should hopefully arrive soon.
  3. I've been a bit lax in keeping up with updates lately , so this one will be a bit of a catch-up. Recently finished are my two squads of striking scorpions from the Kill Team: Salvation box set: I have also made a fair bit of progress on the other half of the box set, the scouts, along with a gladiator lancer, my kit-bashed Phobos Librarian and a 3d printed Eradicator with multi-melta as this was not an option for the easy build squad I have. I have got most of the base colours down as well as the decals on, which have been sealed with some matt varnish. The Maxx Matt varnish from green stuff world is great through an airbrush, making the decals nice and flat. Next up, I liked the idea of doing a custom Tau Stealth Kill Team, so I purchased the STLs for the Ghost Shrimp models from Pipermakes which have a cool cloaking effect on some of the parts. I used translucent resin to try and give the cloaking effect a partially see trough appearance. I did a couple of tests on spare parts, with the idea being to use liquid mask to mask off these areas of the model and then just use a blue contrast paint into the bare resin with white edge highlight to achieve the effect I want on these areas. I'm quite happy with the test results, hopefully this will look good on the finished models. I also added a couple of spare plastic bits to one of the model to differentiate the leader from the rest of the squad. Alongside these I also have the contents of the Kroot hunting pack box set and a Terminator captain, assembled and primed, ready for painting joining the rest of my painting backlog . That's all for now, hopefully have another update shortly.
  4. Hi folks, I am not going to epilogate on this element of Lore that saw a Craftworld assaulted by space Bugs. I will instead focus on a kind of challenge I adressed to myself: try to find some alternative variations for Guardians outfits that will keep on remindind the Saim-Hann scheme while giving a little bit of variations. It is a kind of malediction or Doom as in the end the process I experienced is still unconclusive. Such a disgrace for the one on the Way... Generally speaking, I find that Eldars are fun for the rainbow coloured armies they can bring onto the table top through Aspect Warriors; but from time to time, getting all or most of the guardians looking the same can be... a tad boring. Especially if you can potentially field a lot of these. So I went on the Google search bar in order to find out some inspiration. Well, I have had more successful days. In fact most of the uniforms guides were perfect on sketches but they looked like they are unachievable at my painting skill level. Chevrons on the torsos or Cosmic dragon marking on arms will probably not be very visible. Proposals for alteration of helmet colours is the other way to go but I am already doing it. I was looking for something more or at least different. And my lack of imagination did not help. And then I find out this Deviant art deposit by Cyphercodicer2 (Saim Hann Colour Variations by cyphercodicer2 on DeviantArt - kudo to him). I do not know who he is, but his gathered sketches caught my eye. This one especially: So I tried the "not-100%-red" variations on 2 models, being a little less red invasive on feet and fore arms. Here are the 2 test models for the dark grey and the whitish under armour (No intent for sport clothing ad there). Let me know which one you prefer. It can be tough as the darker one is not so well lighted. I should really invest in bulbs. I am atm tempted to keep the dark scheme for the Storm guardian squad of my 12 Months of Hobby April´s pledge. The white one is OK, but I am not fully convinced. Yet as this spotter is done and that I have a second hand D-Cannon with a missing crew member, I may keep it like that and do is sparing partner in the same way when I will paint this support weapon (May be as a Pledge for May?). And the white looks good for my snow bases. Maybe. Anyway, as always, coments are not only welcomed but encouraged... Cheers.
  5. Seems like Auspex has seen a new Asurman model https://youtu.be/MfXsgB7Ynb8?si=KvLnDkZXhjHsS9xu
  6. Started Eldar this edition. What I have isn’t really optimized, just the units I wanted to paint.
  7. As the title says this is my first update for the new year as I finally managed to get a couple of squads finished of whilst watching the six nations rugby this weekend. Assault squad - with custom bases made from 3d printed bits of ruins: Infernus squad - The final miniatures from my Leviathan box set to be painted: These should of been the final mianture to paint up for my Homebrew maine chapter, but as always I couldn't stop myself buying/prining/kitbashing new miantures, so that the realative size of my pile of shame hasn't really changed, or maybe got a little bigger. Newly added to the pile is the Killteam: salvation Boxed set, a Gladiator lancer, a few 3d pinted parts to fill out a few missing options in my army and a couple of kitbashes. Really liked the Phobos Librarian and fancied getting a second one, but needed to make it a little different, so raided my bits box and came up with this. With the addition of the Blades of khaine kill team I wanted to cover all the options for the exarchs, so modelled up this Dire avenger exarch from a standard body and other left over parts with the arms magnatized as I already have one with the powerglaive and shimmer shield. Thats all for now, trying to keep these a bit more regular now. Let me knmow your thoughts.
  8. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/12/13/mix-and-match-aspect-warriors-to-create-the-deadliest-blades-of-khaine-kill-team/ This is one of the Asuryani kill teams that I've been waiting for. Short description (for those that haven't read the Warhammer Community article - link above) - you can mix and match Dire Avengers, Howling Banshees, and Striking Scorpions, with one Exarch from one of those shrines, into a single kill team. This is the Craftworlders' "veteran" kill team (I don't count the Anhrathe/Corsairs as "Craftworlders"). All I need now is a Black Guardians kill team and I'll have my Aeldari trifecta.
  9. View File Anhrathe in Kill Team (KT 2021) I got excited when I saw the rumors about the update to the asuryani/craftworlds, especially the bit about the possible inclusion of the corsairs, so I decided to update my anhrathe rules for the 2021 version of the Kill Team game. I'm skeptical about the rumors (though I'd love to see them come true). This is currently a preliminary version. These are changed substantially from the version I developed for the 2018 version of the Kill Team game. For the most part, I've limited the options to what players might create using the Eldar Guardian models and the Eldar Corsairs upgrade kits from Forge World. This means that most of the options from the drukhari have been removed. I don't know if that was a good idea, but it's what I'm going with for now (we'll see what the feedback shows). Areas of concern: Corsair Reaver and Voidstorm Corsair options allow for both melee and shooting loadouts (with both icons orange). If this is thought to be too powerful, I'll break them out into shooty and stabby units. Heavy and special weapons have been limited to those available to the asuryani (previous version followed The Doom of Mymeara in allowing both asuryani and drukhari weapons). Weapon options for felarchs are extremely limited, largely based on the upgrade sprue options. The malevolent has been removed from this version. I'm considering adding them back in as a stabby unit. The Strategic Ploys, Tactical Ploys, and Equipment are mostly cherry-picked from the Compendium (from the Craftworld, Comorrite, and Harlequin sections - only those that I thought were appropriate to the Corsairs). Corsair jet packs are an equipment choice, but they get expensive (2EP/model that gets them). I originally had them as an ability for the Voidstorm Corsairs, but made them equipment after deciding to use the Forge World images (everybody is wearing a Corsair jet pack). Images are limited. I'm using the ones from Forge World, and a few are just reversed so that they can be used multiple times. If someone has decent representative images (with white backgrounds), I might use them. Otherwise, I'll replace these at a future date when I have decent models converted and painted. I kept a modified version of the back page from the previous version, giving players that aren't familiar with the anhrathe some background. I'm considering adding in the name charts, or perhaps giving new versions to expand the options (if players have the old ones). *** 2021 December 11 Version *** The lasblaster and brace of pistols have had their special rule changed from Rending to Ceaseless. The version is now shown in the top right corner. Minor formatting improvements have been made (nothing substantive). *** 2021 December 15 Version *** Added Drukhari weapons. Added name chart. *** 2021 December 18 Version (Rogue Trader) *** Removed Ghostwalker fire team Corsair Reavers become shooty, Voidstorm Corsairs become stabby (neither is a veteran level) Added Corsair Malevolents. One Corsair Reaver fire team and one Voidstorm Corsair fire team can take a Corsair Malevolent in place of a Corsair Reaver/Voidstorm Corsair. The Corsair Malevolent can only take chainswords (1 or 2), spar-glaives (1 or 2), or a power glove (with either a chainsword or a spar-glaive). The end result is that you might be able to take up to 2 Corsair Malevolents in your kill team. Ghostwalkers become an optional upgrade that replaces a Corsair Reaver Gunner/Voidstorm Corsair Gunner. A Ghostwalker can be equipped with an Aeldari long rifle, lasblaster, or shuriken catapult. The end result is that you might have up to 2 Ghostwalkers in your kill team. Fists replaced with Corsair blades, which are mundane knives. Most models have these along with a brace of pistols. *** 2021 December 26 Version (both variants) *** After looking at the previous two versions and some of the official lists in the Kill Team Compendium, I decided to standardize the structure of both variants. I liked how the ghostwalker was an alternative to the gunner (in both fire team types), so I extended that concept. After seeing that the gunners in The Doom of Mymeara were limited to special weapons and that only the balestrike bands, a heavy support choice, had heavy weapons, I adjusted the Kill Team faction rules accordingly. Since other factions don’t have heavy support fire teams, however, I made the balestrike corsair an alternative to the gunner, but only in the corsair reaver fire team. I made the corsair malevolent an alternative to the gunner in the voidstorm corsair fire team. Both the balestrike corsair and corsair malevolent are limited to one per kill team (not fire team). The corsair reavers and voidstorm corsairs are very flexible, with options to be either shooty or stabby, so I wanted the alternatives (ghostwalker, balestrike corsair, corsair malevolent) to force choices. The voidstorm corsairs are effectively a fire team of felarchs, but with slightly fewer options than the actual Felarch. Since the previous corsair reaver felarch and voidstorm corsair felarch operative datacards were identical (minus the names), I consolidated those into a single datasheet, simply called “Felarch.” In both lists, most operatives have a brace of pistols and Corsair blades. A brace of pistols is basically a bunch of pistols, while Corsair blades is basically a bunch of knives. I’ve added the OUTCAST keyword to all of the operatives in both lists. This doesn’t haven’t any impact on these variants, but is based on what I’ve seen with the bespoke factions (e.g., Octarius and Chalnath). Each of these is similar to the counterpart lists in the Kill Team Compendium, but has unique rules and slightly different keywords. The OUTCAST keyword simply facilitates future efforts on some bespoke lists. The difference between the two variants (other than the images) is in the weapons: The Doom of Mymeara variant preserves the drukhari weapons. The Rogue Trader variant replaces the drukhari weapons with their asuryani counterparts and also allows hand flamers, power axes, and power gloves. I also created a new orange skull icon for the faction keyword and changed the abilities and special rules text to size 9 font. Both of those changes will be in the updated faction rules template (which will be uploaded once I get the portrait frame image elements separated for those hobbyists that don’t have Photoshop). The Doom of Mymeara variant supports those players that collected the more recent version of corsairs, including those that may be represented using drukhari miniatures. The Rogue Trader variant supports those players that are using the Warhammer 40,000 1st and 2nd Edition eldar miniatures. The key problem, mostly relevant to the Rogue Trader variant, is the need to convert – there aren’t any man-portable bright lances or scatter lasers. I could see using 1st edition harlequins for their power axes and power gloves, and the old 2nd edition sprues have power gloves (not to mention that some of the 1st edition models have power gloves and/or hand flamers). Some players have these models/bits, though, so the Rogue Trader variant might work for them. For those that have more recently joined the eldar corsairs fan club, The Doom of Mymeara variant, the Forge World upgrade sprues and drukhari kits will provide the bits that you need. If the rumors have any truth to them, we’ll see the corsairs in the future, at which point I’ll update these to match the models (assuming GW doesn’t give us Kill Team rules for them right away). At that point, I may keep some of the more exotic stuff for bespoke anhrathe variant lists. We should have shiny new models if the corsairs are brought back, so those will drive the options (though some conversion opportunities may be provided by other models in the aeldari ranges). *** 2021 December 31 Version (both variants) *** Removed chainsword Corsair blades changed to array of blades (identical to Comorrites) Brace of pistols changed to laspistol (see Astra Militarum) with fusillade ability Shuriken pistols and splinter pistols (latter only in DM version) added as alternative to brace of pistols Changed the celestial shield (equipment) to a shimmershield *** 2022 January 7 Version (both variants) *** Streamlined the weapon options. – operatives no longer come with a brace of pistols, array of blades, and additional weapons. Instead, they typically come with an array of blades (or some other melee weapon) and a ranged weapon. This is in line with the operatives in the official factions in the Compendium. Removed the blast pistol from the felarch (Rogue Trader version only). The RT version wasn’t supposed to include drukhari weapon options, so the blast pistol was an error (probably a cut and paste error). The blast pistol remains an option for the felarch in the Doom of Mymeara version. Removed the shimmer shield (equipment). Only a few of the official factions have an invulnerable save, so it was inappropriate to add it here when it wasn’t in the sources upon which both of these variants are based. See the support topic for details. I appreciate any feedback that players might provide in improving these rules. Note that the Rogue Trader and Doom of Mymeara versions are separate variants. choose whichever one meets your collection limitations based on the notes above. Submitter Ioldanach Submitted 11/30/21 Category Kill Team  
  10. Dwango

    Crimson Hunter

    From the album: Aeldari

  11. Dwango


    From the album: Aeldari

  12. Dwango


    From the album: Aeldari

  13. As introduced in my previous BLog entry, I am thinking into expending my Saim Hann host but I still don´t know which way I will follow. Among the ways I foresee there are the extentions of my battleline units (see Part I) and/or getting more Jetbikes. So, let´s dive into Jetbikes now. As previously the comparison will be based on the units of both Aeladri and Dark kins nits. I will exclude the Shinning Spears though, as I alredy get one of those and do not really foresee getting a second one. The short list is therefore: More windriders Some Shroud runners Skyweavers Reavers The quick profile comparison gives this: M T SV W LD OC Size Cost Windrider 14 4 3 2 6 2 ´3-9 ´80-160-240 Shroudrunner 14 4 4 3 6 2 ´3-6 ´80-160 Skyweavers 14 4 4 3 6 2 ´2-4 ´95-190 Reavers 16 4 4 2 6 2 ´3-6 ´75-150 A rather grouped shot in the target, with little key differences in terms of main stats. The tricks are in the special rules, or the lack of it Among the Crafworlders, the Shroud Runners rock. They cost the same as Wind riders, get inv. save, scout and Stealth. Plus as a cherry on the cupcake the Long Rifle and the extra wound. And what to say about Target acquisition!!! Question mark: Why would you bother fielding Windriders??? Well, I guess that the motivation behind would be getting Shuriken Cannons from the Windriders. Only this. And units sized up to 9 and/or to be used as a bodyguard for a mounted farseer. Is it enough to justify the investment? Well, the Heavy weapon option of a S. Cannon is interesting to hunt down MEQ. but in that case the Windrider compete with wrwlker, more than with others jetbikes. Skyweaver are an interesting choice as they open the door of harassment tactics, and mortal wounds just by flying over MEQ units. I am a little bit obsessed by power amours. The haywire stuff is not too fancy, of course anti vehicle helps, but lack of AP is limiting impact I guess. I think they are too expensive to deserve the S. Cannon, that will be better spent on Windriders. So the Harlies bikes are probably to be considered if you do not go Ynnari, to get this fancy alternative of Scything down ennemies just by flying over and or a mobile anti vehicles. Inv. save may make that these units can expect survive to a lot of dire odds and remain active and problematic for the ennemy quite a long time and their HtH abilities may help to finish off some MEQs units already weakened. Final push. The Reavers will require paying the Yvraine entry tax (of course). They have the same fly over advantages than Harlies when trying to slice down stuff, but with reroll option. They move further but do no really survive longer than Windriders. Splinter rifle is good only against lower grades of infantery troops. Blaster and heat lance are 2 good weapons, but frankly, as options are currently free, why go to Blaster? This is none sense. I guess that in the end, to go vehicle hunting, they will give a yield that may superate the Skyweavers. While in HtH they are designed to predatory attacks against Astra Militarum or light infantery. While going HtH, are the Reaver really wort it? I guess they will compete with Hellions in the case and I am not sure the conclusion will be in favour of going to enemy contact with the Reavers. on the other hand, Scourges are also superiors to Reavers for tank busting, without jeopardizing mobility at all... So what, goes a unit that trade of all jacks and does things well but not optimum, while going to more specialized Drak kins? The comparision may lead me to go to Shroud Runners, but the anti vehicle capacities from Reavers and Skyweavers are appealing too. Before closing a conclusion I foresee additional reflexions are needed: Is the distinction between Harlies and Reavers as contextual as it seems to be ? What kind of infantery profile do I expect to meet more? Can/should Warwalkers, Scourges or Hellions be set into the comparision? Which may by the way lead to include the other examinations of the ideas I have for expending the Host inc. the Aspect warriors but also the Incubii (because if in the end I go Ynnari´s way, the Patrol box of Dark kins will bring them on the table) Temporary rating: Wind riders: +0 Shroud Runners: +3 Skyweavers:+1 Reavers: +1 Let´s see in a next episode
  14. I am thinking into expending my Saim Hann host but I still don´t know which way I will follow. There are different stuff that I like in the Eldars, all tastes together: Character and aesthetic of their infantery, especially the Core Jet bikes Versatility and cross bridging that goes with the various subfactions that can be combined (Craftworlds, Corsairs, Harlies and even Dark kins through the Ynnari option) Now that I reach a point where my core army force is painted and defined, I will try to expend it in order to reach a full fighting force. SOme obvious options will be though support units (Maybe reapers or Walkers) and Specialists (Spiders or Banshees). But I would not discard getting more battleline too. Atm I can field 2 guardian units (one of each flavour), one Dire Avenger unit and I have enough spares for 2 aditional guardians, except that I will have to ebay some platforms. But, what if I take a different direction, for example going to Corsairs? There are probably enough bits in the box to build a full funcional squad and equip my extra guardian bodies... So, which Unit ? Let´s do a quick and dirty comparison, and include the Dark kins too. M T SV W LD OC Size Cost Guardian D 7 3 4 1 6 2 10 110 Guardian S 7 3 4 1 6 2 10 115 Corsair 7 3 4 1 6 2 ´5-10 ´70-140 Kabalite 8 3 4 1 6 2 10 120 Wyches 8 3 6 1 6 2 10 110 From a base profile comparison, I would say that the Wyches would not be my choice. They need to go into a Raider to get the protection needed to fulfill their purpose. Their Sv is rather, say, low otherwise. Kabalites are puzzeling. Something that is in-between both falvours of Guardians. Their extras and options may make them very good alternatives, and their gun special rules can do the deal against modest targets (ie not power armoured ones). Let´s see the shooting weapons, if it brings arguments to get out of the pat. R A XS S AP D Rifle 24 1 3 4 -1 1 Catapult 18 2 3 4 -1 1 Splinter rifle 24 2 3 2 0 1 Well, 3 perfiles with subtles allterations - ranges - Attacks and AP. Rifle in the middle. but with special rules that may make it equivalent to the other ones... Corsairs are in all cases the most expensive ones. But they can scout 7" and can go into smaller squads if needed, and being battle line this is something even more relevant (up to 6 infiltrating MSUs...). Not something to be under estimated. Their gun remain decent and their bonus to reroll dices too. Plus they have much more special weapon options than Guardians. Not as much as Kabalites, but almost (ie only one less). Yet they can be defined to go HtH with all round power weapons or advancing fire support. Meaning thay can replace advantageously a Banshee squad even if their AP and D will be lower. Balancing extra punch of Banshees by scouting and OC. Now the economics: The corsair boxed set is one of the more expensive for 10 guies, but bits may be useful to optimize by bitz box decluttering up to allowing a second unit to be fielded (one HtH orientes and one with rifles) More guardians is probably a no go for me. They are fillers mainly and I cannot see them fulfillign a task others cannot do, except generating fate dices of course. Kabalites are a posibility but Mainly only for what they can bring to the army through their combined use with a Raider (deepstrike + firing deck). And it would require paying the Yvraine entry cost too. some more than double the fee. The comparision may lead me to go to Corsairs, but before closing a conclusion, we will need to see how jetbikes may influence the selection. Afterall, riding wyches have some benefits that may influence a final selection too. Let´s see in a next episode. Temporary rating: Corsairs: +3 Kabalites:+1 Others: +0
  15. This WE overall progress for my second Vow is reflecting important progress - weathe rhas been bad so I had time to kill...: - 10 Storm Guardians - 10 pts - on-going - 10 Dire Avengers - 10 pts - done - 1 Skyrunner Farseer - 5 pts - 2 Vypers - 6 pts - done - 1 Falcon - 6 pts - done - 2 Warlocks - 10 pts - done - 1 Autarch - 5 pts - done - 3 Shining spears - 6pts - Full repaint job - done - 1 converted Venom - 3pts to be placed into the list of contestants for the Master of the Forge sub challenge - done The Warlocks are not strictly compeletd as basing is missing but they will receive their rocks and snow at the same time as the Guardians. The latter have already received most of the base colours and shading, time to go the detailing accesories and gems. I will optimize to get the retouches on the Warlock where some paint spots may require being corrected The StarWeaver/Venom.... or whatever it is, used to be my first convertion 20 years ago. It remained almost untouched ever since and received finally some love under an Harlie paint scheme that required a lot of time and patience for all these free hand losanges. Result is not perfect, but Okish, or enough for me, let´s say it liek that, Trying to improve will ruin the result achieved so, one in one, let´ssay it is done and satisfying for my own painting standard: Overall Vow 2 progress has superceeded the imitial plannig - I was thinking into completing it by end of August but I will probably end for 15th of August. Next models are Guarrdians (you can see them uin the background with their burgundy livery) and the Skyrunner Farseer (converted).
  16. This unit underwent a total repaint, except the Eagle pet of the Exarch that remained as it was when I painted in in the early 2000´s. We went from this initially : ... To that now: The exarch bears a converted Bright Lance (When I bought this unit it was a popular tooling as mobility and sheer lethality used when hitting rear armour of tanks). There are a couple of green stuff extra gems and an eagle pet from the ooP Warmaster Range. Chevrons remind of the belonging to Saim Hann Craftworld although the temple colours indicate the shared alligeance beyond the Clan. I still haven´t receive my red paint, but I encountered a pot forgotten in my modelling supply crate, sorry, Shoebox. I will resume with guardians and keep on paint Warlocks robe this week End. Vows 2 looks like bieng quite well on track!
  17. Today Photo Log includes the latest completed minis, under the form of 2 vypers. The paint scheme ihas been inspired by the VOid Dragons schemes from IA: Doom of Mymeara. The Vyper with personnalized gunner is inspired from a head swap published in WD (I guess it was a Golden Daemon Entry) and in Codex Eldar for 3rd Ed. It comes from an Escher Gunner. Some more pics can be found in my Gallery for Call-To-Arms Challenge: Do not hesitate getting a tour and commenting either in the Blog or in the Album. At the moment my overall progress for this second Vow is he following: - 10 Storm Guardians - 10 pts - 10 Dire Avengers - 10 pts - done - 1 Skyrunner Farseer - 5 pts - 2 Vypers - 6 pts - done - 1 Falcon - 6 pts - done - 2 Warlocks - 10 pts - on-going - 1 Autarch - 5 pts - done - 3 Shining spears - 6pts - Full repaint job - 1 converted Venom - 3pts to be placed into the list of contestants for the Master of the Forge sub challenge I will have to slow down a little bit for lack of Mephiston Red, hoping it will come soon. Next step will therefore be either the repainting of the Shinning Spears - this requires mainly white and blue - plus getting a hand on the Venom - which will be modified to become a proxy StarWeaver instead Now, back to the workbench!
  18. This is the top militia warrior that leads my Saim Hann Cadre. A former Banshee Temple adept that now guide the Guardians in agressive warffare tactics. In the right line of fierce and brutal clans from the most savage Craftworld! This conversion is done with the old Drazzar body (White metl) with a Banshee Exarch head and executioneer. Plus details and stuffs fron the Guardian´s sprue. The week end has been very productive. But I will have to slow down - I am out of Mephiston red paint and the reference is currently unavailable in most sites. Let see how long it takes to get it.
  19. This conversion comes from the bottom of my Minature Closet. It had been designed and preassemblied a long long time ago, when rules for Harlies were only available in the Citadel Journal. A time with almost no internet but instead Xerox machine and a very popular lad in the club that owned copies of this Journal´s issues. I xeroxed the pages, lost them and though that it could instead be a steed for a converted Nuadhu Firehearth mini (That I never completed) when rules were available in this Codex: Past is in the past and I feel like it is a good thing. No excess of nostalgy here. But I regret Nuadhu never got a model. I will start painting the model soon, but now that the Venom is part of the Drukhari arsenal and that the comparable model in Harlies is the Starweaver, I wonder if I should not try a more "acrobatic" paint scheme. As you see the model has been left in its juice up to now. Here are some pics of its main parts: Some might recognize that main parts for extended tail and large fins/wings are coming from a BattleFleet model. some small green stuff here or there, mainly for additional waystones, and a modified hull weapon supposed to be a fusion gun (the optin was available to Harlies´ Venom at the time) I will try to reach to a decision between Starweaver and Venom. So that I might take a potential turn to Ynnari or get to think about adding a pair of Shuriken cannons to the machine before starting the paint job...
  20. The Falcon was the last eldar, perdon, Aeldari, Tank chassis I had left in my Xenos´ Pile of Shame. I have always liked this model was was the first one issued by GW that was not a bulky shoe box, Something with elegant lines and curves. The model aged quite well IMO for such a venerable sculpt. Yet there is something that always left me a little bit uneasy: don´t you think it is a little bit squt? it looks like the balance of the scuulpt is missing something. At the rear. The Wav Serpent´s extended passengers´ compartment does not left the same impression. Anyway, time to paint. Nor something too fancy. I will stick to the main red hull I used for the test WS. Some stripes to stick to the common Saim Hann iconography, and that´s it. Here is the result, painted in parallel to the Dire Avengers of my second vow. Truth is that painting such a tank took me less time than painting an infantery squad... As for other models of the challenge, decals willcome in extra latter on, awaiting for the whole bunch to be completed... The turret of this model really needs something on its flat panel.
  21. I made this leap of faith/Gambit that I would be able to paint and repaint all the rest of my Aeldari´s Pile of Shame before closing date of the Challenge. I bet that the high painting yield I had over the past 3 weeks could be maintained up to the end of Sept. We will see if it proves to be a reasonable assumption or a fools game. Anyway, from the list of units set in my second Vow, I decided to treat in priority the Dire Avengers. Wishing to shift from red/burgundy to blue for more variety... I also made some extra trials wish Slap Chop. Previous attempt was a deception. Let´s see if this time it goes better. Comparatively the test results are giving very contrasted results: Base case is NO Slap Chop and Thalassar Blue on white primed model - to flashy - Talassar blue is a very bright and vivid colour. Too bright to migh taste, needs to go darker Standard Slap Chop - Black primed model, dry brushed in grey (administratum) and white plus Thalassar Blue - too dark to my taste. I rpobably did not insist suficiently on the dry brushing Intermediate Slap Chop - Grey (administratum) primed model, dry brushed in white plus Thalassar Blue - not too bad but still dark. Administratum grey is cnaceling most of the nuances that a Contrast paint can bring "Reverse" Slap Chop - My very own añmost genuine denomination - Grey (dawnstone) primed model, dry bruched in Gery (administratum) plus Thalassar Blue - interestingly this one is the one I like best. Do not ask why. So, conclusion? Let´s go with the fourth one. The resulting paint scheme I define is the following: - The blue recipe Nº4 - The helmets in red with white peanant - more or less like Asurmen model, with the red doing the natural link with the rest of the army - Some Wraithbone coloured weapons - Some touches of white on back pack, paultrons and chest plates, to adjust visual impact. I was not decided initially between the white and black, but it ended being white, which is more visualy contrasting than the black. What is the result? Well see by yourself:
  22. I have been a little bit surprised, as most, with the way point values for the Datasheet of the indexes were set. Especially in respect of cost managment of the options. Or rather in respect of the total lack of cost managment of the options. I already stated in other places of B&C that in my opinion, the whole design (from profiles to poitn values) would be te result of a series of probabilities to suceed vs. an average profile defined a rating reference. of course this is theory as the main features of this approach needs a certain granular approach to weight properly various mechanisms: - how do you cope for the mobility - how do you cope for CC vs. one model archetype (infantery, tank...) - how do you cope for shooting vs. one modelarchetype - how to define respective weight of each aspect for a global point value. A math tycoon I know said that it could be in each case a 3 dimensional probelm taht could be solved by a simple excel with a MonteCarlo solver. He went down in his basement to do it, but never reappeared to the surface... (Ok, I have been told he met someone since, so probably that he isn´t mumified. Yet.) Not being too smart on maths hammer (for lazyness mainly) I anyhow decided to give a try. a limited and humble try. While skipping completely the relevance of movement I calculated the probabilities for a Warlock to inflict damages to a SM intercessor and a Rhino in both shooting and CC for the different configurations of weapons and psychic attacks: Destroyer, Singing Spear and Witchblade. Probability to inflict Damage = Probabilty to hit succesfuly x probabilty to wound succesfuly x probabilty that the oponent fail its saving throw My initial thoughs were: - Singing spear is for hunting down vehicles - Witchblade is for killing infantry - Destroyer is for Fluff I do not want to tease too much of a conclusion, but let´s see how wrong I was... And how appearances may be deceiving. Ranged against SM intercessor: the Torrent of Destructor is key in its eficiency probabilty to cause damage with 1 attack is 33% while the Spear is slightly bellow 19% - I round it. Destructor being D6 attacks the mass is sung - Clear advantage to Destructor. OK I know this is a pointless comparison as you do not swap Destructor with the Spear. You keep Destructor and use both... But Destructor is still better) Ranged against Rhino: the Torrent of Destructor still is key in its eficiency probabilty to cause damage but the difference is less marked - 17% vs. 11% - S9 of Spear looks almost pointless - Small advantage to Destructor, which once again you do not lose... CC against SM intercessor: Whatever you go Blade of Spear, both options, well, suck. the Anti-Infantery+2 of WitchBlade is not that decisive. Rests of specs are similars between weapons. Probabilty to cause a damage is ending at 9 and 7%. Do not go HtH against SM with a Warlock... CC against Rhino: Same lamentable conclusions - Singing Spear is not done to hit vehicles. Neither is the WitchBlade (of course this does not consider how fate dices may be used in order to turn the tide at the right moment and lead all of this to the trash bin...) So, what is the purpose of going Singing Spear? - I initially said none, but I would rephrase as "rather limited" instead. Or a little bit less limited if you disconsider the movement category too. A Singing Spear in Ranged attack category is indeed Assault. This is, I feel, the only reason that remain to take it; and for this you need to get a strategy of moving the unit within which the Warlock is set -> Thus only in Storm Guardians tooled up with Fusion Guns (for doing something useful against a similar type of target). Overwise, I would stick to the default WitchBlade. Seen the differences I found in probabilities to cause damages to a SM Intercessor or a Rhino (used a Guineas Pigs on purpose of rating the options of a Warlock), we can see that most of the statistics gives close results in most cases. Therefore I guess it is fine for such a model, under my very limited and arguably biased rating conditions, to assert that both options do more or less the same and should cost the same (corollary) : i) there is a statistical difference that is somehow marginal between 2 configurations and the little plus of shooting this the Spear is bringing limited boost ii) and the benefit of optional (Spear) over the base tooling is mostly circunstancial to Advancing unit or iddled opportunity to drop a ray on a nearby high T target ( and x fingers for succeeding in the dice throw) But, is this finding extrapolable to other units/are they more all less falling into the same type of trend? I wonder how a SM Devastator would rend in such a comparative approach through their numerous options (and how you rate more anti tank vs. more anti smurfs... May be a topic for another calculations at lunch pause?)
  23. Week 3 is on-going and I have some substantial progess to report. A. HQ My vow includes a Farseerand a Skyrunner Warlock that have been completed Here are those two boyz. While the Farseer is a clasic model, the Skyrunner is a converted one based on the ooP jetbike, a torso from a metal warlock, backbanner from ooP Shining Spear and executioneer from olf Jain-Zahr model. I have been inspired by the colour scheme from Void Dragons as per the IA book (Doom of Mymeara) even if I revisited it to fit to the Saim-Hann cannon B. Jetbikes All seven jet bikes are painted too. Also based on oop model with some accesorization with haed swaps and CC weapons from the Storm/Black Guardian metal sprue of Eye of Terror Campaign. Bikes weapons and number account is not aligned anymore with the Index trends (too few Shuriken cannons, odd number count...). I will have to look for 2 more models on Ebay to reach the account of 9, ideally both with Shuriken cannon. I aslo have some scatter laser parts somewhere so maybe converting something is a ay to go? Logo is from the Dark ELves ooP shield sprue. I do not know if I still have some in my bitz box in case of fielding 2 more bikes in the future. But, WAIT! It means that my first vow is now COMPLETE!
  24. After a small attempt with slap chop technique on the Guardians I finally made a step back and used a more basic and standard painting approach using the recioppe of colours previously tested. I must confess that painting these models has been a kind of revelation: it is refreshing not having to paint purity seals.... Anyway, the Guardian plastic mini (the previous kit now ooP) is not necesary the smoothest surface and arms tend not to stay glued properly. some repairs jobs were needed on the run. The second revelation of this paint job is my deficience in maths. apparently i am not able to count furtehr than 10. I listed in the challenge 10 guardinas and the platform but in fact they are 12 plus the platform... Anyway I will try to correct or use them into a second vow if I go this way. Here are some pics of the chaps, WIP, but almost on the finish line (basing in progress): The squad leader is a convertion made out of the bottom of white metal Banshee Exarch and upper torso of a plastic guardian. Head is from the ooP metal conversion kit for Storm/Black guardians from 13th Black Crusade Campaign era. A tad blurry, but you get the idea. Once gravel sealing will be dry, I will complete the base to give the frozen aspect and the Snow. As for other models of the vow, decals will wait for a final session with all the models together.
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