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The Life Semi-Aquatic - A T'au Project

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As a devotee of khorne, I find myself at odds with my choice to start a tau army...but the blood must flow while I patiently await the world eaters codex and I wanted to do something different.


Like many people, I always hated tau, but then I found myself playing Titanfall 2 and thinking, this is cool.  The very day finished that all to short campaign, the 10e tau release came up for preorder, and, well, here we are.


I am reviving a paint scheme I used for a space marine kill team that I totally loved and wanted to see on a larger scale.  Here is my crisis suit test model, wip of course, more to come.



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Posted (edited)

Weathering left to do, but I think this is pretty much it, other than the base.











I'd like to work in some decals but I'm not sure the red markings would work...white would be great but there aren't many on the sheet.

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Damn Fine work here Bud :thumbsup: So very happy to see you doing some T'AU (right when I am too :tongue:)  

The scheme looks really good!, Well done on that... The decals only being red nowadays is a bit of a pain isn't it :confused:.  

I reckon an off white single pad (weathered of course) or tan as you say may work ...

Or, you could do a white or tan stripe slightly bigger than what you need on the section you wanted the decal (I know you're pretty straight and accurate with a brush so very doable by you!) with maybe some light chipping on the edges for wear and tear on the markings...


anyways really looking forward to your force (you should pledge for the "Call to Arms 2024" event with your T'AU) 


Cheers, Mithril



P.S. you're also one of the few people I've seen use metallic on T'AU (which looks cool BTW :thumbsup: ) 

And I love your Bases !! :wub:

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Wow thank you for all the kind words!


I ended up ordering a set of white decals from TheMightyBrush, I really think white will pop nicely with the green and tan.  I had done custom white decals on the Marines I painted in this scheme and loved it.


I'll definitely be adding some weather.  Black chips with the highest level highlight really pop against the green.  I'll be adding those in after I get the decals, so these guys will be clean looking for a bit before that happens.


Also, thanks on the metal compliment!  I feel like the metal "skeleton" bits and black weapon casings allows the armor of the suit to really stand out, rather than doing them all in the same.

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No problemo, You Paint well...:wink:

I'm Glad you're getting some White Decals made, I think they'll look great :thumbsup: 

The metal on the "Skeleton does contrast well with your other colours, I myself will probably use some metallic but probably only on burst cannons... I've already committed to black on my stuff(contrasting with Vior'la white) but the gunmetal on yours works great with greens & yellows... Almost marine like :tongue: Hey!?..you sure these T'AU aren't Raptors in disguise... :laugh: 


Cheers, Mithril

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I knew it... :wink: 

I did some Raptors back in the day hence why the colours made me say that ...my whirlwind is one of the survivors of that time .. 




* You may notice I was a bit Inspired by BT and his pilot also :thumbsup: The Colours and schemes used in Titanfall2 are awesome... 





Apologies for Hijacking your thread, Shall attempt to not post anymore Pics in Your thread :blush:

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