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Sticky Objectives


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This term was coined to described an Objective that remains under your control after your unit moves away from it. It's a special rule in various missions and some units have it as their special rule on their datasheet.


Personally, I love it. As as BA player, this is one if the main things during the last edition that caused my win rate to sore as it fits the way I play wonderfully. Meanwhile, if you listen to the some influencers (such as Auspex Tactics), it isn't a particularly good rule and units such as Eldar Storm Guardians don't benefit from it.


To me, one of the ways to use Storm Guardians is through Strategic Reserves and with clever placement and use of cover, they can get up the board and tag Objectives then move on, etc. Same can be said with use of Transports, and in the right lists, this makes them pretty decent (tbh, this is how I would have used Tactical Squads this edition if they still had this special rule).


Basically, I was wondering what you folks thought:

  • What are your views on "sticky objectives"?
  • How would you go about using units with this special rule in your army?
  • If you don't think these units have a place or your army/Faction doesn't have access, how do you play the Primary game?
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Considering that I think GW overvalues it (It was literally the only benefit of the detatchment Death Guard started with), but I don't think it's that amazing; it helps scoring for a few armies, but it's not all that important, as I feel like in general, most fighting centers around objectives, which makes sticky less important as the winner is who takes the objective, as there are few situations that result in total wipe of both sides.

I think i'd rather see it as a strategem than natively on certain units; if it ends up being important, it makes those units over valued, and if it ends up being less important, it devalues a unit who has that as it's raison d'etre.

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From a standpoint of Dark Eldar with their Kabalites being able to make objectives sticky is amazing. Kabalites seem to have the only exception in the game (As far as I know) that allows them to make objectives sticky from inside their transport. It means I can keep a very lose grasps on my home objective T1 and push onto No Man's land objectives quickly and be able to move freely from there. (matchup dependant of course)

It feels very Dark Eldar too


From a Chaos Space Marine standpoint, Cultists are the only unit that have it. In previous editions you took Cultists to sit on your home objective out of line of sight and not participate in the game unless your opponent managed to wangle themselves back there. Matchup dependant but at least now Cultists can leave your home objective and die gloriously when they break cover :laugh:


I agree that some units are odd choices to be given sticky objectives though

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I play a lot of Death guard and have scored a ton of points from owning objectives while absent.  Servo skull mission mvp! My skulls punt themselves. Won a few close games even when tabled I can keep scoring.  Very powerful. 


Could be a good candidate for a universal strat. I dislike units being forced to stand around for gamey reasons, let us play with our toys GW

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It seems to me to be a situational ability, stronger against some opponents than others. An opponent with cheap, fast units or easy Deep Strikers will simply hop in and flip the stickied Objectives as soon as the unit moves away. Against armies that like to castle up and shoot, it can be very strong though.

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Most units that have the rule won't be a major target for the enemy in early turns- they are not either lethal enough or durable enough to warrant excess attention so they can usually last a few turns and tag multiple objectives. I use a squad of Intercessors in my SM list fairly regularly, and their sticky objective ability has been pretty clutch at times. Usually I have some sort of long-range unit holding my deployment objective- depending on the terrain that unit might not get a chance to shoot effectively and are just relegated to sitting around. So having intercessors able to start off on the rear objective and sticky it first turn means that the unit I would have originally stuck there can now be deployed in a more aggressive manner. 

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only started trying it with chaos as iv no nids with it(does one exist?)


its so strange on cultists for a throw away unit. it gives a few benefits, one cultist on to sticky the objective then spread around yto prevent deepstriking too close/ even if they deepstrike and assault objective denying them getting onto the objective another turn... if i barrel a squad onto a forward objective they want to kill the squad before they sticky and likely waste  shots i dont want going onto other units.


for their points could i have spent the points on more effective denial... possibly... will i... nah. my meatsheild cultists are there to do what they can and if they fail... oh well. 

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I like sticky objectives on my Jakhals and cultists. If the opponent has no deep strikers, they start out on the home objective then get sent out to try and grab another. Better if the opponent has no deep strikes coming in.

One weirdness me and my friend noticed in a game a couple of weeks ago. Jakhals tagged my home objective and moved off. Later in the game, my opponent dropped a deep striking unit on the objective, then charged off to attack another unit.

Controlling objectives say that at the end of any phase or turn you check to see who controls it, but the rule for the Jakhals state that the objective is lost if an opponent controls it at the start or end of the turn.  So we basically had an objective that the Jakhals controlled, then the Orks deep strike a unit onto it, at the end of the phase it becomes theirs, they then move off the objective, then at the end of the turn, they don't control it as the Jakhal rule takes affect since there was no opposing units on the objective at either the start or the end of the turn.

We decided that the Jakhals would retain control, but is that the right decision?

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